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blither blather, hither Hather. Eye of Newt.

Yesterday I made Orange Roughy.  (Thanks MsCatbert2You for your answers) I was quite proud of myself.  I’m not big on cooking, I’m especially not big on cooking things for just me, and usually I only cook fish that come prebreaded and is shaped into pretty little geometric patties.  But I did it, and it was quite tasty.  I put a little Olive Oil on both sides of the fish and then I sprinkled it with Blackening seasonings, then I broiled it for about 9 minutes.  Served with a side of my husbands freshly made, very healthy potato salad.  I have some Thai something something coconut marinade that I believe I will try next.

I also mowed the grass yesterday so the yard looks ever so much better. Got in my 45 minutes of MP3 music. 

Coughed all night again, but I think it’s better today. 

On Friday, on a whim, I called my daughter (who also got the cold) and I called my son and we went and had lunch at Chilis.  I have to admit, I LOVE Chilis, Except for their coffee. It was fun.  I really enjoy spending time with both of them together.  My daughter had left her car at work. so I had to go pick her up at her new house.  She moved out a little bit ago and I had yet to see where she was living.  I know that sounds a little odd, but we’re an odd family, so get over it.

Her place is very nice.  It has a wonderful feel to it.  I would be very comfortable spending time there.  It’s a house that was built in 1907.  The owner of the house lives upstairs, and the first floor is the rental portion.  It’s one of those houses that you can’t help but picture all of the remodeling that you could do and turn it back into a single family home.  Tell me you don’t look at this and picture yourself on the porch with something iced ina glass?


I kept meaning to ask her if it was okay if I posted the picture, but forgot.  Now I can’t get in contact with her.  So perhaps by the time you read this the picture will be replaced with a picture of someone elses house?

Just found out my bosses are coming in from Sweden in mid-November.  Probably to stay for two weeks.  That’s good.  So you’ll have lots of work stories then.

We got a new Tai Chi teacher last week.  I’m pretty happy.  After three months, I think I almost have the first two moves down. ~Sigh~

Did anyone notice the call me button on my page?  I think you can only see if you don’t click on Add comment.  I have a free VOIP line that I got a long time ago from Grand Central/Google. It’s a fun little thing.  I use it for any place that I don’t want to have my home or cell number.  I can set up all sorts of different rules for it.  Like right now, if you had the number you could call it and it would then forward to my cell phone.  But it would announce you and let me choose whether to pick up the call. 

The other day I discovered another feature.  The Call Me button.  When you click on it, you then enter your phone number ( no one can see if , not even me, if you mark it private, I promise) and it will then call that number, and connect you!  So, if I really wanted to talk to people, I could!  Right now I have it set to go to my voice mail. So if anyone is feeling brave, go ahead and say hi!  No one will pick up the phone, except my voice mail box.

Back to work!

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