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The times they are a changing

Let’s all show pictures of things we see outside of our office window and see who has the most surprising.





Sick of me yet?

Had a cold a couple of weeks ago.  Never lost the cough.  Husband and deskmates complaining a lot.  After a week of haranguing called the doctor yesterday, went in this morning.  They said, what’s wrong?  I said Nothing.  I had a cold and it’s taking forever to go away.  My chest is still tight and over the counter stuff isn’t cutting it.  Can you perscribe a good expectorant?    Sure, but first blow in this here little tube for us and lets’s see how your lungs are.  OOPS!

Bronchittus and a Sinus infection.   I didn’t know!  I didn’t feel that bad.  Just tired and a headache. Apparently bronchittus as a non-smoker is quite a bit different sounding than bronchittus as a smoker!  So, Z-pak, inhaler, AllegraD and a poke in the arm (my first flu shot – it hurts!) and I’m back at work.  Feeling a little dizzy.  Advair or the flu shot?  I dunno.

I do know that I swear I’m averaging a new sickness or body defect a month the last year.  Pure crazy.  I’m glad I went though.  I’ve been really really tired the last few weeks, maybe this will help get my butt out of bed in the morning!


Weekend bits & Pieces.

I was sitting in my living room this weekend and though my front door window I was looking at my metal sculpture catch the sun and prism.  You know, it’s one of those metal hearts that is a thin metal heart with another one inside and so on and so one, and they’re tilted just slightly so that the wind catches them and makes them spin.  Usually they’re painted red or blue or something.  Mine was actually plastic and I painted it silver.  As I watched all these fantastic colors catch on it, suddenly it occurred to me that it doesn’t hang in that spot!

It was actually this spiderweb which for some reason was really prisming.  I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a web prism before.  I tried to capture it, but just couldn’t quite get the colors.  Little bit on the second one.

web2.JPG webPrism.JPG

On Saturday night we went out to dinner at a nice Italian restaurant with a nice view.


Dinner.JPG dinner3.JPG

On Sunday my two engineers spent time working at the McCain rally in Toledo.  We happen to be the WiFi provider for the convention center here in Toledo.  Normally this does not require any hands on management but there were some special requirements here so both techs were given press passes so that they would have access.  One of my techs is a very verbal Republican.  He was very happy! The other one was more of a take it or a leave it kind of attitude.  Everyone had to be cleared by the Secret Service to get access behind the scenes as it were.


I have some political type things to say, however because it has to do with work, I won’t. 😦

On Sunday evening my husband and I went to my daughters new home, and her ~ahem~ roommate cooked dinner for us.  It was very nice, and very comfortable. 

Oh! And I got Lego Batman!


Unexpectedly Funny

Stolen from Josh


Can’t tell you about my day.  Presidential Candidate security and such.  I’ll tell you about it on Monday after the Secrect Service has left. 🙂


Cleaning Day!

Cleaned out my camera today and found these;


This is what my niece looks like if I hold the camera over my head while sitting in the front seat of my sisters car.

Going to Ikea

The start of our Ikea adventure last week.


Ahhhh, the Mecca in the distance.


You know what this means?  This means I’m playing hookie and working from home.  I guess I could have straightened it up for you, but I didn’t. 🙂  If anyone else subscribes to the same people I do, you’ll know exactly what day this picture was taken!

~Edit – My son is baking brownies.  He is evil.


Some days are better than others!


Some days I feel like I’m running really really fast and someone has put a pivot in one shoe and then cemented it with a nice o-ring into the floor.

Tai Chi tonight.


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