No flights of fancy today!  Instead we’ll talk soup.  I think soup is the perfect work food.  I go through stages where I eat soup on a daily basis.  I loved the thought of the Progresso Light Soups when they first came out.  However I found them disappointing.  Great calorie count, but the flavor was lacking.  It just didn’t have any depth to it.  I found a new one last week that I am eating RIGHT NOW and it’s quite the pleasant surprise.  I’m eating Homestyle Vegetable and Rice.  They finally made one with a little thickness to the broth.  Now, it’s still pretty thin but they’re on the right track.


I really like the flavor of the chunky soups. mmmm mmm Good!


But for some reason I always feel slightly nauseated after eating them. Strange isn’t it?

Least appetizing website, but my favorite candy bar!  I have one broken into little pieces in the freezer here.  I’ll probably have a chunk after my soup.  Hmm, Even the picture didn’t copy right!  Almonds and toffee.


I talk about food too much, don’t I?  I don’t know why.   Soups gone, off to work again.



May you be blessed and healed.

May you see the light that shines in you and around you.

May you always know that you are loved.



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  1. I like the Campbell’s Chunky, but if I eat it too many days in a row, I get heartburn.  That’s just more salt than I’m used to, really.  I may have to invest in some Amy’s Organic soups as the winter progresses.  I’ll be on the lookout for good deals. 

  2. I love talking about food, too!  Have you ever had the Healthy Choice soups?  I’ve had the chicken noodle and chicken and rice.  They aren’t bad, if you add pepper or some seasoning (not salt, lol, as that would defeat the purpose).  Progresso soups have some kind of funny taste to them – like an aftertaste or something.Kathi

  3. In my family – Food is love.  We always talk about food.  In fact – I’m full right now from eating a most yummy salad!   I love soup!  Made a hearty beef stew that I’m going to have more of tonight! Last night – made a meal of it with fresh crusty right out of the oven Italian bread.  Good for the soul

  4. The Amy’s Soups are the BEST.  I detest soup from cans, except for Amy’s!  The chunky tomato bisque is so delicious, though I can’t eat it because it has too much sugar.  I also love their thai coconut soup!  If you feel like trying something new, you should check them out!  I think we’ve been on a real soup kick too.  I think we’ve probably made about a dozen different giant pots of soup in the last month alone!  

  5. @Still_groovy – I haven’t tried them.  When healthy choice came out with frozen dinners they were terrible, but then last year (or so) they redid them and now some of them are quite good.  I eat a ton of frozen or canned food.  You’re right, progresso does have a strange aftertaste.  It’s always just a ltitle bit off from what you think it’s going to tast like.@aliashope – I like the Amys as well!  A lot of the Amys frozen foods are also quite good.  I use to make soup but somehow my husband took over the soup making and unfortunately we don’t have the same taste, so back to cans for me.

  6. I talk about food all the time!  If you haven’t tried the new Campbell’s Select, don’t bother.  I was not impressed, nor was Companion.  Progresso makes a Chicken Minestrone which I think is pretty good, though hard to find.  I eat soup almost everyday for breakfast…

  7. Soup is a very efficient food… and even though you don’t need a diet, it’s a terrific lunch for those watching their weight, too!  ( the low sodium, of course…) I eat some for lunch almost every work day. Have a great Holiday!

  8. You’re a freaky chick and you probably got it from your mother…dad probably didn’t help either. Glad I’m normal 

  9. Anonymous said:

    I love home made soups and thats mostly what we eat in the winter.  I make a lot of homemade soups.

  10. Off your meds today?  🙂  I will have to say your post was very lighthearted and I smiled the whole time I was reading it.N

  11. Soup is perfect for this cold winter weather!  In fact I made a HUGE batch of Chili the other night.  We had it for supper, lunch the next day, chili dogs that night and for lunch today and will be having taco salads with it when all my company is here.  Good stuff!  I haven’t really tried many can soups though but that sure would be easier so I just might have to do that one of these days.I hope you and yours have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving!

  12. I have been eating the Select Harvest soup…..I think its Campbells. It is pretty darn good as far as soups go

  13. I’m getting into soups a lot of late. I like some of the tinned varieties. My fave being scotch broth, with a beef stock cube added for extra flavour it’s divine with a slice of fresh bread mmmmm.

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