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Brain Hiccup

What would happen if a long time ago when you were a teenager, let’s say 16 years old, one day you were getting ready for school and you were standing there blow drying your hair kind of drifting away, as 16 year old girls tend to do and suddenly you realized your feet weren’t touching the ground.  I mean literally not touching the ground.  You look down and you can clearly see your feet a few inches off the ground.  You kind of push with your toes and you can see your foot flexing, and your toes now pointing down, but still, no floor touching them.  You rotate your foot, and now your heel is pointing down and you can move the front of your feet back and forth, side to side like windshield wipers, but still no floor touching them.

You start to think, I wonder if I can push up.  Will I go even higher?  If that doesn’t work, maybe if I point the blow dryer towards the floor the downdraft will push me up?  That’s when you realize you’re holding the blow dryer it’s running and it’s pointing at your ear.  You shift, and turn the blow dryer off, you feel a little tap, and now you realize you’re standing on the floor.  Never to lift up again.

How badly would that screw with you?  For how many years would you try to do it again?  How often would you have that internal discussion with yourself, am I crazy?  Did I hallucinate it?  Was I asleep, or did I have a seizure?  Or was it some grand cosmic moment where the laws of physics bent for a just a moment and I was in the right place at the right time.  How many times and in how many ways would you try to duplicate the exact same circumstances to try and achieve the same result.  As you go through your life how many other changes would take place because of this lone two minute incident?  Would you start experimenting with drugs to see if you can replicate the feeling?  Would you investigate various religions or philosophies to try and find a explanation?  Would you ever be able to trust your own senses again?  Such a small thing really, a tiny little incident, but it could alter your entire perception of life.

This is what I was thinking about last night after my husband and I had a discussion about repressed memories.  He believes if you have something you can’t remember, there is a reason, and you should never try to get it back.  I started thinking of odd things you could repress.




 Tonight  I went here:


And I ate this:



It was fantastic.  I want to eat there often! Sadly I would be fat and BROKE if we did!


Shake your blog thing, blog thing, oh yeah.

So many stories, so little memory.

Last week my immediate boss came into town.  I like her and I think she enjoys my company as well.  By the end of the week she was touching my arm a lot.  It was kinda cute.  Then at the end of last week her boss came into town, and also an engineer from our Texas office.  On Monday another techie from Texas came in and then we had one big old happy family until yesterday afternoon.  Today it’s just two of us in the office.  Tomorrow one of the founders of the company will show up and spend the day with us.  That’s the day I’m really not looking forward to.  I’ve never met him.

I’m trying to think if anything happened worth relating.  Mostly it was all just training and working and talking and blah blah…Oh!  Got one. so my 5’8″ Blond Swedish boss and I run to Jimmy Johns to grab some sandwiches.  She has a very pronounced Swedish accent (obviously!) and it’s fun to listen to.  She orders some sandwiches and the guy behind the counter asks her if she’s from Italy.  She had the most startled look on her face.  It made me laugh.  I mean, I guess if you’ve never heard an Italian accent and a Swedish accent you wouldn’t know.  But really she couldn’t look or sound less Italian.  We had Paneras, Appplebees, Jimmy Johns (twice) Red Robin, Biggbys  and Bravo’s.  And those are just the places that I went with them! Goodness.  Hard to believe I’m having issues with my weight, isn’t it?

I had some extra duties added onto my list, but they are good ones and well suited to my strengths.  If they had come with a pay raise it would have been a promotion. 😉

Did you know, that in Swedish companies, it’s very common to have reverse bonuses?  It’s not what they call them, but it’s what they are.  They give you a rate of pay, and then a number, say 15%.  Every quarter, or half or year you have goals.  Then they determine how much of a percentage of your goals you achieved. The amount you didn’t achieve is then what determines what percentage of that 15% of your salary you LOSE!  So they do punitive instead of reward.  It’s very odd.  They do not do it in America becuase they realize how bad it could be!  How demoralizing.  Every quarter they are reminded of how much they have failed.  It all started because of their tax laws and the way they apply to salary versus bonus. 

It’s day 2 of a W00t off.  I haven’t bought anything.  I’m giving my daughter my artificial Christmas Tree and buying myself a little tiny one.  yup, I have become that person. 

I have a reoccurring fear that I’m going to be one of those post menopausal, had her tubes tied women you see in the enquirer (not that I read it) that one days doesn’t feel good, goes to the emergency room, and gives birth.   Why, you ask.  I don’t know.




My sister at Chuck E Cheese


Sunday color

Yesterday I noticed two bluejays in the shrubs on the side of my house.  I noticed them because they spent a lot of time screeching!  They were not letting any of the finches or sparrows into the shrubs.  This morning they have moved into the Witeria in the front yard, and they are doing the same thing!  Apparently it’s prime real estate.  They are very large bluejays.

bluejays.jpg FatBlueJaysOnGround.JPG bluejay.jpg FatBlueJay.JPG

These would have been spectacular pictures last weekend when the Wisteria still had leaves, and the Ammsonia was still glowing golden.

Good Sunday.

As Threatened



These are Josephs Pitas – almost impossible to find but well worth the hunt.  Another Xangaphite mentioned them and I am hooked.  I keep them in the freezer all the time now.  Very healthy and the lowest calorie Pitas I’ve ever seen.  I use them for sandwiches and I use them as pizza crusts!



This is my EZ Sweetz.  It’s sucralose.  My sister and I one day were talking about the missing link of liquid splenda, and after a search we found this.  It’s wonderful!  It’s splenda without the bulking agent.  Two drops is equal to a packet of splenda.  Cheaper, Easier and doesn’t clump up.



This is my Nintendo DS.  I love it.  I can play games anywhere I am.  And I do.  (though a little part of me kind of wishes I had gotten a PSP instead)




This is my Wen Cleaning conditioning cream.  You use it instead of shampoo.  It is ridiculously expensive, BUT I only use this.  I no longer have to by massive amounts of conditioner and mega conditioner and leave in conditioner, well you get the idea.  I use this and hairspray and that’s all.



This is a website.  One day after watching Two and A Half Men, I saw something on that weird screen that pops up at the end and I wanted to read it.  My husband spent 10 minutes rewinding, fast forwarding and pausing trying to get it on the screen so we could read it, but then I just googled Chuck Lorre and found this.  I go to it most weeks now.


You guys make me very happy.

When the dog bites!

I keep singing the Sound of Music sound My Favorite Things, so I think I will work on a post that lists my favorite things.  Nothing esoterical, just good old fashioned material things.  Like the fancy dancy candy dish I got today that’s worth forty or fifty dollars, that I got for Five! W00t!  Or the weird sweetener my sister and I discovered.  Or my new favoritist shampoo.  I’ll have to think about this.

My Swedish Overlords are coming in tomorrow and are in until next Wednesday.  I have Thursday in peace, then one more Swedish VP in for Friday. 

Work today sucked ass.**  Things just went sour.  I hope this is not a harbringer of the week to come.  I introduced my sister to facebook.  I started playing games on facebook the other day. I like to play games.  However it ranks you amongst your friends, and apparently, well I’m stupid!  Geesh!  The competitive beast in me just makes me want to keep playing.  I totally and completely blame this on your MB!

I shouldn’t blog at night.  I have a totally different personality in those early evening hours than I do during the day.  Time for Big Bang!

**too graphic for you?


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