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I’m sorry, but many won’t survive.

Many months ago my sister and I were discussing a book or a movie or something that had an apocalyptic theme.  It turned into a discussion that has grown and taken root in my head. I think I may have touched on this before. If you want me to read a book or watch a movie just give it a theme of the world starting over and I’m there.  I can’t resist it.  My sister is the same way.

I started to type that this is the same as my love of fantasy.  It’s escapism, but you know, it’s not true.  It’s actually quite different.  When I watch a good movie about a land that never was filled with people (or hot elves) who never will be it’s quite different than when I when I read a story about my world going through a cataclysmic event that reshapes our lives.  The difference being that there never will be an elf, but there certainly could be a world changing event.  How about you, do you like those themes?  The wild turn of events where suddenly cleaning the house is no longer a priority, but survival is?  Or how about the concept that suddenly there are only 100 people in your city instead of 100,000 and you have free reign to do as you please?  Does that scare you, or does the thought give you a little thrill?

Will you turn wild like the people in Mad Max Thunderdome or will you start a new familial type community like Mother Abigail in The Stand?  How about Burgess Meredith in the famous Twilight Zone episode?  Will you just happily curl up in an armchair and read in peace, or maybe we’ll abandon the cities and eventually forget.  Our children will live a life of joy and play while slowly losing their will to learn and invent.

It’s startling to me that so many of us can smile at the thought of the world changing so dramatically but I think it really says something.  We’re all so wrapped up in the day to day routines and doing the things that we must do to be members of this society that we crave the ability to start over.  It’s the big version of running away from home.  Sometimes, when I’m having a moment of clarity, I’m able to step back and really appreciate everything I have, but oh sometimes what I wouldn’t give to wake up one morning and hear no alarm clock.  Just to wake up and have the freedom to roam.  


Clock #4 in the Collection

Just a little appreciation of music


Hearing this on a good MP3 player with good quality earbuds made my eyes tear up. The harmonies are beautiful.


Slowly I turned….step by step…



Thankfully my food doesn’t have to look good to taste good.

I was sitting here this morning contemplating friends.  For years I’ve talked about my lack of friends.  My only friends for the last 10 years or so (okay 20) have been people related to me.  I’m very very grateful for them, but I do think it’s helpful to have outside influences and perspectives sometimes.  It occurs to me that I can no longer say that.  I have actually now hit the point where there is no denying  there are people on line who are my friends.  Some of them I’ve met, some I haven’t but I call them friends non-the-less.   What a bizarre turn of events.  My holiday spirit has blossomed again and I don’t feel nearly so scroogey.  It’s a nice thing.

One of my co-workers gave me the nicest Christmas present!


Numi Flowering Teas

If you have a tea drinker to buy for, I recommend it!  It makes that cup of tea special.  And the gift set comes in the coolest box!

I’m at work but I’m sure I won’t work a whole day.  Hmmm, I think that’s all I have to say right now! 




Random Travel Story

 When I was getting ready to board the 2nd to the last plane trip there was some concern about weight and some thought that they may have to dump a couple of passengers.  There was a man who went up to the ticket agent and said he would consider changing flights if they offered him a good deal.  His flight plans were flexible.  We’ll call him PeeWee.

On the 2nd to the last plane trip of the Iowa Odyssey we were 45 minutes late.  I was sitting next to an older man who was on his way to North Carolina.  He was traveling with his wife, but as these things go, somehow she ended up sitting in the 2nd to the last row of the plane.  He was a nice man and pretty unruffled by the whole traveling chaos. 

The flight attendant was very conscientious and trying to help everyone concerned about connecting flights.  She went so far to collect connecting flight numbers and then have the crew check the status.  We then moved some people around so that people who were going to make a run for it were seated near the front of the plane.  So eventually I ended up switching seats with the older woman so she could sit with her husband.  So I’m now sitting in the 2nd to the last row (Tracy placement is important to the point of the story) with a nice younger woman.  She is flying into Detroit and then to Flint where her grandmother is going to pick her up.  She is very obviously a nervous passenger, and very undone at the thought of DTW.  She’s never had flights canceled or delayed and is just all antsy!  So we were talking and laughing, and I noticed that PeeWee from the first paragraph is sitting in the seat behind us. The LAST ROW of the plane.

Plane Seating

Okay, so plane touches down, nice flight attendant is making sure people who need to go are ready to go, nice young woman next to me is a bundle of nerves realizing that she has to get from gate C6 to A53 in Tminus 10 seconds, and PeeWee stands up and blocks our row.  Stands there like a big old tree with his ass hanging into our row, blocking us.  For the 15 minutes it takes for all of the stuff that needs to happen to happen before the doors open, there he is in all his rude glory.  So nice young woman looks up at him, and looks at me and says ever so quietly, “He’s not a gentleman”  I respond by holding up my hand and showing her my thumb and index finger held about two inches apart and I say in a slightly louder than normal voice, Teeny Tiny Penis.  It was Fantastic!  She was much more relaxed after that.


A week of Travel in Review

I did not mean to be so busy the last two days.  I did not get home from my tuesday two day trip until Saturday night just before midnight. Crazy!  I’ve never experienced more than a 15 minute delay on a flight so to have that many delays and cancelations in such a brief time was quite the shock to my untravel savvy system. But, all in all, I had a BLAST!  Is that weird?  It was one big adventure.

This all started because I needed to visit a company that I may do some business with.  The branch that I needed to see is in a small town in Iowa.  I knew the name sounded familiar when I first heard it and soon realized that not one, but TWO fellow Xangians lived in this town.

So I arrived in Des Moines on Tuesday night in the midst of a snow storm and drove the hour to my hotel and shortly afterwards I received the phone call! I was picked up by the unbelievably nice Nina.   We went out for dinner and a chat, and I don’t think I stopped talking from the minute I got in her truck, until the minute I got out of her truck!  I didn’t even eat hardly at all because I was so busy talking.  When we finished eating we hopped back in the truck and headed over to the place of employment of the little firecracker Amanda.  It was impossible to not feel welcome and comfortable with these two!

Wednesday, worked in the morning, then coffee in the afternoon with Amanda (quilts with tools on them adorned the walls of the coffee shop) then dinner in the evening with both Nina and Amanda.  OH MY GOODNESS didn’t I laugh!  Then we went to Amandas home where I met her beautiful doggies, and finally off to jail.

I took pictures, and I have one picture of the three of us that I will treasure, BUT it doesn’t feel quite right of me to share it with my friends since it’s including two others who maybe don’t want their picture posted.  So you’ll just have to take my word for it, that they are fantastic women!

Thursday was supposed to be the flight home but, it was canceled so instead it turned into another two days in Des Moines.  Then all day traveling on Saturday until finally getting into Toledo Express Airport on Saturday night.  Of course my car had been sitting in a lot for 4 days and was incased in three inches of snow, and a half inch of ice!  Finally got into my car, then couldn’t get out of the iced in parking spot!  A nice man just returning from Antarctica was kind enough to give me a push, and Here I am!



Dinner In Des Moines


This picture tells you a few things about me and my day. 

  • I spent most of the day working at my laptop
  • I also spent most of the day staring at my own reflection  (Why do they put mirrors over the desk in hotels?)
  • I need a hair cut
  • I have a Dell Latitude for work
  • I have too many phones with cameras on them.

I think I will use this as a Facebook profile photo.

Breakfast in Des Moines

There are certainly worse places to be stranded.



What’s this about a Xanga Meet up?

That’s right!  I am in another state and I have met in real life people that I have been “talking” to on Xanga!


Sorry!  That’s all I’m telling you until I get home and have a cable for my camera.

I smell like a car

It started innocently enough.  First I bought this;


And I really loved the way it worked, and I loved the smell.  Almond & Cherry.  Even more importantly it didn’t kick up my allergies.

Then I saw the shower gel by Pure & Natural and had to try it!  Smells even better than my shampoo. THEN I found the Almond and Cherry bar soap to match!  Hot Damn I smell good!  And still no allergy problem.



This weekend I bought this;


Really, I find it difficult to not spend the day rubbing lotion all over myself.  It smells so good!  If I met someone who was wearing this lotion and smelled this good, I would bite them.

It occurred to me today however that it kinda smells like those cherry car fresheners. People may be getting strange thoughts when I stand to close.


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