Is that I make this look good…..


Wearing my mens Black and White checked  fleece pants, my florescent gold sweatshirt and my brand new teal hoodie. With the classy earpiece cord as my accessory.  Class personified.  Also I was on a 90 minute phone call before I had a chance to dry my hair so it’s showing some distinct Stevie Nicks’ness. 

I know, you don’t have to say it.  The men all want me, and the women all want to be me.

In case you are interested;


Toledo = -19 C , -2 F

Las Vegas = 9 C, 48 F

Stockholm Sweden = -5 C, 23 F

South Africa = 24 C, 75 F

My boss is on her way from Sweden to South Africa  for vacation, and in a week and a half I’ll be heading from Toledo to Vegas.  She wins.

Back to writing documentation!

Comments on: "The difference between me and you…." (0)

  1. I am sure your hot to the man in your life….My DH always thinks I look hot when I wear scrubs…maybe they are slimming.OK, I’ll take that!

  2. Hehe, I thought I was looking in the mirror when I saw that picture!  Well, I have a flannel nightgown on and some funky blue stretchy but warm pants on. Oh and my hair hasn’t been washed yet. ewwwI wish I was a world traveler and could wrap my mind around going to a place like South Africa.Current temp -6.8FWind chill -21F

  3. Yeah baby – rockin the plaid!   I hope Vegas warms up!  I’ve only ever gone in April – I don’t even know why it has always been that month – but it’s pretty nice then.  Not too hot, not cold.  I know that doesn’t help you out at all…….At least there’s lots to do in or out!

  4. Columbus: 0 F wind chill -7 F and rising.Enjoy Vegas I’d take it!cool comfy clothes are the seasons  high fashion! You are so stylin’ .

  5. Anonymous said:

    Yeah, I don’t do yellow much.  I’d be in blue pants, a red sweat shirt and wrapped in a blue blanket.  I’d have a palm pilot in my hand and a puzzle book beside me.Oh, and big grey slippers.My hair is just, well, my hair.  No excuses for it.  It always looks this way.

  6. A paragon of fashion, I tell ya!

  7. I am so jealous, I want those pants!  Today I was in leggings with can you believe, leg warmers! And a green 20 year old fox sweatshirt! My son came in, laughed at me and said I can’t believe that sweatshirt is still around. used to be his.Have fun in Vegas, hope ya get lucky!

  8. It is 4 a.m. and I just got home from work. I passed a big sign that said it was -11 degrees, actual temperature not including wind chill. It was so cold that my remote car starter didn’t function. Lotta good that does me! Ahhhh, don’t you just love living along the great lake? Ok,most of the year I certainly do, but I know we get some wicked weather because of it. I’m praying for summer ……

  9. P.S. I finished Heartstone by Phillip Margolin. It was very good. I like every thing I have read by him so far. Did you read Sleeping Beauty? That was my favorite of his, but I will definitely read more as well.

  10. Stevie Nicks is awesome! I could listen to her sing all day… I would rather be in Vegas than South Africa.  More fun, even if it is cooler!

  11. I was just thinking this morning ( hi, by the way )  how I crave a woman in plaid. LOL.  Yes, I am alive, though unposted for a long time.

  12. @Last_Boomer – Be Still my heart! 

  13. lol.   I obviously have too much time on my hands.   Stay warm up there !

  14. @Last_Boomer – How are things going in your part of the world?  Too much time on your hands sounds like perhaps you’re still spending your days at home instead of in front of a giant LCD monitor with sport car backgrounds.  đŸ˜¦ 

  15. Yeah – that’s pretty much it.  If we hadn’t bought this house just a year ago – we’d be packing for a city where it’s a better job market than here. I know it’s pretty bad everywhere, but this town is more behind the curve than most.

  16. @Last_Boomer – Sorry to hear that.  It’s a scary thing.  I watch the papers, and keep my fingers crossed that both my husbands and my industries don’t take any more of a downturn. 

  17. Anonymous said:

    Now that looks like a very comfy outfit.  Have a great week end.

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