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Fly By Blogging…


HA! I remembered I had a YouTube Account set up! Did I mention I shot like 11 videos of the dogs in the snow. Busy busy work the last couple of days. Doctors appointments today. Dentist appointment as well. Did I mention my tooth fell out? Anywhooo someday I’ll talk to people again.



Stolen Quiz…

I took the 43 Things Personality Quiz and found out I’m a
Self-Improving Healthy Reinventer


It wasn’t that result that I found startling, it was this one:

You are a Self-Improving Healthy Reinventer

0% of the 56333 people who have taken this quiz are like you


Zero Percent?  Really?  Am I that odd?



Saturday Snow Escapades

We have five new inches of snow with another five or so in process. 

If I had been just a little more awake this would have been a good video.  My husband said he will take the dogs out later to play again so if I get enough warning I’ll try again.  I love the doggies playing.  The beagle was out there too but she was too busy digging in the snow looking for something to snack on.


Oops, I uploaded the wrong video!  I told you I had another headache right? (Yes, Darrianne there must be a snow storm still overhead.  Stupid barometer!)  Let’s try this one.

DARNIT! Xanga not letting me upload it!  I’m going to go try facebook!

EDIT AGAIN!  My videos are just not working correctly on Xanga, and to slow to upload on facebook, but AHAA!  Edit #17 did the trick!

Pique – Added actual text this time.

Todays post will be about;

  1. Coming out of the closet
    1. All of my closets are full.  I must clean them!  They’re not even full of clothes.  They’re just full of crap.  I could really use the room.  I had a dream last night that I was on my way to Vegas and we were waiting in the Airport and I realized I had forgotten to pack any shirts.  How odd.
  2. Fat People
    1. I’ve been trying very hard to get over my obsession with my body.  I’m currently losing some weight because I quit drinking during the week.  This is not why I quit drinking, but I guess you can figure out how much I was drinking if I’m losing weight by stopping!  But anyway, the point is that I’m trying to stop thinking so much about it.  I know no one else is looking.  I mean really when you look at someone you know do you think, ooo they’ve gained four and half pounds this month!  No.  You don’t.  Let’s be honest, when you meet someone you do notice their body.  Good or Bad, for better or worse, but do you judge them by it?  I don’t think I do.  Especially if they’re older than like 30.  I meet them and notice and the only thing it means to me is oh, they like to eat and they’re not obsessed with staying thin and then I don’t think about it again.  I care more whether they like the same things I do so we have something to alk about.   
      1. I also think once you get to know someone you never really see them the again.  At least you don’t see them as a stranger would.  You just see their personality.  I don’t want people to see me as the fussy whiney person who is only worried about how she looks.  Really, that’s not me!  I am a decent person who loves to play games and read books.
  3. Sleeping Around
    1. I cannot get out of bed the last couple of weeks!  I’m tired all the time!  Driving me crazy.
  4. Getting rid of a headache.
    1. I hate waking up with a headache.  I think this one is because I ran out of singulair.  Hopefully it’ll be at my house when I get there today.  So “No, Darrianne!  It’s not from celebrating the kings birthday because well, see #2. No hangovers!”  Tylenol didn’t work but Ibuprofen seems to be helping.

5.  SNOW STORM!   – If this guy would get off the phone I would just pack it up and go home! (he hung up before I could come back and finish this, so Goodbye!  On my way home.)


None of the above if I dont’ figure out #4

Bathroom Humor

Bathroom Story 1

Yesterday I walked out of my office and was hearing strange noises.  We have weird acoustics in our office so it’s very difficult to tell where sounds are coming from.  It sounded like a man kind of softly groaning.  As I walked out of my office and down the hall to the bathroom (see map) I really couldn’t tell where the sounds were originating and I’m sure I looked stupid because I was looking up at the ceiling for part of the time. 


I walked into the little room that has the bathrooms, and it got louder.  I turned into the 2nd bathroom and as I reached for the light switch heard it again and realized that there was some man there, Peeing, while making happy sounds!  In the dark…with the door wide open!  I was so freaking startled I just turned around and came back to my office and burst out laughing.

Bathroom Story 2 (aka A story yet to be)

I have a fondness for wearing pullovers with shirts underneath, usually tanks.  Usually I tuck the undershirt in.  So I look like this.


When I go to the bathroom I realized I have gotten into the habit of folding my outer shirt/sweater up while I tuck in my undershirt.  Like this;


I know that someday I’m going to walk back into my office with it folded up.  Wonder if one of the guys will say somthing.

As long as we’re uploading pictures…



For all of the men under 80 to sing along to.

Vacation Count Down has Begun!

I’ve been watching a webcam of Vegas in the corner of my screen for hours.  People are wearing Sweatshirts, coats and t-shirts.  It’s 46 degrees.  I think the people wearing t-shirts are all from Michigan & Ohio and it just feels warm to them!  I’m surprised by how excited I am.  I never would have thought Vegas would be my kind of place.

This is the one I’ve been watching:

There are different Cam links down below it and then each of those scrolls through three or four different cameras.  I think WebCams are amazing.  Have you seen the commercial for the giant screened teleconference thingies?  I think it was a Cisco commercial but I’m probably wrong.  They show teleconference screens set up in different cities so people on one sidewalk are looking at people on a different sidewalk in a different city.  I think that’s a fantastic idea!  How fun to be looking and interacting with a city across the world. 

You know I believe in WebCams!  I think our offices should have permanent ones set up, with sound turned on.  It would be like all of us being in the same office all the time.  Except of course we wouldn’t be able to understand them most of the time because they would be speaking a different language.

I buy pitas for my husband online now from and yesterday my order came in.  I had forgotten that I also ordered these. 

I always have sugar free hard candy around, (almost always sucralose) and these are a nice change from fruity.  I think I’ve seen them in some store that we visit regularly so I’ll be able to pick them up again.  One of the flavors is Swiss Chocolate Almond, good stuff.

back to spreadsheets. 

I vow to only use my powers for good

I have a post started on my other computer about feeling invisible.  I started it on Saturday when I realized that no one had spoken to me yet.  I had been awake for about three hours and no one in the house had acknowledged my presence.  It’s a very odd house I live in sometimes.  Tonight I’ve been home for about an hour and a half and my husband and I have been in the same room for at least 80 of those minutes and so far the only things he has said to me were, “what did you get?” “I thought she had lunch with you” “that’s nice”.  As you can tell two out of three were of course responses to things I had said.  Really it’s unnerving.  I have to keep talking to the dogs to make sure I’m still here.

I think I’ll go do laundry.

~Edit – Son of a bitch his computer is fast!



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