Fleshing it out a little.

This is what I had in my head the other day originally that warped into what if all the males over the age of 10 disappear.

What if I wake up tomorrow and 9 out of 10 genetic blood lines have disappeared.  This fulfills all of my requirements for an apocalyptic story.  I can get rid of 90 percent of the population without blood and gore.  No relatives will die, and everyone I’ve ever known stands a 10% chance of surviving it.  Still more than enough people to rebuild the world, without so many people that life can just go on as normal.

I think there will be no definitive answer as to what happened to the other 90%.  Some people will believe it is based on religion, some will believe it was aliens , some will believe it was viral.  But no one will ever be able to prove anything.

The genetic tie in will be obvious pretty quickly.  This of course will lead to family history’s being documented and learned by all surviving members.  I think it will most likely lead to an almost clannish society.  No genetic trait will be missing.  There are people of every race, every hair color, every eye color.  It’s obviously not based on a certain trait.  ( I think the really smart people will make sure as the generations progress that they add in as many different family lines as possible in case in a few hundred years it happens again)

I imagine that first morning it will take a little while to figure out there is a problem.  It’ll be a Saturday morning.  I’ll wake up as normal.  Oh, I think my husband will be out of town.  So I’ll wake up, feed the dogs, get my coffee and curl back up in bed to watch tv for awhile.  First clue something is amiss.  No programming on most of the channels.  I’ll think it’s odd, but whatever.  Watch something on VOD.

I think my morning will carry on as normal, just quieter with an odd feeling. Can’t quite put my finger on it.  Then it will occur to me that I haven’t heard any cars go by, and that’s when the story really begins.

Most services will stay on for awhile, I imagine some will continue for many many years without maintenance.  It will be hit or miss on what remains.  Depends on who remained that knows how to run things.

I think I like this one, maybe not a story.  Better as a TV series.

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  1. I have a hankerin to watch The Stand!

  2. Anonymous said:

    Now that would make a good tv series.

  3. Reminds me of the beginning of The Stand where a virus wipes out most of humankind.  Oooh, I see Msmandylee has had the same thought.

  4. Anyway, I won’t disappear …. :)I think things will work out harmoniously as long as no need to fight for …

  5. This is very interesting! A book or tv series sounds like something I would dig into! Go for it girl.

  6. sounds interesting and quite cool.  Would make a great series.  

  7. Most planes would crash.  All catholic women would go to hell (no priests, no confessions).  The israelis would be the most organized army in the world (they have active duty women combat troops and more female officers).  Australia would have the only navy and I believe still the only women on submarines.You should read Y.  You’d probably get a kick out of it.  Or just wait for the movies to come out.  I think Shia TheBeef is going to play the main character.

  8. @Dagon2099 – I’m sure the seller on would like to thank you for my order. 🙂  They published the first five novels as a big old paperback which is now enroute to me.

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