So let’s say it’s year 2 of the whole something happened and the world is starting over. No phones, no city services, no handy dandy grocery.

One day you and your neighbors are hanging out just enjoying your days end.  Secure in the knowledge that you have survived one more day.  You hear a strange noise and look around. A distance away you see a tree swaying all by itself.  Then you notice a shape in the tree.  Oh my goodness, it dawns on you.  Smack dab in the middle of what use to be the height of suburbia is now a very large bear up in tree. This bear has got to be the biggest bear you’ve ever seen.  Migrated?  Escaped from zoo? Who knows.  Then you hear crashing.
The bear falls. Crashing down down down, breaking branches as he plummets.
The bear is now lying on his back giant front paws moving, back legs very still, and the bear is making a horrific sound.  His monstrously large head with teeth gnashing is whipping back and forth as he howls in what can only be agonizing pain.
What do you do?

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  1. Does it make me a bad person if I don’t run over and help the bear? Cause I’m afeared of big howling gnashing teeth bears!! 

  2. I’d get a trampoline

  3. Treat it like it’s a David Attenborough nature documentary.  You watch animals making mistakes and getting killed and eaten for them but cannot do anything, nor should you try.  Nature balances itself out without human aid and doesn’t suddenly need you getting yourself maimed because a bear has bad balance.  Besides, in these end days you probably have better things to worry about than being eaten by a bear.’Cause it’s the circle…The circle of liiiiiiiife.

  4. Most likely we’d be running hungrily towards the bear to kill it, eat it, and someone gets clothed nicely. If there’s no phones, grocery stores, and city services after two years, the world’s in bad shape.

  5. I’ll smile at it 🙂

  6. Put the poor animal out of its misery from a distance (I’m sure you’ve salvaged firearms or at least a crossbow by now if you’ve survived this long) and then harvest the carcass for meat and pelt, of course. 

  7. I would go inside lock the door call the police and then I would find a good view, get my camera and ready zoom in.

  8. I would most likely run for a gun to put it out of its misery.  Then I’ld be making me some bear jerky!  

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