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Infiniti Weekend Getaways Widget

I just posted this Infiniti Weekend Getaways widget for 500 credits. You can earn free credits too!

It’s Birthday time for someone!

Happy Birthday Tallman!


Just found this on an old friends facebook.  Isn’t it beautiful?

A test….

Only a test…if this had been a real blog there would be pictures.

All is Well in Tracy world.

Sorry – had to add something.

Drove by the Schmuckers/Pillsbury/HungryJack factory today, I don’t know what was on the schedule but Oh my goodness didn’t the smell of it make me immediately hungry!


I think if you know someone from Toledo you can tell what part of the city they’re from by what factory smells they know. 

Some people had the oil refinery, some people had the Jeep factory, me I grew up surrounded by the smell of General Mills cereals then Schmuckers. I think I win in that real estate war.

Going to see Ron White tonight.  Hopefully that will be very fun.  I love to laugh.

Everything seems to be all worked out on the whole name change thing. I’m so excited to have this one now.  Big Old high five to the Xanga dudes & dudettes, they were attentive and helpful.  I want to adopt Natalia

Another high school friend has cropped up on my Facebook.  Yay!

WootOff is still going.  This was almost too much to resist.


I am full of boring today, so off I go!  Back to work.

Edit –



I have to be honest, I’m kind of enjoying the no linking to the old blog.  there are people who only have the old blog as a bookmark, that maybe this is a nice time to disappear from their lives.  You should see the acrobatics I’m doing to read the old comments. 🙂 

Maybe I’ll clean up my subscriptions as well and go through and unsubscribe and then resubscribe.  Project for the evening.

EDIT    – well that all went out the window quickly!  You can’t even comment on a new post.  Off to my email.


Just an Update & Updated Again (dare you not to laugh)

From March 23, 2009

“I ordered a new laptop for work, very exciting and all, sadly they delivered it to the Subway down the street last Friday instead of to me.  I had a very interesting conversation with the chappie at FedEx about it.  Hopefully someday I will get it, and it will not be full of tomato.”

On Tuesday my Dell rep contacted FedEx.  She let me know that Dell assured her it would be taken care of that day, and I would have my laptop by end of business Tuesday. 

On Wednesday still sans lappy, my office mate Matt called the Subway and asked them if they could tell us if the laptop had been picked up by FedEx.  To which the Subway manager replied;

     “The FedEx guy showed up yesterday and brought a UPS label for it.  UPS showed up today and picked it up.”

I cannot begin to tell you how confusing the logic of this is to me.

Edit – 4:00 pm

Received VM from Joe at Dell which said  he was just calling to confirm that I had received the laptop.  He had been notified by Fed Ex that the laptop had been picked up and redelivered to the correct address.  I called  the number he left and jumped through a few hoops, got someone else and who was confused.  I finally explained to him that Joe called me to confirm laptop had finally been delivered, and it had in fact NOT been delivered.  Guy got scared and transferred me all the way back to our Sales rep! Our sales rep is very nice.




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