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I have ordered at least one thing online every day since Friday.  My poor debit card is going to melt soon.  At least one of the things was a gift for someone else!
I discovered   That was fun.

Huh….I think that’s all I have to say.  I’m tired and was a piece of chocolate. I have a betty crocker mini something.  it’s one of those little microwave cake things with raspberry gel.  I will have that with a glass of tea later if i need it.

Do you know what the five flavors are in a standard five flavor pack of life savers now?  I didn’t, and I was really surprised.


so this is what happened…had a nice trip to Newton.  Met up with the wonderful Nina and Ms. MandyLee.  On Friday I took a vacation day and my husband and I went to the Blank Park Zoo.  Which had closed 80% of the exhibits.  That was a bust!  So then we started the Drive to Bettendorf.  I had made reservations for Friday night at the Isle of Capri Casino & Hotels. (beautiful hotel room!)  We were on track to get there at about 3:30, perfect timing for check in at 4. Do a ltitle dinner, do a little gambling and wander up and down the river front taking pictures.
We were three blocks away getting ready to turn left from a one way street onto another one way street, when  big old white Semi truck pulled up on our right side.  Like this.

Then the truck decided to turn in front of us,  Sadly it was unable to complete the ever so tricky maneuver known as LEFT turn.

Apparently the man driving it was not use to handling anything of impressive size.  Sadly he also opted not to stop and kept going.
I can tell you that the police and assorted citizens of Bettendorf KICK ASS!  They were wonderful  I have many many stories of how wonderful everyone in that city was to us.   I think I may have inadvertently left the nice police officer a gift.  When she and my husband were transferring luggage out of the patrol car my coat does not seem to have made it.  Yup, my brand new coat that I bought last week and wore  twice.
So tomorrow or the next day I’ll tell you the rest of story along with the highlights of the things I don’t want to forget.  that is what bloggings for you know.

Oh, and in case you don’t like my drawings in paint here’s a picture of my husbands one month old car.

As Len Berman so famously says, “And no one got hurt!”

My daughters stuff

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Missing me?

I’m still in the great state of Iowa!  There is an issue with the hotel internet, so it’s pretty hit or miss.  Doing any work is a joke.  I can’t imagine how bad it will be when I get back to my office next week and have to catch up on all my emails and meetings and missed things.  Thank goodness the guys in the office don’t need me most of the time and just take care of things.

The weather is unbelievably beautiful, and for the most part this has been a wonderful trip.  Last night I met my two of my Iowa Bloggers for dinner.  One of them brought her husband, who I’ve been hearing about for awhile.  He was so friendly and nice!  Just like her.  I love it when I’m comfortable with people so quickly.

The oddest thing I’ve noticed about this town and it’s residents, is how the women dress.  The women all dress well.  The people I’ve been working with wear much trendier clothing than I do, and frankly then most of the people I see on a regular basis in Toledo. 

Last time I cam here I had the bad timing to show up at the beginning of a snow storm and got snowed in for a few extra days.  This time my impeccable timing led me to book my stay at the same time as President Obama decided to visit.  It’s been fun watching the flurry of activity, and the secret service in my hotel. 

I have a couple of fun things planned from Thursday night to Saturday so wish me luck!


Saturday Stuff

No pictures of bunnies today.
Yes, the gray bunny is huge!  And she loves to get petted.  The little bunny is, well,little.  They’re quite fun but oh so messy!  This was my one  clean room!  New floor, new walls.  Oh well.  😦
Pictures from hanging around outside today.


I am bunny sitting.  Bunnies are hard to photograph if you do not have a lot of patience.  I don’t.

Probably can’t see this little guy to well.  I have an inordinate amount of affection for the groundhog family at work.

Real words…..

It’s been kind of a long week or two.  We’ve had a small crisis at work that just kept going and going and going, and then there were a couple of more work problems that just turned it into a hellish 10 days.

Yesterdays non pirate reference was brought on by a phone company.  I got into work and our phone & data connection was out.  There is something very embarrassing about being a cutting edge technology company and not having phones & data.  So I call our new phone company, they just bought our account two months ago from our old phone company, and I open up a trouble ticket.  This is a piece of the conversation (names have been changed to protect the stupid);

Her; Oh, for some reason we have your company name listed as THISCO instead of THATCO, that’s why I had trouble finding it.

me: When ZippyDoCo bought our account, for some reason they changed the name back to a previous  company name from seven years ago.

Her;  That’s too bad, we can’t change it to the correct name.  It will just be too difficult and then the records don’t get moved right and it just won’t happen.  You’ll just have to remember that we have your name listed as Thisco now.  Oh and by the way our name is pronounced ZappyDoCo not ZippyDoCo.


It probably doesn’t translate well to writing, but I have to tell you it was one of those moments when you just stare at the phone with a dumb founded expression.

I’ll be working from a different state next week, looking forward to that.  Doing some training, which I haven’t done in eons.  Then I’m going to take a day with my husband visit the Des Moines zoo. If anyone one out there has any control of the weather, do your best to make it nice, okay?

Went to dinner with my sister, her beau, her daughter, her other daughter, her other daughters boyfriend, my daughter and my husband. (did you get all that?)

Here is a picture of where my niece and the boyfriend sat the entire evening!


I have decided that it is time to retire most of my hoodies from public wearing and get a big girl jacket.  A nice springy jacket.  You know, shaped like a jean jacket but different materials?  I’ll be shopping for that this weekend.  It will be nice to have for next week with more businessy clothes.





I am cranky today.  Tired & Cranky.
I started out just tired but things have gone downhill since then.
I haven’t slept well the last two nights.  I think I’m fighting off a virus or some such thing.

My neighbor of 17 years called me this morning to let me know that they will be moving, not by choice. I can’t imagine how hard that would be, to be our age and have to really start your life over with nothing.  Her husband hasn’t been able to work for the last couple of years because of an injury.  And they just haven’t been able to keep up.

I have a difficult customer that I deal with on a daily basis. I think he’s a lonely man and I’m someone that he can touch base with.  It can be hard sometimes because I occasionally am very busy and he really just wants to chat for a half hour or so. Every once in awhile he’ll let his not as nice side show through and start getting a little uppity with me.  Not usually a biggie, I just talk to him for awhile and he’s better, but if he gets my voice mail I can’t divert his anger.  So today, when I’m tired he left me a very nasty voice mail.  2 minutes and 36 seconds worth.  Stuff like that hurts my feelings.  It’s just when I’ve really tried to go above and beyond and people take advantage of it, or snap at me it really makes me sad. 

Uhg..I was going to write a whole big thing about my neighbors, but now I’m not! Because I’m Annoyed!
And someone else hurt my feelings on Monday!  I really don’t get my feelings hurt to often, so I guess it’s good to be reminded every once in awhile.

I bought a new plant.  Wait…I’m going to go take a picture.  BRB.
Back now.  I found this plant at Home Depot, and it was in sad shape!  Very very marked down.  I thought it was nice looking so I bought it, but now I don’t know what it is.

And on that note, back to work I go.


Tracy Says….

Today is the 23rd anniversary of my wedding.

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