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I sing the body electric….

This is the concert I went to last night.  I do love music.I think I will get the soundtrack to Fame and put it on my MP3 player.

This is your brain….

This is your brain on Preston!


Preston is going to give Xanga a try instead of his other place.  Go give him a hug hello, would ya? 



And a big shout out to….

I fear this will be a strange entry but there are a couple of important parts.

First I have to tell you about a predicament.  It started out innocently enough.  I heard about an author who sounded interesting.  He writes in series, so I bought the first two books in two of the series.  I read the first one of one and started the first one of the second series.  I’m having trouble finding time to read., So, 1 down, 3 to go.

Then I was wandering through a store with my husband and I saw the third Odd Thomas book.  I completely forgot to buy it when it came out.  Since I read the first two, and really liked them, this was a no brainer.  so, 1 down 4 to go.

Then the other day I got a package in the mail from a bookstore!  I did not order a book!  However this lovely lady did!  The book is Life Happens by Connie Shultz.


She is a columnist for The Cleveland Plain Dealer  It’s a collection of her columns.  Every other one makes me choke up a little!  She is a wonderful writer and keeps reminding me what’s important.  Thank you so much Deb!  I love it.  But this also means, 1 down 5 to go, with TWO in process at the same time.

So I keep running into walls because I’ve constantly got a book in my hands!

I have a confession to make I steal pictures.  I mean, I tell people I’m stealing them but, steal them I do.  If I find  a nice picture on someones Xanga I copy it and throw it on my desktop.  I want to show you the one I have on my workdesktop now.  I did it as a screen cap, so excuse the random Icons. 


Isn’t  it perfect for a rectangular monitor?  Can you imagine having this view at your home?  This blogger does, and she makes full use of it in her photos.

I guess not such a strange entry.  I deleted the bitchy part!


Pretty in Pink!

Seriously, was there a doubt in anybodys mind that pictures and tall tales would be forthcoming?
I really enjoyed my foray into the world of pampering.  I was put into a giant cushion pretending to be a chair that then proceeded to rub everywhere it touched.  Oh my but wasn’t that nice!

My feet were then given their very own whirlpool bath.  It was warm and bubbly and blue.

This was the nice woman who got to give me my inaugural pedicure.  She said she does this for about 10 hours a day.  And agreed that yes, by the end of the day her back and arms hurt.

It was a nice place.  I’m sorry I did not get better pictures, but I was being very discreet you might say with my picture taking.  Thank goodness for camera phones!

This is a foot massage, also known as a little slice of heaven.  The only part that tickled was when she pumiced me.  I did not feel uncomfortable at all. Everything was very matter of fact and not a one of them cared about my icky feet.  I’m sorry I mean formerly icky feet.

Applying the pretty pink she picked out for me. I did not choose the color.  I asked her to pick me out a light pink and she brought this color.  Not light pink, but I’m glad.

The finished feet. They were pretty red from the water soaking and the gentle heater blowing on them.

Next time I take a book or a  friend.  I will gladly treat someone to a pedicure on the third Saturday in June if they can screw up their courage.

Of course now I want to go buy new shoes.

Woes & Toes

Yesterday afternoon I made an appointment to have my very first ever pedicure done. 


I’m very excited.  I don’t care about people touching my as long as they don’t tickle.  Maybe it’ll be a nice looking man.  I would like having a nice looking man rubbing my feet. hmmmm. but anyway.  My toe nails are really long and icky.  This may take hours.  Anyone have pedicures done regularly?  How long will it take?  They’ll paint my toenails too, right?  A nice pretty pink I think. 

I’ve been having another ongoing issue at work.  It’s another vendor issue but this one is much larger and causing me no end of stress.  I can’t really talk about it of course, but it makes me sad.  I wish people would learn to not take business decisions personally and get all weird and insulting.  What could have turned into at least a workable situation for them is now, well, not, because of their own inactions, and retaliations.   Stupid Stupid Stupid, Shooting themselves in the foot.   You see that all the time with people.  I ran into that today with one of my long time customers. She called to tell me she was closing her account and I was all, oh I’m sorry to hear that, I hope you guys do great with what you’re going to do. And she was almost speechless.  I guess she had geared herself up for me to be all nasty and “oh no, how can you do this!”  Silly people. 

I forgot to bring my shorts with me so I will be working out in my jeans. Ick.  But better that then running home and risk changing my mind about working out.  I’m still working out at least 3 times a week, but for the last week I’ve slacked off on the extra cardio.  Ups & downs.

I just noticed I used a foot metaphor and talked about pedicures in the same post!



Why I like my username

When ever I log into my Xanga it says Hi Tracy!

When someone hits reply to a comment it then sends it to me as Tracy – blippity blippity blippity, and so it seems so personal.

Why I don’t like phone companies.

Recently one of the phone companies I do business with sold our account to a different company.  I cannot begin to tell you the grief and aggravation this has caused me.  Last week I had to resort to finding all of the names of the people in the corporate structure and emailing them to make my plea to get my account working correctly again.  As part of this account I have 60 or so 1-800 numbers that I use.  For some reason some of them didn’t get moved to this new provider.  They finally told me last week that what they did was look at all of the numbers, and if there were no calls on that number in that month, they removed it.  And of course they have no records of what numbers they removed.  So for weeks I’ve been calling TollFree numbers trying to figure out where they point. 

Why I like spring.

It’s absolutely beautiful outside today.  Sun is shining and it’s warm and gorgeous.  I have plants sprouting everywhere in little pots.  I’m even growing some cactus from seeds. I’m quite excited by that.I wonder how fast they grow.

Why I don’t like kidneys.

Ouch I think it’s making me a little testy too.

Why I like Wednesdays;

It’s Pizza Night! 


Chicago 1 / Detroit 0 – 7 mins left in the 1st.

I wish I could learn to swear in print.  I can swear like the proverbial sailor in person, but in print, it’s difficult.
Maybe I’ll just do one giant curse word a day until I get the hang of it. 🙂  Naw.  I always worry about offending someone.  Like yesterdays protected swear.  I really had a whole stream of swear words, but I just couldn’t do it. 

Odd the way our brains work.  My instant messenger program (digsby, thanks Jason!) has a plug in for email and Social networking sites. So if someone posts something on FB my digsby will do a two second notification.  So if I am looking at the screen I see it right away.  Just now, it flashed up on my screen ” Blank Blank is going to be a Dad again”.  That’s a great sentance isn’t it?  I think I’ll go check it out now, because I’m pretty sure congratulations will be in order.

Peace out my babies!
(sorry, was watching wkrp yesterday)

But then.

A moment of peace and calm from last summer.

A manly sport..

Watching Devin Vargas on ESPN.  He’s a big guy.  It led to me looking up Toledo in Wiki.  It was interesting.
Have you ever looked up your city?  Is it boring?  It’s okay, you can pretend you live here. 🙂


Wait!  Do you notice anything odd here?

another random picture

It makes me laugh when I see her sit this way.

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