Woes & Toes

Yesterday afternoon I made an appointment to have my very first ever pedicure done. 


I’m very excited.  I don’t care about people touching my as long as they don’t tickle.  Maybe it’ll be a nice looking man.  I would like having a nice looking man rubbing my feet. hmmmm. but anyway.  My toe nails are really long and icky.  This may take hours.  Anyone have pedicures done regularly?  How long will it take?  They’ll paint my toenails too, right?  A nice pretty pink I think. 

I’ve been having another ongoing issue at work.  It’s another vendor issue but this one is much larger and causing me no end of stress.  I can’t really talk about it of course, but it makes me sad.  I wish people would learn to not take business decisions personally and get all weird and insulting.  What could have turned into at least a workable situation for them is now, well, not, because of their own inactions, and retaliations.   Stupid Stupid Stupid, Shooting themselves in the foot.   You see that all the time with people.  I ran into that today with one of my long time customers. She called to tell me she was closing her account and I was all, oh I’m sorry to hear that, I hope you guys do great with what you’re going to do. And she was almost speechless.  I guess she had geared herself up for me to be all nasty and “oh no, how can you do this!”  Silly people. 

I forgot to bring my shorts with me so I will be working out in my jeans. Ick.  But better that then running home and risk changing my mind about working out.  I’m still working out at least 3 times a week, but for the last week I’ve slacked off on the extra cardio.  Ups & downs.

I just noticed I used a foot metaphor and talked about pedicures in the same post!



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  1. They not only rub your feet and toes but your legs as well and yes it’s delightful I had a man do mine once and it was turning me on a bit…and my face turned red and I tried to fight it. I wondered what would happen in the case of someone giving you a massage….now that is the one thing I have not tried yet…(don’t know why…guess I’m a bit of a prude yet on that one)

  2. I haven’t had one done in a long time but I used to love them.  Don’t remember how long they take.  Yes, as slinky mentioned they do rub your legs and toes, too.  Usually you choose the polish you like.I used to wear capri pants or leggings to the appointment and flip flops so I wouldn’t wreck the polish.Have fun!

  3. I just had mine done. They soak your feet in this foot spa. Then they cut them, then paint them. The girl that did mine then did a cuticle remove and put this chip resistant stuff on the toe nails. Then she rubbed my feet and legs. Wow it took an hour for just that. I did a whole thing hair cut, facial, eye brows, pedicure, manicure was there half the day. So wonderful. Sure takes a lot though to look nice at my age. lol, Judi

  4. @slinky – I must admit I have a little foot fetish. 🙂  I had to have massage therapy for awhile.  two 30 minute sessions a week. All back and shoulder and neck. It was HEAVEN.@skanickadee – @jassmine – It sounds like to much fun!  thank you for the description, I felt a little stupid saying I didn’t really know what they would do.

  5. I had one in NYC that was not fun at all that was at a famous spa that Ophra recommends. But I go down here to a little Asian beauty salon and it is heaven. Judi

  6. I’ve never had a pedicure or a manicure.  I am very ticklish, and it would drive me nuts to have someone handling my feet!  Let’s hope you don’t get the gal in your post!  It looks like she cut off one of her toes!  Good for you for going ahead with your workout in jeans.  Great attitude!Kathi

  7. I hope you enjoy your pedicure.

  8. They’ll paint your toes if you select a color. (Or colors.) And I like pedicures, because they’re fun!! ^^They always tickle my feet though! T_T And I’m, like, the most ticklish person ever!

  9. I haven’t done my pushups or situps in two days.  I just don’t feel like it.  Wahh!  Let me know how the pedicure goes.  I’ve never had one either.

  10. Anonymous said:

    I have neevr had a pedicure but may one of these days.  I hope yours is relaxing and that you enjoy the results.  TD and I got to the gym 5 days week and take week ends off because there are just to many people there then.

  11. good to try something new ….hope it’s a relaxing and comfortable experience!

  12. I have no clue what happens during a pedicure. I’ve never had one, nor a manicure. I polish my toenails frosty pastel pink. And my fingernails are always always always white frost. I can go back and look at pictures of myself in junior high and I had white frost nail polish on my fingers.

  13. P.S. Be on the lookout for a surprise in your snail mail.

  14. Friday we are going to Catawba and staying thru Memorial Day. Last time I was there (about a month ago) I could not get online. So if you get something in the mail and you know you didn’t order it, it came from me. I won’t be able to check my e-mail till Tuesday to see if you got it or not.

  15. work stuff is ick!  Sorry I’ve never had a pedicure.  I’m not sure I could sit for that long……..and I have tickly feet!  My feet are road worn for sure.  I use a pedi stone on my heels in the shower all the time ’cause if I didn’t it’s like I have shoes on already!  I’m barefoot allllllllllllllll the time…..

  16. @TNuts – You know I love a surprise!  I was looking at Catawba the other day.Can you believe being from here, I’ve never been there or to Put-in-Bay?  Every summer we talk about it, and never do it. I bet we do it this year.  I hope it’s a beautiful weekend for you!

  17. I have had just one pedicure.  Daughter-in-law had a free coupon from the local Beauty School.  We waited until near the end of their training, so the gal I had was already pretty good at it.  I was surprised at all they did.  Soaking the feet, massaging, etc..  What surprised me was they would not cut the toenails.  They filed them down.  Don’t know if all places are that way.  They said it was a health thing.  That some people are diabetic, and they do not want to accidently cause any bleeding or infection—hence no cutting.But I did enjoy it.  Just too cheap to pay for it on my own!!!  Would sooner buy a piece of clothing or jewelry!  lol

  18. @mimiwi – A part of me hopes I don’t like it too much.  It’s a little much to pay to have someone wash my feet!

  19.  I can’t believe how a few people at any job can be so petty.. it ruins everybody’s attitude eventually.   ah well…. don’t let em get to ya!

  20. Oh you will LOVE it. First you will soak your feet for about 10-15 minutes…..then they will file your feet….then use a sloughing cream(takes all the dead skin off) then file and cut your toenails…then massage your feet and legs…then paint those toenails. Have fun…and maybe you will get a man to di it!

  21. Can’t say I’ve ever had one.  Don’t think I ever will.  I can’t stand the thought of anyone messing with my feet.  lol  I’m not much for being touched.  lolHave a wonderful 3 day weekend and don’t think about work issues!

  22. I loooove a pedicure but can’t afford one.  So sad.  Anyway, enjoy yours and your shiny new toenails!

  23. I hate feet.  I’ve never had a pedicure…I really hate feet…I’m not kidding…you have to have them to keep from falling over but you don’t have to look at them …and ohhhh the thought of touching someone else’s feet gives me the heeby geebys…..ack

  24. @Ninasusan – Damnit Nina, there go my plans for a girls night of mani-pedi’s makeup and cheetos.

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