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But then.

A moment of peace and calm from last summer.

A manly sport..

Watching Devin Vargas on ESPN.  He’s a big guy.  It led to me looking up Toledo in Wiki.  It was interesting.
Have you ever looked up your city?  Is it boring?  It’s okay, you can pretend you live here. 🙂


Wait!  Do you notice anything odd here?

another random picture

It makes me laugh when I see her sit this way.

eenie, meenie, miney, mo…

hmmm, who should I give this present to….

Just a pic.



This picture is from the Des Moines Botanical Gardens.  It’s a giant terrarium. I liked the way the picture came out.  I’m using it for my Laptop background



La dee da..

I’m sitting in bed instead of at work.  There were many circumstances that led to this.  None of them dire, but combined together it did seem like a message from the universe that perhaps I should just hang out here instead of going to work.

It’s amazing how much more I can get done sitting here rather then at my desk.  My husband has a pain in his back.  I don’t know if it’s muscular or if perhaps an internal organ is trying to pop out.  But he was up and down a lot last night.  He was in a seminar at work all day Tuesday & Wednesday so I suspect it’s muscular from switching chairs and sitting all day.  I hope he takes care of himself today.  He probably would feel a whole lot better if he would TAKE SOMETHING FOR IT!  You know, some nice ibuprofen that works on muscular issues.  He’s not big on taking non prescription pills.

My big dog has not been feeling well for the last few days.  She’s sensitive to allergies and seems to have a very sensitive stomach.  And my littlest dog has something hurting her hip.  It’s very odd, it only seems to hurt to the touch.  She’s walking just fine, tail a-wagging!  But, she’s guarding herself and trying to stay away from the other dogs.  Before you all think I’m cruel for not immediately taking her to the vet, she’s our terrified dog.  She is absolutely terrified of people, and so going out of our yard is a very traumatic experience for her.  It will cause her to shake and hide in a corner for days afterwards, so we really try not to do that until it’s neccessary.  I believe we have the only beagle in the world that we don’t have to worry about running away.  She refuses to step outside of our fence.  Last night she followed me around every where I went and tried to stay between my feet so the other dogs wouldn’t run into her.  It was quite tricky to walk!  We love our doggies.  (while I was typing this she climbed up on my bed (she has her own step) and curled up on my leg)  Wish I could figure out what happened.

My husband got his car back from the bodyshop last night.  It’s all back to perfect.  He’s very happy.

Under the category of how weird am I?  I was watching a reality show the other night and I was thinking not nice thoughts about one of the people on it.  As I often do, I was talking to my Xanga in my head and thinking of how to type out my thoughts about this person, then I started thinking, wait, what if someone else really likes this person, they’ll feel bad if I insult them.  Worse yet!  What is someone actually knows this person!  So now, I can’t talk about it.

Do you remember on the old phones that you could hang up the phone, and if the other person didn’t hang up you could pick it back up and they would still be there?  Hey kiddies did you know that?  I remember so many times, the person on the other end of the phone didn’t hang it up all the way and you would be on your own phone yelling at them trying to get their attention so they would hang up the phone!


Camera Cleaning Day

anyone recognize this location?

I thought this bridge was nifty.

I also think my niece is nifty.

Lotsa options on this road.

Big River

Oops, pictures got out of order.

My husband and I are messy in a hotel.

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