Sunday Camera’ing

Yesterday we went to dinner down on the docks, which we do fairly regularly.  However, this time we took a different path and found this view.  Something about a road less traveled,yes?

The Willis B. Boyer has always been there, I’ve just never seen it!

On the last day of our trip we had one little snaffu.  Luckily my sister has AAA.

This is my sister flipping me off for taking pictures of our little snaffu.

The other night I heard strange noises from aquarium.  I investigated and it was my frogs singing!  First time I’ve ever heard it.  Then yesterday I walked in on this little scene!  FROG PORNO in Process!

I can’t wait to see the new Maya Rudolph / John Kracinski movie.  Would have seen it yesterday if we had been a little more on the ball.

Aww, Billy Mays is on my TV right now.

Off to cut down a hedge!

Comments on: "Sunday Camera’ing" (0)

  1. Frog porn for the win!

  2. As long as you are having fun snafoos are just a bump in the road.

  3. I love bridges!  That is a neat one.  The ship is cool, too.That really is a bummer about the snafu.  How long did it take for AAA to get there?Happy frogs, eh?  Funny we were just talking about peepers which are tree frogs in our area.  We here them sing in the spring when they are looking for mates.  Now they are probably quite busy with a full quiver of tadpoles.

  4. What kind of snafu did you have (stands for situation normal all f***d up)?

  5. awesome bridge from that angle…I would hate to be on it, though…..

  6. @butshebites – as my sister was getting ready to start running her luggage down she uttered the dreaded words”have you seen my keys?”  They were safe and sound, in her Jeep.

  7. Anonymous said:

    Oh no!  Not frog porn.  Better hope Dan from thetheologianscafe doesn’t hear about this:):) Looks like you and your sister had a good day having dinner down at the docks even with the little snaffu.

  8. wow, love the first two pics ( I like blue 🙂

  9. I’m sorry for the family of Billy Mays, but no longer will I need my remote control close by to silence him during those awful commercials.

  10. Singing frogs…..interesting!  Frog porn……gross!  Is nice finding a different route now and then.

  11. hahahahaha fantastic pictures and descriptions! hahahaha

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