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Good Morning!

This morning I scrubbed 1/4 of the kitchen floor.  I wish I had a giant electric toothbrush to scrub with. 


But anyway, that is not what this is about.  My husbands computer is right off of the kitchen.  So, I opened up his music folder and hit Play All.  There are Five Thousand, Nine Hundred and Twenty Five files in his music folder.  That is a lot of music.  Twenty gigs.  We are music people.  We are however not music snobs.  We will listen to anything.  We just like what we like.

Historically music is related to time periods.  For me the last couple of years would be the So You Think You Can Dance years.  We watched this show last year and I really loved the assortment of music chosen.  They always put the artist and title at the beginning of the dance.  So if it was one I liked I would hit rewind on the DVR, grab the artist and tell my husband to find me some music.  The next day I always had a couple of dozen songs by the artist to throw on my MP3 player. (Creative Zen, I’m not an iPod person).  This year I haven’t really watched the show but my husband has so I hear the music. Same ritual.    I’ve found some Artists that I really love, (The Frames) and some that apparently I only like when other people are dancing to abbreviated versions of their songs.  (Blue October)

We have quite the assortment.  This morning while scrubbing and listening to the music on his computer, which means it’s all of my music plus all of his music, I heard The Frames, Elivs Costello, Barry Manilow, Kelly Clarkson, Fleetwood Mac, Adele and Elton John.  Well, that’s all I remember hearing.  I couple of months ago I made a concerted effort to adjust my listening habits.  I needed to add in some current music.  I was getting entirely too stuck in older songs.  So I found a couple of radio stations that I liked and also that stream.  So I listen to those in the car and at work instead of MP3’s.  It’s been good to hear that new fangled music that the kids are listening to.  I have discovered some good music this way.  Airstream Driver by Gomez was my current favorite, but even on streaming music they play it entirely too much.

I have no plans for this weekend.  Just a little grocery shopping, and if it dries out I need to mow again.  I had to mow the grass last weekend with the blades up high because it was so long and so wet.  My husband is going to be in Virginia for a week.  Half of me thinks I should have gone, the other half is thinking about things to do while he’s gone.  I know it sounds odd, but normally I clean when he’s gone.  I think it’s because there are no time or space limits. I can turn on loud music and clean without worrying about disturbing him.  Or I can turn on the Television in the Kitchen and clean cabinets while I watch Big Brother instead of sitting in the living room.  Just a shake up in the rituals.  I still hate my new glasses after a few months so I think I’m going to order new lenses for my old frames. 

Off to find breakfast.

And now for a little look under the bed sheets



I Did a little science experiment yesterday because of something my co-worker was curious about.  As I have mentioned a thousand times I am lucky enough to have experienced very early menopause.  One of the major symptoms of this was Hot Flashes!  These have eased off over the last couple of years, and in the last year they were almost non-existent thanks to some splendid herbal remedies.  They started returning over the last few months.  I’m sure due to other remedies and diet changes.  So, the people around me have also had to experience me, experiencing the hot flashes.

Now, the way I cope with things is to examine them.  If I can make it an interesting experience it becomes much more bearable. So when Mike said he was curious about what my body temperature actually did during a hot flash I was all about finding out.  I have an I.R. Thermometer.  The kind you point at something to get the surface temp.  So yesterday I checked my surface temp a couple of times and it was always 97.5 or 98 degrees.  When I had a hot flash I took my temp in the same spot (my neck) again.  And then when I had another one I did it again to see if my findings were repeatable.  Do you know what happens?  The surface temperature of my neck went to 93 degrees.  That’s a pretty big drop to have happen suddenly.

And that’s your science fact for today.


Mike just told me he loved me. 

I took these pictures this morning.  This is growing in my Patchouli plant planter.




Mushrooms are cool and all, but what makes these interesting is that I bought this particular plant from a grower who also grows and sells many things that he puts very large disclaimers on.  The disclaimers all go something like this, “Even though this plant is known for it’s psychedelic properties, and has for centuries been used as a relaxing way to get in tune with your inner-self, I do not sell these plants with that intention.  I certainly don’t recommend that you dry the leaves by hanging them in a gentle breeze and then put them in a pipe”

So I do wonder what kind of mushroom spores the dirt may have picked up.

So far I have not been able to successfully propagate my Patchouli.

It occurred to me the other morning that my sister and I were both born with unique birth defects.  I wonder why.  Is there some strange genetic misstep that caused it?  I have recently been recommended to yet another type of specialist,, bringing my current doctor total to 4.  Not including the Dentist who I support, and my eye doctor.  I was feeling a little sorry for myself, but I’m better now. 

Thank you for all the kind words on my pictures yesterday.  My daughter is adorable. I think I will have her send me the picture in a higher resolution and then print it and frame it, in keeping with my current hobby of framing things.  But really, I don’t think I heard nearly enough compliments on my cactus!  They are the cutest little things.  Maybe I’ll frame that picture too!

I’ve been playing scrabble online through iGoogle for a week and I love it!  I am not good at Scrabble, but this is a fun way to do it.  One game takes days and days because you play your turn and then go away and eventually the other person logs in and plays there turn and they go away, and so on.  Fun Stuff!  If anyone else plays let me know and I’ll start a game and invite you, or vice versa.  I’m t.helpme  @  gmail  .  com  .  No Spaces of course, that’s just to help keep my email a little more safe from automated programs.

I am liking Pride and Prejudice and Zombies so far!



And more pictures.

After it took five days for the above picture to upload via the Xanga Email post, my daughter popped the pictures below onto her Flickr so I decided to add these too!  Not to often your going to get such a full on detailed can even see my pores (as she said) picture of me. 🙂

I grew these Cacti from seed.  Right now they are smaller than a single green pea.  My daughter has some kick ass resolution on her camera.

Me and the assortment of things around me.  My basketball hoop, and my dinosaurs, and my plants.  Can you find the Glinda the Good Witch?

My Kates.  I love her.



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Just a quickie

I had a quickie blog post, but while searching for images for it I ran across a website that had already addressed the uncanny resemblance between Quentin Tarantino and Squiggy (aka David Lander).  I then started looking at said website and laughed my ass off!

quentin tarantino, pulp fiction, squiggy, laverne and shirley
see more Celeb Look-A-Likes


Very Funny Site!

I would also recommend it’s linked website at the top LOL Celebs. 

Oh!  co-worker Mike just pointed me to Fail Blog which is also linked in tabs.  Too Funny!

Back to work now! 

Dinner Conversation

I started with some Schwanns Stir Fry vegetable blend.  Dropped it in a fry pan with a little olive oil.  Also had a Hoison sauce packet to add at the end, which I did, though not a full serving.


Then I added some Quorn Tenders.I have to admit I was a little scared to try these.  I have been looking for a meat substitute that isn’t soy.  I believe I have hit the mother load.  I know how bad this is going to sound, but…this is made out of mushrooms.  It was GOOD!  I am looking forward to trying the other types.


At the last minute I threw in some Shirataki noodles (made from yam), the hoison sauce,

And some sweet chili pepper sauce.

Oh My GOODNESS it was good!  I had two bowls!  I am so full.  I just entered all of the info into my food tracker program and it was just ridiculously healthy.  And I had two good sized portions and the grand total on calories was 200 and 4 grams of fat.  I am just astounded.  I am definitely going to buy some of the Quorn beef substitute products for my husband to try.  I would like to cut back on his soy.

This and that, hither and yon, and such.

It occurs to me when testing blogging software that if I don’t want people to comment I could mark it as Private.  Thus also testing a 2nd function.  Once someone has commented I can not delete.  Just can’t.

The other day I pulled into the parking lot at my favorite old lady workout joint, I put my car in park, I turned off the ignition,  I grabbed my keys and purse and shoes and opened the door and that’s when it hit me that my car was still running.  I mentally want back over the above steps a few times and sure enough, I was in fact holding my keys in my hand and my car was in fact still running.  I swear it was such an unexpected thing that I just was dumbfounded*.  This has happened a couple more times. I spent a couple of hours this afternoon at the service center.  They’ve narrowed it down to a problem with the remote starter, or a relay in the ignition switch.  Well, duh.  The solution is to disconnect the remote starter and see if it happens again.  If it does, replace the ignition switch.  If it doesn’t hook the starter back up and see if it is the culprit.  Sadly the mechanics are afraid to disconnect my remote starter.  I guess it’s one no one was familiar with and it had way more wires than they’re used to.  So, now I have to go to the installers.  Boo.

As I type this I see more comments popping up on my test posts. :)  Darn you all!

I blew off working out yesterday and today.  Just feeling a little out of sorts.  I did however go to Goodwill and buy another picture frame.  It’s got three 5 x 7 cutouts in a nice dark green mat. Sadly, I was so distracted by the strange (as in stranger, not particularly weird) man who kept talking to me that I didn’t notice until I got home that it’s covered with plastic, not glass.  Silly me!  I ordered 2 5x 7 prints of my husband with Penn & Teller and a print of my $0.50 winning ticket from the MGM Grand. 

Good time to test out the picture import on this software~




Next I have to figure out a nice set up for Niagara Falls pictures.  I think I’ll also do more Vegas pictures but from our first trip.  Soon I’ll have more frames than walls.

I think that’s it for this moment. 

*or found dumb?

Test 2

Other computer.

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