Lunch Time!

I had two different dreams last night and both of them involved my children having babies.  Oddly, neither was my girl child!  Very odd.

I’m eating my lunch right now, MorningStar farms Spicy Black Bean burger on an Arnolds Thin with some Kraft Roasted Red Pepper & Parmesan salad dressing on it. The dressing thing started out on a whim because I forgot ketchup, but now I’m kind of hooked on it.  I don’t like it on my salad, it’s too tart, but good on a black bean burger.  Though very liquid.

Also drinking a Cranenergy Raspberry Cranberry Lift.  And for a snack later I’ll have a Yoplait Chocolate Raspberry parfait (ridiculously good!).    If I eat any healthier I’m going to throw up.

I just had to go up and retype half of that.  I’m doing that thing where I’m putting completely random words in that don’t belong.  I don’t know why that happens.

hmmm, I’m all alone in the office and strange noises are coming from a back room.  Call the cops if you hear me scream!  Yesterday I was all alone as well and my fan blew two doors closed.  It was very loud, and I about jumped out of my chair and up through the styrofoam ceiling I have.

I just saw this!

LOS ANGELES (AP) — A dancer and choreographer featured on the FOX television show So You Think You Can Dance was arrested Saturday on suspicion of sexually assaulting four of his dance students, police said.

Alex Da Silva, 41, a well-known salsa dancer who teaches at several Los Angeles dance studios, was taken into custody after teaching a class at a Hollywood studio and booked for investigation of sexual assault, Det. John Eum said.

UHG!  If you read the rest of the story it’s pretty damning sounding.  It’s not just one woman, it’s four over a many year period, none of whom know each other but who tell pretty much the same story.

It’s about the power & fear not the sex.  What a sad thing that we can’t drop this personality trait in our society. 


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  1. What *is* our deal with power?  What do we fear? What do we need? (My immediate answer is a salad, but that’s beside the point.)

  2. I’m not pregnant, sorry.

  3. I have this recurring dream about a grandson with light red hair and freckles. I’m almost positive that’s my daughters someday son. So what did you decide on the soy thing? Just curious

  4. @strawberryfieldsgirl – I decided that as long as I was eating it in moderation and staying with the higher end brands so I’m less likely to get as many chemicals, I’m okay. BUT I still say, if you’re a man, avoid it.  It contains plant estrogens and that does all sorts of bad things to men.

  5. @chaosconfetti – Well, I know!  It was the boys!  Such cute babies they were too.

  6. scary story. i am going to have to try the dressing on the black bean burgers. sounds good. Arnold’s thins are teh best thing since… sliced bread. heh.

  7. Maybe you are having a sixth sense type of thing.  My mom used to have that.  I missed that gift.I hate that scary stuff.  I think Erik is alone on his floor tonight – there are 16 rooms.  David said I should try to spook him but I think that might have too mean.I have a question for you about Katy – does she eat any kind of bread or what does she substitute that doesn’t have gluten?  If you don’t mind me asking?

  8. Healthy and it doesn’t sound half bad!   Sex and power go hand in hand with some people. It’s the only part they really like.

  9. @skanickadee – Of course we don’t mind!  Katy would probably love to tell you about her trial and errors in the exploration of the Gluten Free world.  She does not eat bread anymore. 

  10. @tracy – I don’t know how much I need to know, yet.  When I was at the doctor for the UTI they had someone come in and talk with me about a few other things.  She suggested the next time I go to my real doctor I ask about that because of some other symptoms I have. I was just wondering about bread.  I love bread.  

  11. @tracy – One last thought – I thought what this lady was telling was weird in that aren’t people with celiac really thin?  

  12. @skanickadee – Well!  You can be gluten sensitive or intolerant without having celiac.  The thinness is a long term side effect of celiac because you’ve done so much damage to your system that it can no longer absorb nutrients.  But if you’re just this side of celiac it might not affect your weight, it’ll just make you feel bad.

  13. @tracy – Thanks.  She didn’t explain that.  I hope all is well with you.  I suppose your job is really busy right now.  Take care!!!

  14. Anonymous said:

    Oh man those are wierd dreams about your sons having babies.  I agree with you that we need to drop th epower thing that people think they achieve through sex, especially rape.

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