I Did a little science experiment yesterday because of something my co-worker was curious about.  As I have mentioned a thousand times I am lucky enough to have experienced very early menopause.  One of the major symptoms of this was Hot Flashes!  These have eased off over the last couple of years, and in the last year they were almost non-existent thanks to some splendid herbal remedies.  They started returning over the last few months.  I’m sure due to other remedies and diet changes.  So, the people around me have also had to experience me, experiencing the hot flashes.

Now, the way I cope with things is to examine them.  If I can make it an interesting experience it becomes much more bearable. So when Mike said he was curious about what my body temperature actually did during a hot flash I was all about finding out.  I have an I.R. Thermometer.  The kind you point at something to get the surface temp.  So yesterday I checked my surface temp a couple of times and it was always 97.5 or 98 degrees.  When I had a hot flash I took my temp in the same spot (my neck) again.  And then when I had another one I did it again to see if my findings were repeatable.  Do you know what happens?  The surface temperature of my neck went to 93 degrees.  That’s a pretty big drop to have happen suddenly.

And that’s your science fact for today.

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  1. That is really interesting.  I never would have guessed that.You have a really interesting office!

  2. The guys in my office sit around and talk about periods and mascara with me too :))))) awesome isn’t it

  3. hah, it’s interesting to know that!

  4. Anonymous said:

    Interesting.  When I have hot flashes it feels at least 200 degrees.

  5. I was always amazed when my temp didn’t rise when I had a flash. The internal heat seems over powering. I now have only flashs during the night ususally pre dawn. UGH

  6. Anonymous said:

    Very cool.  I always felt as if the heat of my whole body was coming into a couple of spots.  I wonder if that is the case.  Kind of sucking the surface heat in.Or, perhaps with the surface temp dropping, the outside air, by comparison, suddenly feels that much hotter than usual.

  7. @OldHippyChick – I think it’s the 2nd.  I measured the temperature at the base of my neck which is where it always feels like it’s on fire to me. I think it actually drops in temperature so quickly on the surface that suddenly the air feels HOT! 

  8. So that must have something to do with the fact that I have hot flashes a little bit now but at the same time, the older I get the more I hate, can’t stand the cold. I’ve wondered about the paradox of those 2 things. Interesting! I too was blessed with early menopause. They did blood work and that when I found out I had hypothyroid. when they told me that it WAS possible that my periods could start again, ( didn’t think they would, but possible with treatment for the thyroid) I was like ummm NO Thankyou, I’m perfectly happy with things just the way they are! hehe. They never did thank goodness. easy quick menopause I highly reccommend it. lolThanks for sharing. Sounds like a fun bunch of guys you work with!!

  9. @strawberryfieldsgirl – Oh!  Don’t tell me that!  I have an endocrinologist appointment in September.  Apparently my slightly off thryoid went bezerky.

  10. Cool.  I guess it makes sense that if you’re feeling warmer, it’s because you body temp has dropped.

  11. Well, I’ld say that is pretty darn interesting!

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