Good Morning!

This morning I scrubbed 1/4 of the kitchen floor.  I wish I had a giant electric toothbrush to scrub with. 


But anyway, that is not what this is about.  My husbands computer is right off of the kitchen.  So, I opened up his music folder and hit Play All.  There are Five Thousand, Nine Hundred and Twenty Five files in his music folder.  That is a lot of music.  Twenty gigs.  We are music people.  We are however not music snobs.  We will listen to anything.  We just like what we like.

Historically music is related to time periods.  For me the last couple of years would be the So You Think You Can Dance years.  We watched this show last year and I really loved the assortment of music chosen.  They always put the artist and title at the beginning of the dance.  So if it was one I liked I would hit rewind on the DVR, grab the artist and tell my husband to find me some music.  The next day I always had a couple of dozen songs by the artist to throw on my MP3 player. (Creative Zen, I’m not an iPod person).  This year I haven’t really watched the show but my husband has so I hear the music. Same ritual.    I’ve found some Artists that I really love, (The Frames) and some that apparently I only like when other people are dancing to abbreviated versions of their songs.  (Blue October)

We have quite the assortment.  This morning while scrubbing and listening to the music on his computer, which means it’s all of my music plus all of his music, I heard The Frames, Elivs Costello, Barry Manilow, Kelly Clarkson, Fleetwood Mac, Adele and Elton John.  Well, that’s all I remember hearing.  I couple of months ago I made a concerted effort to adjust my listening habits.  I needed to add in some current music.  I was getting entirely too stuck in older songs.  So I found a couple of radio stations that I liked and also that stream.  So I listen to those in the car and at work instead of MP3’s.  It’s been good to hear that new fangled music that the kids are listening to.  I have discovered some good music this way.  Airstream Driver by Gomez was my current favorite, but even on streaming music they play it entirely too much.

I have no plans for this weekend.  Just a little grocery shopping, and if it dries out I need to mow again.  I had to mow the grass last weekend with the blades up high because it was so long and so wet.  My husband is going to be in Virginia for a week.  Half of me thinks I should have gone, the other half is thinking about things to do while he’s gone.  I know it sounds odd, but normally I clean when he’s gone.  I think it’s because there are no time or space limits. I can turn on loud music and clean without worrying about disturbing him.  Or I can turn on the Television in the Kitchen and clean cabinets while I watch Big Brother instead of sitting in the living room.  Just a shake up in the rituals.  I still hate my new glasses after a few months so I think I’m going to order new lenses for my old frames. 

Off to find breakfast.

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  1. How do you scrub your kitchen floor. I have an electric scrubber which is like an 150% enlarged toothbrush. It does everything but get in the corners well. It also buffs so can put paste wax on and buff it so the floor is never very dirty. Do you really do yours on your hands and knees? My Mom did that.  I like a lot of different kinds of music. I am not an ipod person either even though my daughter offered me hers now she has a blackberry. I think I might be if I had a blackberry. It seems simple it has it all. Judi

  2. @jassmine – What brand is your scrubber?  After my post it occurred to me that I have seen things that look like toothbrushes on steroids made for washing floors!  normally I’m just a mopper, but uhg…it’s so dirty most of the time.  I have always bought really cheap MP3 players, and found them much simpler to use.  And I don’t feel bad if they break.  

  3. A scrubby toothbrush and a handsome guy to scrub the floor.  Yep, that’s the ticket.Yes, it is easier to clean when you have the house to yourself.  That is a lot of music!  Enjoy your weekend!  And enjoy your week as a single gal!

  4. Your glasses look wonderful, don’t change them. They’re hip and make you look stylish!

  5. While I was driving around today I heard about Song of the Day on NPR.  I remembered this post and thought you might like to check this program out.Song of the Day

  6. @skanickadee – that’s cool MB!  I signed up for the Song of the Day newsletter. Thanks!

  7.  I dunno who the Frames are, but I’m gonna find out this morning. I’ve been stuck in a musical rut lately.

  8. @carolinamuscle – The Frames make me want to sway.  

  9. Purple it is. I’ve already mentally picked out the camisole, pants, and shoes to complete the ensemble I love reading about your music conquests. I’m the same way – my brother is a huge music snob but is willing to change his mind about things. We’ve been influencing each other’s tastes since he was 12. My family, as you may be able to tell from TB’s blog, is pretty into music. Mama can sing (though she won’t anymore), my sister can sing and play a couple instruments, and brother is a master on the guitar, bass, drums, and trombone. The thing about him on guitar is that he taught himself… and he can play ridiculous Lindsey Buckingham and Metallica solos. Me – I can sing okay, never learned an instrument, can harmonize pretty well. But listening tastes – eclectic, heavily folk and rock based. I’m branching into embarrassingly fun pop, and there are some classic country (Willie Nelson) and classical (Vivaldi et al) standbys. I think I want to hear some Jim Croce right now, actually.Sorry for the novel here.Oh yeah – our front yard looks good, but we may need to hit the backyard with the mower, after I put the blades back on high.

  10. Anonymous said:

    Now that is a great way to scrub the floor.  I remember some important times in my life when certain songs are played.

  11. @tracy – well, you certainly swayed me into listening to them. 

  12. Hi, Tracy!  Did you wind up getting new lenses for the old frames?  I like an assortment of music, too.  Ugh, scrubbing the kitchen floor!  The only consolation is that at least floors don’t get as dirty as when the kids were younger, right?  Kathi

  13. @Still_groovy – I didn’t.  All because of my daughters comment up there ^  She’s a good girl.  I think my glasses make me look mean! 🙂

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