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A story someone reminded me of.

I look young for my age.  Always have.  I mean, there’s no picture of Dorianna Grey hanging anywhere but if I wanted to lie about my age, I could.  Because of that, I’ve never been particularly bothered about people kidding me if I’m older than them. Enter a previous employer.
Let’s call him Modd Tyers. 

Modd was very young.  He started businesses young, and he hired me when he was young. We had a good joking relationship, so of course since I was older there was much making fun of decrepitude. Especially when I was in the advanced times of my life, you know 35. 

Eventually Modd moved the corporate office, and himself to another city.  We’ll call this City Moston, Bassachusettes.

One day I went to spend some time in Moston, and Modd picked me up from the Airport. He took me to the hotel to drop off my bags, and then bless his young heart he took me to a liquor store to grab a bottle of wine so I could get to sleep. 

There was an adorably New England type man being the keeper of the alcohol.  He was a 150 if he was a day.  All silently brooding, looking like he should be out on a fishing schooner.  I can only assume that he overheard some flippant remark that Modd made to me about my aging mind because when we got up to the counter Modd was talking to the nice New Englander and said, “aren’t you going to ask for my I.D. like you did last time”? 

To which Mr. New Englander without missing a beat, replied in quintesential New Englander fashion, “Aye, I would Sonny, but I didn’t want to embarass you in front of your mother.”

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