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Have at it

a tale of two refrigerators

Had to go shopping tonight to buy a new refrigerator.  I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to enjoy the experience.  I was right.

The store where we make all of our major appliance purchases had a grand
 opening of their new wing today.  This was a plus as we got a very good deal, however they were PACKED!

This is the one I wanted.  I’m not a fan of Stainless Steel, but my husband really is. Since all of our appliances are cheap, in the next 10 years or so we’ll have to replace them all. So I figured now was the time to start converting.  This beautiful thing could have been mine for a very reasonable price.  My husband kept saying two things.  Whatever you want is fine, I don’t care and I’m not a big fan of Side by Sides. 
So every time I almost got my side by side he would make a sad noise and an ugly face.  So, we got this.

Which by the way was a VERY good price indeed!  It will be delivered in the morning.  I really wanted a bigger freezer just so I could get rid of my ugly chest freezer. Oh, and because I just like it if you’re getting something different, get it very different.

Still looking for more Scrabbling partners!  I’m slowly but surely getting better.  Only takes a few seconds at a time, whenever you have time….any takers?

Who Am I?


Lead Role

You begin by asking:
‘Who can I connect?’

You see the world as a web of relationships, and you are always excited by the prospect of connecting two new people within your web.

Your best quality:
Your genuine curiosity

Trust in your web of relationships

Be careful you:
Don’t push people together who shouldn’t be

Your smartest career move:
Any job where you’re paid to speed up the connection between people.

Show me my Supporting



Supporting Role

You begin by asking:
‘Is everyone okay?’

You are acutely aware of everyone else’s emotional state, particularly if you sense they are feeling hurt or slighted. You are instinctively inclusive, always looking for ways to draw others into the circle and make them feel wanted, heard, and appreciated.

Your best quality:
Your open heart

Be willing to ask people for favors in return

Be careful you:
Don’t get so consumed with other people’s feelings that you forget your own

Your smartest career move:
Any job where you’re paid either to play on a team or lead the team.

Show me my Lead Role


To Learn More:
Read Find Your Strongest Life



Lead Role

Supporting Role


The wisdom of Tracy

I am very very tired

I can’t wait for my new game to get here!

I was stuipdly pleased that one of my reviews on Amazon was listed as Helpful.

My Xanga emailed pictures still have not shown up on my Xanga. (wouldn’t it be funny if they showed up on
someone else’s?)

I am very very tired.


Just a warning

I have been chronicling my day via uploaded pics from my cell phone.  Since none of them have appeared here yet, this means that suddenly in no particular order multiple copies will show up at a future time.  It’s sort of like a surprise posting.  🙂

Finishing the randomness

Back in the days of FM Radio whenever they played Lovin Touchin and Squeezin they always played the first line of the next song.  Whenever I hear the end of L.T.S. now I automaticaly sing the first line of the 2nd song last.

I’m not having a good day, but at least it’s Yoga day!

Just a random thought

You make me we-e-eak…..I wanna die….

I can tell how old you are if you know what the real last line of this should be. 🙂

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