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This guy has been on my window looking in at us for three days.  Somedays he’s upside down, some days he’s pointing sideways.  But always there.  Very odd.  I love the detail I was able to get on some of these shots.

Past my Bedtime

My husband and I went OUT.  Not on vacation, not to my sisters house, but to a Restaurant/BAR! With grownups.  With Music,  And dancing (not us) And Beers.  And we didn’t get home till almost midnight.  AND we BOTH enjoyed it.

Another dream fulfilled.


Perhaps I’m growing a third hand?

One of my favorite Xanga peoples has been trialing and tribulating over doctors so I thought as my contribution to the cause I would tell you the story of my dermatologist.  I know, I know, I’m always telling you about my plethora of doctors and vast array of bizarre new health issues, but I haven’t been talking about him.  (I may have told you about him once, a while ago. But tough, here it is again.)

My dermatologist just came into my life about six months ago.  For a wart.  Not just any wart, but the most horrible, evil, poltergeist wrapped in a skin virus, here for the rest of your life wart there ever was.  This wart is on my hand and I’ve had it for about 20 years.  about 10 years ago I had it frozen.  Not like Walt Disneys head, but rather with liquid fire that hurts like.., well… like you would think liquid fire hurts like.  And it went away.  For a few months.  Just long enough for a huge scar to form and then the wart grew back under the scar.  GROSS!

So about six months ago I said enough is enough, time for it to go.  My GP recommended a couple of dermatologists and I picked this one.  Oh my but didn’t I pick well!  I didn’t know it at the time but he is semi-retired and only works on Wednesdays. He is my doctor because it just happens to have been the day I got.  The first time I saw him I was hooked.  He loves people.  His entire staff is always laughing.

He’s also apparently a sadist.  I see him once a month (today included) and every time he tries something he giggles maniacally and says This is going to HURT! LOL LOL LOL! And yet, I still adore him.  I only wish he practiced other specialties.  I would go to him for everything!  Our current mode of treatment is I go in, he grabs a sharp scalpel and cuts at me for awhile.  Laughing the whole time and telling me how much it probably hurts.  Then he bathes it with Blister Beetle Venom. Then he laughs and again tells me how much it’s going to hurt later, and then he almost always thinks of some funny or sweet story about one of his patients from the past to tell me.

He makes up for all of the specialists I’ve had to deal with in the last two years who maybe weren’t so great.  If I thought my wart would ever actually go away I would be sad that I would not see him again.

Off to yoga on my blistered and bandaged hand.  (Did I mention Yoga is also ALWAYS on Wednesdays?  Of course it is)

it occurs to me that maybe when it gets really gross I should take a picture!  You know…for educational purposes.

Side Effects of Universal Healthcare

I believe that my blow dryer has magical properties.  The longer my hair gets, the odder thoughts I have while drying it.

This morning I contemplated the potential side effects of health care for anyone who wants it, without the risk of a lifetime of debt.  If you didn’t have to worry about insurance for you, and perhaps for your family would you have made the same career choices?  I realize that the majority of the people in nice respectable lives will probably have no idea what I am talking about.  Some other people may instead think about their choices.  Did anyone take a job that they only sort of wanted just to get the benefits?  Did anyone not take a risk in doing something they had a passion and talent for so that they could do responsible thing and take a respectable job?

I don’t know. Maybe it’s just me and my magical hair dryer.  I enjoy finding the cascading effects of things.

Camera Cleanup

Pulled the last of the photos off of my camera.  In no particular order.

Oh, wait.. First this one for Nina.

Now back to scenery.

The Hotel we stayed at was on the edge of student housing and Frat & Sorority housing of the George Washington University so we were surrounded by college students the whole time.  Best line overheard from a gaggle of very well dressed group of girls, “Well you could tell they were Georgetown Girls because they were all PREPPY.”  Goodness but these collegiates had a lot of money invested in their clothes, shoes and phones.  And the cars that were parked on the street.  Crazy Here’s a nice tour of the room for you.

Directly across the street from us was the State Department.  Which we found out you are NOT supposed to take pictures of. Sadly the security people do not speak very loudly or clearly and they should realize we are old and don’t hear well! 

It could have been a whole different ending if we didn’t look so harmless.
To the left of our hotel was an Embassy! 

I have a whole story about the picture of the ruby slippers, but I really have to get moving, so another day maybe.

I leave you with a trip through the tunnel. Quite unexciting on video, but pretty cool in person to go through a mountain.

DC Trip Day 3 – Accidental Lesbian

Yesterday I noticed an unusual amount of women holding hands.  (Not that there is anything wrong with that! [for anyone old enough to remember Seinfeld]) Then on the news I saw there was some sort of Equality walk today.  This afternoon we walked to the Capital Building and were just in time to get caught up in the rally with all of the other thousands of people!  It was NUTS!  Then as we started walking away, they all followed! It was really amazing.

I don’t think you can tell from this pic the sheer number of people.  I suggest CNN.

Good day, but I am so so tired!  We walked for six hours yesterday and six hours today.  Tomorrow is supposed to be zoo day.  They’ve changed the forecast and are saying it may rain.  We’ll see.

DC Day 2 – Too tired to post

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