Maybe it’s just me.

If I create a post  full of pictures and Labeled;

White Women who are Beautiful.
Would that bother you?

How about;
Thin Women who are Beautiful.


Heavy Women who are Beautiful


Lesbians who are Beautiful

Maybe it’s just me, maybe there is some part of just my personality that doesn’t think  THIS  is okay.

Can’t we just be women who are beautiful?


Comments on: "Maybe it’s just me." (0)

  1. I agree. I like old women that are beautiful. And how about plain women who are beautiful. The whole thing is just…..fill in the blank!

  2. Yes, I agree.  Why do we have to label and pigeon-hole?Kathi

  3. I’ve started to just drop those posters. I’m not just a little offended, but I’m bored with it as well as completely disinterested. When I get a long list of pin-up pics in my mailbox I simply unsubscribe. Life is short and boredom is soooooo long.

  4. My first thought was:  well ya..but those who perhaps can be pidgeon holed into a group that society doesn’t think is beautiful, would get some recognition…but then I thought, ya..but I guess that is setting some societal standard for that group for beautiful and if you don’t look like “that” then somewhere else to fall short.  So..yes..I think you are right women are beautiful…yet, what about someone that has a perfect right and left face matchup (which is reported to be the true sign of beauty) but their personality absolutely matter how they look physically, I don’t think they are beautiful and vise many women have you met that you might think are not beautiful but their personality makes them beautiful.  Oh well, Tracy, you’ve opened it up here…I think for now, we should just say that all women are beautiful….and please quit thinking so deep on a Saturday…

  5. Anonymous said:

    I think we need to be ” All women are beautiful”.

  6. I saw this earlier and have been thinking about it.  I don’t know that I find that offensive.  I did find the the part of the title that said, “women who are mancouch worthy” more offensive.So would you prefer the title to be — “Beautiful Women”?

  7. @skanickadee – Yup.  It’s just the compartmentalizing that bugs me.  The Beautiful Women listing doesn’t bother me so much because everyone has different ideas of beauty and one persons beautiful list may be completely different than another persons list.  I do think I’m too sensitive to things like things, and I tend to go a little overboard. 🙂

  8. @tracy – There is nothing being wrong with being sensitive.  If more people were sensitive, the world would be a nicer place.

  9. what you said!

  10. yeah – what nina said! but – we’re all women who are beautiful right? in our own way for our own reasons.  the beauty is there because of what makes us, us.   

  11. Beauty is so elusive, sometimes a woman who is not considered beautiful by society’s standards rivets our attention!

  12. Beauty comes in every shape, gender and colour. It’s a shame that some are too shallow and consumed with their own perceptions that they cannot grasp that fact.

  13. Makes me cringe.  

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