I believe that my blow dryer has magical properties.  The longer my hair gets, the odder thoughts I have while drying it.

This morning I contemplated the potential side effects of health care for anyone who wants it, without the risk of a lifetime of debt.  If you didn’t have to worry about insurance for you, and perhaps for your family would you have made the same career choices?  I realize that the majority of the people in nice respectable lives will probably have no idea what I am talking about.  Some other people may instead think about their choices.  Did anyone take a job that they only sort of wanted just to get the benefits?  Did anyone not take a risk in doing something they had a passion and talent for so that they could do responsible thing and take a respectable job?

I don’t know. Maybe it’s just me and my magical hair dryer.  I enjoy finding the cascading effects of things.

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  1. We gave up our watch and clock repair business because we couldn’t get health insurance.  Being self-employed was really wonderful.  It was great to work together.  We would have moved on eventually because repairs are not lucrative.  As you know Craig is locked into his job because of health insurance.  I think he would have tried other things if not for that.America should have universal health care.  Reps and Senators who vote against it should lose their government provided Cadillac policies.

  2. Anonymous said:

    My son says his wife, my daughter-in-law, works to pay taxes on thier home, and health and house insurance.  His pay takes care of the rest of expenses.  I fear the outcome of no health insurance that is affordable for all.  That magical hair drier makes a lot of sense to me.

  3. I avoided a career in art to be “sensible” and not a “starving artist.”  I’ve regretted it every single day of my life.

  4. Who knows in what direction people may go if they won’t be punished for it? Are we supposed to feel that free in this country? 

  5. Health insurance is so necessary but confusing.  It’s already played a part in one of my sons’ career choice, and he’s only 24!Kathi

  6. Stuff like that goes thru my mind in the shower. I’m always saying to my husband…”hey when i was in the shower, I was thinking…” lolAnd yeah just imagine what ppl could do if they didn’t have to think about getting benefits! i have 2 kids who would be perfect examples of that! And thinking back, yeah us too. I watched a show about Sweeden (maybe it was Iceland lol) and just that sort of thing. The happiest ppl live there!  I don’t have much hope for the healthcare thing…until something is done with campaign reform and lobbiests, I just don’t know if anything will really change.Good post tho!!

  7. @strawberryfieldsgirl – I lose a lot of time thinking in the shower.   If only I came up with something great.I hear you about your kids.  My oldest is still covered by our policy.  He has plans to be in school awhile and that concerns me.Lobbying should be illegal!

  8. @strawberryfieldsgirl -It is late and I didn’t finish that thought.  At 23 my son will age out of my husband’s policy.  He might still be in school.  Not sure what he does then.  He had two surgeries so no one will let him get health insurance unless something changes.

  9.  This is one of my passions…. Universal Health Care is a function of every post-industrial society except one… guess who.  There is simply no excuse for allowing 25-30% of a population to go without necessary levels of health care for the sake of corporate greed.  But then again, the US can always be proud that we have 93 year old ladies living in their Explorers, too.  Have a great week, Tracy!! 

  10. Before dispatching I worked in a salon……for the first two or three years I LOVED it…..worked for a company w/ benifits and all that…but I got burnt out and bitter…..too scared to go off on my own…..

  11. I so would have moved on to something else, W too, were it not for the benefits I get @ work.  Now I need to stay there even longer for A because the state coverage for him just wouldn’t cut it.  He can be on my bennies until he’s 26 – although in addition to the premium, I’ll also be taxed on the employer portion after he turns 18.  Taxable Fringe Benefit.  Hmpf.

  12. In the 70’s recession we started our own business while hubby was working for a big company. We were doing well but with 3 young kids it was not possible to cover medical and dental expenses without the company insurance. The decision was stay with the company. We didn’t regret it but wonder how life would have been had we left.Present day daughter works so her family can have health insurance. Will health care reform help? I’m hoping so.

  13. I’m not one of them, but I know a lot of people who have the jobs they do because of the healthcare.  I’m too young and healthy to appreciate it quite yet, but my day will surely come.

  14. not only do you make a valid point, you acknowledge the magic of hairdryer while you do it.instant recommend. 

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