This guy has been on my window looking in at us for three days.  Somedays he’s upside down, some days he’s pointing sideways.  But always there.  Very odd.  I love the detail I was able to get on some of these shots.


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  1. oh. my. god.  what the hell is that.

  2. Holy Cow! That would be freaky if that was on my house. lol. Great capture of pics tho 

  3. wow.  I haven’t seen a mantis that big in years.

  4. The detail is great, but I fear and suspect that he might be a spy.

  5. Very cool! I love preying mantises!

  6. those are really good pictures…but I had to quickly slide past them because they freaked me out.  I say sell the house and go NOW…don’t look back…or you may be beamed up by Scotty…..acck

  7. Anonymous said:

    I love mantises.  Of all bugs, they are the coolest.  That one is pretty big!  Probably a trained bug with a hidden video camera!!

  8. I hope I don’t have bad dreams from that HUGE MANTISE!!!! I bet he is casing your house!

  9. In the first picture, especially, he looks like ET!  LOL  Kathi

  10. He looks like he is knocking to come in.  Beautiful bug.  

  11.  Is he praying for entry? 

  12. Seemed wanting to get in, hanging around for days, must be hungry, I guess.

  13. Did you know praying mantis ladies eat their mates after mating? Is she waiting got him or has she eaten him already? She looks pretty big to me.

  14. wow! he’s huge!  Blah!

  15. I’ve only ever seen a mantis that big once before, he’s huge. He’s probably plotting on moving in.  Keep that window closed!

  16. That is wonderful. I love when I have unexpected visitors like that. Nice that you enjoyed it instead of shooing it away.

  17. @Ninasusan – You had me cracking up!  That’s one of the reasons I think you are so wonderful!

  18. @Still_groovy – I thought that too!  

  19. That is a very large mantis!  Have the dogs noticed or do they not care?One year we had a katydid walking all over our house. I love the pictures!  And Nina and Kathi crack me up!

  20. How cool!  Nice detail in the first picture.  Have you found any egg sacs around?  I have never found a Mantis around here but the grandson had one in his “tank” last year for a while.

  21. @GrannyHappyNanny – Last year I found two egg sacks right by each other.  I’m guessing that is why I have such an abundance this year!  So far no new egg sacks but I haven’t looked much yet.  By the way, the little girl/guy is STILL living on my front window.  I think it’s four days now.  

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