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Edit! I was so excited by my find that I forgot to put in a title.

My niece and I went to see Twilight New Moon today, movie time was moved by 30 minutes.  Wandered to Borders to kill time.
Bought this!

WIN! 🙂  All of the other books I’m reading are going on hold.

dog and ballon

Quickie first.

I took a picture of this woman at Biggbys (coffee shop where we get our ritual Saturday night Lattes) because she had an amazing amount of Stuff!  I don’t think there is enough detail for you to see it.  She had at least three bags, she had a bottle of water, a cup of coffee, a tupperware container filled with who knows what and masses of notesbooks and pens and pencils and markers.  She was in it for the long haul!

Made some tasty vanilla ice cream tonight.  I also did my thrice yearly leg shaving. 🙂  The benefit to the whole thyroid dying things is that my body hair grows very very slowly.  Of course I also noticed today that my eyebrows are almost gone.  I may have to find a cosmetics type expert and start drawing in my own!

I’m pretty sure I had something I wanted to write about today, but I have forgotten.  Oh, unless you want to hear about my new purse?

See Ya!

Edit – Said Purse.


Cleaned out my work cell phone and these are the pics I found. No captions, but I did title.  I think you’ll only get that if you hover.  🙂

WorkShadows.jpg spillage.jpg IDoNotKnow.jpg pens.jpg Iowamaybe.jpg dogfood.jpg dogs.jpg sign.jpg SwedishBoss.jpg MoreSwedishBosses.jpg zoo1.jpg zoo2.jpg zoo3.jpg zoo4.jpg zoo5.jpg zoo6.jpg

The EXCLUSIVE story of my downfall

It’s a sad story to tell.

I didn’t know it would go this way.  It started out innocently enough.  Sometimes I would set my DVR to record stories on the today show. They always seem to run interesting things just after I needed to leave for work.  Normally I would watch these stories around 10pm as I was winding down for bed.  I started noticing a strange trend.  Almost every time they were announcing an interview they would use the word “EXCLUSIVELY”. {to the exclusion of anything or anyone else; solely or entirely,}  It amused me. Especially when they would say “talking to the Today show EXCLUSIVELY”  I have a sneaking suspicion that these people actually DID talk to other people.

I thought it would be funny if I created a drinking game to go with my Today show clip watching.  So every time my beloved Matt, Meredith or Anne said they word EXCLUSIVELY I would down a shot of my Jamiesons.  Harmless enough!  I was in for the night, I was almost in bed.  Then it started getting to me.  I was doing so many shots that I could never make it past one recorded clip!  Enough of that!  So I stopped DVR’ing. 

Then I started noticing how many times they were saying the word EXCLUSIVELY in the mornings before I left for work.  I couldn’t help myself!  I was so accustomed to having a shot when Meredith announced so seriously that the mother of the poor missing girl was talking to her EXCLUSIVELY that I had to run out in the kitchen and grab the bottle.

It went on that way for a few months.  Then I finally hit rock bottom.  Now I’m unemployed and my liver is mostly shot.  Luckily my electricity was shut off due to non-payment so I no longer can watch the Today show, and I really feel like I’m getting on the right track. 

I think once I get my electricity back on I will find a morning news show that doesn’t sound like they’re trying to go the route of the tabloid tv programs and I will watch them EXCLUSIVELY!







Pressure release

I know that I have hopped up on this proverbial soap box before and I’m sure I’ll be hopping up again, but tough.  It’s something that’s really eating at me. I’m having problems lately coping with two different types of people.  The people who think that their respective sites are reaching out to the world at large and they are using it to preach their own particular gospel of hypocrisy. 

I’m tired of people posting rude and ridiculing remarks about people they don’t agree with.  This is not a way to get your point across.  No one is going to change their mind about an issue be it minor or major because you throw out little barbs at the people you disagree with. 

The other particular personality type that is getting under my skin is the dramatics.  The ones who think every circumstance in their life  is the beginning of a grand movement that they alone see the importance of.  They are the only ones who really understand and feel, and they must educate us.  We all have our dramas. The minute you start thinking your life is more important than mine, or your problems are more impacting than mine is when you lose empathy. (which today I have lost!)

The older I get the less tolerant I get.  I believe that someday I will be a bitter old woman who despises everyone.  But until that day let’s just remember that even though our lives and our beliefs seem like the end all be all of all that is important, well…okay they are.  But only to us.

Please note that this blog stayed on Xanga, because I love all of my friends here and it’s just those damn facebook people getting on my nerves!

Cuteness Overload

Just watched Hotel for Dogs. 

A must for people who love their puppies, and like squishy movies.

Oh MY!


If this were posted on LOL cats it would have a Zombie reference!

Nothing Much

Nurse:  Oh, you’ve gained a few pounds
Me:  Well that’s discouraging!
Nurse;  You’re going to keep gaining.
Me;  Wait, What?  I’m working out three to four days a week, I do Yoga once a week, I eat very well and it’s not going to make a difference?
Nurse:  Well, it’s good for you.  But yes, you’re still going to gain weight.
SHIT!  That’s what I say!  SHIT!

Ms. Tunaandgreens I now understand exactly what you were talking about!

Geesh!  I’m not giving up because I like how strong I am, and how good I feel but it just ticks me off.
On other fronts we’ve all survived a potentially disastrous week at work so Yay for US!  And since I’m not linking this to my facebook I’ll tell you that New Guy is doing fantastically well.

And…umm….I think that’s all I have.  This whole Ft Hood thing makes me sad.

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