Nothing much!

My thyroid is all swollen up. And it’s kinda freaky!  It feels like one of those toys filled with gel.  Gross! πŸ™‚  I should start labeling my posts when I talk about gross things. I go back to the endocrinologist on Thursday.  This is my first follow up blood test since the quintupling of the dosage.  I’m curious to see the results.

Beautiful full moon tonight.

I went and voted today.  You know I voted YES for those casinos in Ohio!  I love my video poker.

I’ve been practicing my tossing of small balls in the air every day.  Can’t call it juggling yet, because it’s not. So I’m almost to the point where I’m throwing two up in correct rythym and catching them some of the time.  I went to show my juggling sensei and he says, Now start with the other hand.  OMG!  Why does such a little thing make it so much more difficult!

I’m not reading, I’m not painting, I’m not playing on my DS.  Just working, and juggling.

Someone, somewhere was talking about cupcakes and it has occurred to me that this is November!  November means I get Birthday cake!  Not my birthday which makes it even better.  Mmmm, I love Birthday cake.  I think I’ve told myself so many times that I love Birthday cake that it’s now the ultimate treat food for me.  I never have regular cake.  Just BIRTHDAY cake. πŸ™‚

I feel like now I should go exercise to get ready for that birthday cake in three weeks.  Think I’ll go ride the bike.

Sorted my Pictures so here you go.  Random Picture from DC.  This is from the Aquarium at the National Zoo.

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  1. This thyroid is going to have to come out isn’t it…I love birthday cake too πŸ™‚

  2. @Ninasusan – Nope, I don’t think so!  It’s non-functioning at this point, so it just gets to hang around being an extra organ.

  3. gorgeous photo!

  4. Coolest picture ever!*hugs your swollen thyroid*  Yeah, that’s right – I hugged it!

  5. They look like flowers.

  6. cool pic! 3 of the 5 ppl in this family can juggle. I’m not one of them!!  my thyroid feels swollen sometimes, but i’m never sure if it’s really that or just my allergies/throat thing. can’t say i’ve ever felt it quite like that tho. wierd. wonder if they have you on too much med…Have a good night/day tomorrow! πŸ™‚

  7. nothing much!!!hope your thyroid’s ok and anyway have a happy birthday.

  8. Hope your thyroid will be ok…..stupid thyroid!I LOVE birthday cake!!!! All that talk about it makes me want to have some too!

  9. Birthday cake???  Yes YES !!

  10. Love these sea animals! They do look like flowers.

  11. You know, as a children’s librarian, I also really want to know how to juggle.  Small children are generally mystified by juggling and this is one of the great things about my job:  mystifying small children.  Recently my supervisor and I were gushing about how hard juggling is and how we really want to do it.  She’s been trying for many years now, so I guess I just need to keep at it.  Glad you are progressing!

  12. Where exactly is ones thyroid?  I’m afraid mine has never received any attention.  Awesome pic!  CAKE is my favorite food group EVER!

  13. @Kissedbyadog – The thyroid is a cool little organ that is shaped (ironically for me) like a pair of kidneys with a ribbon holding them together.  You know that u shaped notch at the base of your neck where your rib cage starts in the front?  It’s right there.  The kidney shaped organs are on either side and the ribbon part goes across the notch.  I had no idea where it was until they did an ultrasound.  I always thought I had a pad of fat that I gained somehow in my neck and I was disturbed!  Sadly I feel much better now that I know it’s not fat and it’s a dead organ! HAH!  This may be directly related to my obsession with birthday cake.

  14. Very neat picture.  I hope to see some in the ocean in February!!! Good luck at the doctors.  And good luck with the juggling.

  15. @tracy – wow! weird!  quite nifty though!

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