Nothing Much

Nurse:  Oh, you’ve gained a few pounds
Me:  Well that’s discouraging!
Nurse;  You’re going to keep gaining.
Me;  Wait, What?  I’m working out three to four days a week, I do Yoga once a week, I eat very well and it’s not going to make a difference?
Nurse:  Well, it’s good for you.  But yes, you’re still going to gain weight.
SHIT!  That’s what I say!  SHIT!

Ms. Tunaandgreens I now understand exactly what you were talking about!

Geesh!  I’m not giving up because I like how strong I am, and how good I feel but it just ticks me off.
On other fronts we’ve all survived a potentially disastrous week at work so Yay for US!  And since I’m not linking this to my facebook I’ll tell you that New Guy is doing fantastically well.

And…umm….I think that’s all I have.  This whole Ft Hood thing makes me sad.


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  1. I’m sorry, that really stinks.Don’t give up – ok!   Although, I’ve never said it, all of your working out and trying to live a healthy life inspire me.Hooray that the new guy is working out!  Yep, the Fort Hood thing is really sad.  I have military pals but not at Ft Hood, but I know they know people there.

  2. And anyway, I believe you’ve gained muscle!

  3. Take heart in the fact that muscle weighs more than fat.Having a Nurse say that though is disheartening…at least she should say why!And gaining weight isn’t such a bad thing as long as its healthy weight and not icecreamchocolatecookiespotatoechipsundaes weightKeep up the good work!

  4. you might gain, but you can still maintain your size, or close to it, if you go food-nazi on yourself and exercise every day.  I am on antidepressants that cause weight gain and increase appetite but after just a month of exercising like a madwoman I am hopeful.  The Ft Hood thing is terribly sad.

  5. Why are you giong to keep gaining weight? It’s not the thyroid thing is it? Just wondering because that wasn’t the case for me…it was before we got it under control but not after. So how did you make out with that big increase in meds?Nosy aren’t I

  6. Oh! Sorry! that weight gain aspect would make me absolutely insane!  for a while – and then I’d probably just eat.  .   Ft. Hood – how terribly senseless and so sad!

  7. @strawberryfieldsgirl – I love the mega dose of meds!  I’m surprised at the things that have been affected by it.  I do feel better most of the time, and I didn’t even know I felt bad.  It’s like going through puberty.  The hair on my legs is growing, I have pimples for the first time in years, and I I’m all roller coasstery hormonal.I dunno about why the weight gain.  He thinks I’m almost at the point where my thyroid is completely dead which is why I’m on the dose I’m on. So soon there won’t be any natural thryoid chemicals.  Maybe that’s the difference?   They were pretty matter of fact about it.

  8. at least she didn’t walk in and say…well, Mrs. O’Man I mean Murray…you’re gonna be in a size 18 before get used to it..try to exercise and hold off now because after Christmas your gonna be a lead ass with all of the sweets you will eat.  I realized tonight that I’m in deep, deep trouble.  Phil and I went to Walmart to buy me a knee brace because my right knee is killing me and I told him we were walking too fast and he said well, obviously you are exercising right now because you can hardly walk and talk…oh ya…well I can still lift the shovel to dig the hole for him in the backyard…it will be work to get him 6 feet down but damnit I can do it.Ya.   Ft Hood situation makes me very sad too!!

  9. Talk about having miss congeniality as a nurse!

  10. Its a shame that America is so focused on thin-and-busty as the shape all women are supposed to be. Its a bit different here in the West Indies where dressing well is seen as more important than the body inside.

  11. @SavonDuJour – LOL, Thin and busty I will never be!  I’m 5’2″ with just enough curves so I don’t look like a boy.    I’m just trying to keep up with what the addition of years is adding on.  Though here I talk about weight, in my real life I am much more focused on health and strength and agility.  I want to be as active and strong as I can for as long as I can.  I am not concerned with how thin I am, just how healthy I am.  Because of some strange health issues over the last few years I’ve been out of control and I’m not fond of that.  I know this is a long reply to a short comment but I think it’s important.  I am a BIG believer in being happy and healthy and having a good self image, and that everyone does not need to look the same!  

  12.  its hard to know how to shoot back when the enemy is wearing the same uniform….

  13. @carolinamuscle – Very true words there.

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