Pressure release

I know that I have hopped up on this proverbial soap box before and I’m sure I’ll be hopping up again, but tough.  It’s something that’s really eating at me. I’m having problems lately coping with two different types of people.  The people who think that their respective sites are reaching out to the world at large and they are using it to preach their own particular gospel of hypocrisy. 

I’m tired of people posting rude and ridiculing remarks about people they don’t agree with.  This is not a way to get your point across.  No one is going to change their mind about an issue be it minor or major because you throw out little barbs at the people you disagree with. 

The other particular personality type that is getting under my skin is the dramatics.  The ones who think every circumstance in their life  is the beginning of a grand movement that they alone see the importance of.  They are the only ones who really understand and feel, and they must educate us.  We all have our dramas. The minute you start thinking your life is more important than mine, or your problems are more impacting than mine is when you lose empathy. (which today I have lost!)

The older I get the less tolerant I get.  I believe that someday I will be a bitter old woman who despises everyone.  But until that day let’s just remember that even though our lives and our beliefs seem like the end all be all of all that is important, well…okay they are.  But only to us.

Please note that this blog stayed on Xanga, because I love all of my friends here and it’s just those damn facebook people getting on my nerves!

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  1. I know what you mean. I used to think of myself as all peace and love, but the older I get the less tolerance I have, it seems for everything! And I’ve had those same thoughts about myself as an old woman….ugh. Oh well…don’t annoy me and you’re all good! lol-I mean that in general, YOU never annoy me!!  FB is a different world for sure!

  2. A-M-E-N!!!

  3. I need both my Xanga and my FB but if you made me choose I’d keep Xanga, hands down.  I haven’t had much experience with others posting sarcasm and drama.

  4. Ok – I am trying to see your icon photo — is that your face on Glinda’s body? I need glasses.Well, I hope I haven’t offended you with my fb and my healthcare postings.  I have tried to calm down with those posting because I’ve realized as I look at other folk’s postings about issues I don’t believe in, I’ve realized that I’m not going to convince them, like they are not going to convince me.You do know about the hide feature right?

  5. agreed.  I am kind of a “practical” person …who could claim one really knows what the reality IS …

  6. @skanickadee – It could never be you MB, I always AGREE with you! LOL.  I’m just tired of mean spirited people.

  7. I have the same set of people more or less on  both!  Should have kept it separate.  I can’t stand fakes who pretend to be your friend but they are only on Xanga to get their ego stroked and any comment that not necessarily criticial but is less than ‘oh you are wonderful, your a very clever lady and your lifestyle is wonderful, you are soooo beautiful’ and you get cut off. 

  8. @SavonDuJour – LOL, if I cut everyone off who didn’t tell me how wonderful and beautiful I was it would be a sad and lonely corner of the world.  It’s nice to see you back and interacting.  I hope you start posting more, I love it when you write.  Your posts always read like chapters in a book.

  9. btw – hilarious icon

  10. haha… when you let off steam, you can really cook!!!   

  11. First…and most important….I love you picture…its great!Second….for the most part I hardley ever read facebook statuses….a lot of “airing dirty laundry” I like to keep Xanga and facebook separate

  12. Your picture is fabu!  And I can totally understand being annoyed with people like this.  I am so tolerant of people right now, but my poor husband has to listen to me let off steam all the time!  Also, I think that when you get old, you shouldn’t have to deal with crap (since you’ve been dealing with it your whole life), so feel free to be bitter, just try to be happy for yourself!

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