I now upload pictures to three different places on a daily basis.  Xanga, Facebook and TwitPics.  I need to work out a better system.  I’m entirely to lazy to move the pictures around so they are on the program I want at that time.  So, no pictures today.

My weekend was a timeline of food.  Which of course is the norm for us.  Saturday I read and then we got the car washed, then…uh…something.  How sad that I can’t remember yesterday.  Then we went to ..OH!  Lowes.  We went to Lowes!  Then we went to Zias Restaurant.  It’s the Italian restaurant down on the river.  I love the look of the place more than I love the food.  Yesterday I tried the stuffed baked manicotti and it was very good.  They also have a butter that they mix in chopped up Kalamata olives into. mmm.  As we were getting ready to leave the manager came to our table and handed us a Ten dollar gift certificate. No idea why.  Just said it was a promotion.  Well, at least that will cover the tip next time.  I think I will make some olive butter next time I see a loaf of Italian bread I want to try.

Today my husband wanted to go to Ann Arbor Michigan (Go Blue!).  We went to Briarfield Mall.  It was unexciting.  But then we went to World Market where I bought my weight in assorted fun things, then we went to Trader Joes to finish filling up the trunk.  For dinner we went to Noodles.  This was our first time. It was pretty good.  The PotStickers were very good.  I was surprised by how much snow there was.  There is no snow on the ground in Toledo.
Watched three movies in 48 hours!  Taken (formula, but okay) No Country for Old Men (liked it, but not enough to grab onto) Nights in Rodanthe (more than I expected).

I haven’t been to a Yoga class in weeks.  I miss it.  Hopefully this week will be back on schedule.

What in your life can you say you mastered?  What is something that you can say “I was a Success!”?

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  1. Sounds like a great weekend! We don’t have any snow either.  Just rain for the better part of the day.  Hmmmm…..what have I mastered?   I have mastered using my adding machine without looking AND without making mistakes.  that’s something…right?  no one in my particular bubble is better at it than me.        The success part….I’m having a hard time with that one lately.  I’ll have to get back to you after the new year. :-/

  2. Man i hate questions like that. They always ask them in interviews and I come up with the lamest answers! But then i go home and think about for 3 days, fianlly coming up with what I “should” have said. The last one was “What goal have you not been able to accomplish” That should’ve been an easy one, but i just blank out on that black and white stuff. So I will think about this and get back to you when i have a good answer. lol Will be interesting to hear others tho. How about you, what are you accomplished at?

  3. I am a success at nothing in particular.  I have mastered The Nap.

  4. A nice weekend! I’m not sure what kind of success I have had. I guess little things. like learning tai chi. But I haven’t completely learned the long form yet so I still have something to strive for.

  5. I am a good mother. Other than that… nothing. Sad.

  6. It sounds like you had a blast!!   

  7. Hi there!  I am late to getting to this post.We’ve never tried Noodles.  Just haven’t gotten around to it yet.  FYI – If you sign up at their website they will send you a free coupon for your birthday. I think your readers don’t give themselves enough credit.  I don’t think most people can see what they do well.  So what have I mastered?  Well, I am still working on it but I’ve come along way and that is not being the nasty, critical wife.  I wasn’t as nice when I was younger (and I still have a long way to go) but at some point in my marriage I realized that being a bitch to the person I love most in the world is counterproductive and just plain idiotic.  I watched a lot of women being snippy to their husbands and that is what I learned and saw as a younger woman.  One day after a BAD, stupid fight I realized how stupid I was being and worked to change my behavior. Maybe not a huge thing in life at large but in my own little universe it was HUGE.

  8. @SavonDuJour – I think being a good mother is the most important thing in the world.  The ripple effect is HUGE!  So yay for you for being a good mother!

  9. @skanickadee – Thank you, that made me smile.  Actually I am a good boss two, so that is too things. 

  10. @SavonDuJour – You’re welcome!  :- )

  11. No snow on the ground in Toledo???? Holy crap

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