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Cold again


Little Bits

It’s been an odd couple of weeks (months?) for me.  I’m in need of an attitude adjustment.  I’ve been entirely to sad.  Starting to feel better.  Probably just the winter blahs.

Last night we went and saw Alice in Wonderland.  I enjoyed it

I have a very busy next couple of weeks between dr’s appointments and a glorious broadway show, and a long weekend at a zoo.

My husband has a cold.  I have Zicam.  We’ll see which one wins.

I feel like I have important things to say, but not the attention span to say them.

I’ll try again another day.


Oh you glorious google voice

The fence company called again today to tell me my fence was done.  The company is called Toledo Fence and Supply.  I’m not sure why Google has such a problem with the word Toledo, but I enjoy it.

The first message from last week was transcribed as;

“Hi Tracy, this is Steve with twiddle conference applied when you get a chance this afternoon.”

Todays bit of interpretation is;

“Hi Tracy of this is Steve with little frozen supply just want to call and let you know that we got your Fenton for you today. “

And as a bonus, looks like they got me a Fenton!


Good Job Necco! (And Joyce!)

Trying not to go steal a whole handful off of Mikes desk and put them in my purse size candy tin.  Must find them in store.

Finally hired a company to come fix my fence.  New front pole, new bracket on a different pole. Add another gate, remove a section and add a 20 foot section.  Should have done it awhile ago. They called this morning and got my Google voice.  Google voice transcribed the company name as Twiddle Conference Applied.  I’ll let you try to figure it out.


Am I Blue?

Found this on my phone today.  I think it was the last wicked snow storm. Six weeks ago?

I got a new phone for work a couple of months ago and really didn’t spend much time learning it.  It’s an Android.  I did notice that I have been missing a lot of calls since I got it.  Today I finally took a few minutes to play around with it.  There is a master volume setting that was turned all the way down.  Boo!
I also added a bunch of obnoxious ring tones, including this one;

I apologize to all of those around me in Toledo right now.

I feel almost 100% back to normal.  My throat is just the tiniest bit sore.  Very quick bug!

Speaking of Wicked!  16 days until Wicked!


My stepfather found some pictures and scanned and emailed them to my sister and I.  This is the first picture I’ve ever seen with my Mom, Dad, sister and I all in it.  To say nothing of the demon dog.  I love my sister, she’s so cute.  I meant to post this a couple of weeks ago, but I don’t think I did.  But if I did…well..sorry.  My parents were divorced when I as very very young, so this is a rarity.  My grandma had that blanket for as long as I can remember.  I wonder where it is now?  My mom and I both improved with age. 🙂  I do not particularly like this picture of her.


I got home last night at 5:25, took some tylenol went to bed, and was sound asleep before six.  Slept for an hour and then spent the rest of the evening in bed posting random fever updates to my facebook with my iPod.  My fever got up to 102.5.  I think that’s pretty high for a 45 year old woman!  I just kept pumping in the tylenol and then about noon today the fever just disappeared. I need to go take some more because it’s worn off and I’m feeling achy again.  Other than a sore throat and the achy I don’t feel horrible.  Oh, except my chest feels really heavy, it’s hard to breath sometimes.  Hopefully all gone by tomorrow!

“insert protected paragraph here”

Enjoy your evening, mine will be spent in bed..wooohooo.




Boo hiss…

1. Tired of ice on my windshield

2. I think I have a fever.  Wish I didn’t catch every single virus that goes by.

3. Guy I work with might have a fever too

4. Other guy in office may be very lonely tomorrow

5. Reading my subs and saw one titled “Damnit Tracy” made me laugh. ( I think that’s what it was, to eh…to go verify now)

6. Daughter is volunteering at the Humane Society. Good place for her.

7. Not working out again today.  Screw it.

8. Got a new TV for the livingroom this weekend which means all TV’s are downgraded by a room.  This means I know have a ginormous totally out of place television in my bedroom.

9. This one time, a few years ago, I went an entire month without catching a cold, or the flu or food poisoning.  I wish I could blame this on my germ ridden sister but there is no way I caught it from her, brought it into work and gave it to other guy just yesterday and he’s already feeling it.  That’s like Captain Tripps kinda speedy.

Fabulous Dahling!

I loved these two people!  I snapped this picture at Detroit Metro Airport on the way to Florida.  This couple looked old Hollywood.  And they just had the look of two people that had been together forever and had a choreographed life.

I wish I had been able to get a picture that showed both of their faces clearly.  The woman is beautiful.

Love how well their outfits match!

Stalking Ticketmaster until 10, then off to pick up my niece for a little fun in the…rain.  It is after all Toledo in March.  Taking my camera!

Enjoy your Saturday!



I should probably stop taking pictures while I drive.  I was trying to get a good pic of the thick fog this morning but every picture ended up being in a clearing.  I posted this one because it looks so desolate!

This is actually mostly a residential street that has three little business on it.  Odd section of it.

Had a great Yoga workout last night.  It was a workout, not a yoga session.  I’ve been lazy lately so it was good that she pushed a little faster, and I tried a little harder.  Most of the time I prefer it to be a little strenuous.  Learned two new things last night. 

  1. I did a pose called Puppy.
  2. If you do the Knees in circles while on your back thingy correctly it is a great way to release stress on your lower back, though a thin mat makes for a slightly bruised tailbone area.

I am stuck at a 22 pound weight loss.  I was at 25, then I went on vacation (oops) and now I’m at 22 and holding.  It’s okay, because I know I’m doing the right thing physically so I just have to wait for my body to catch up, but it’s a little annoying.  I got use to watching the numbers drop, and I liked it!

Went to the Dr. yesterday for the three month Blood Pressure check, and once again, I failed. Back in one week for a recheck and then I guess we’ll increase the meds again.  I’m hoping it was just because I was under some stress, well, a lot of stress, at the time.

I have one of those things that I can’t really talk about publicly, but yesterday I took the first step in a very very difficult situation.  Step number 2 is going to be much more difficult but at least I finally took step 1.  I feel both relieved and scared. (and if you know me, you know how difficult it must be if I’m admitting to being scared!)  I’m sure I’ll post about it privately soon, I’m just trying to stay positive right now and blogging doesn’t always achieve that.

I’m having one of those day where I am inserting the completely wrong words into my sentences in type and in speech.   Driving me crazy.  I wonder what causes that?

Tonight I am skipping workout. Gonna go have me a massage on my very knotted up shoulder.  This is the first time I’ve ever had one that wasn’t part of physical therapy.  Pretty exciting!  50 minutes for $39.00.  I think that’s well worth it.

Alright!  Lunch is over!  Everyone go back to work!





I just burnt toast in the office!







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