Stuff I typed on my trip, and pictures I took with one of my cell phone cameras.  I have two, but since this was a work trip, I’ll only show you the pictures I took with my work phone! 🙂

04/22/2010 – 7:54 am my time. 6:54 am their time!
Last night I realized I forgot to bring my Singular.  Which is a wonderful prescription allergy pill.  The only thing I’ve ever found that works for my perfume allergy.  This  morning on the local news they said “Pollen Alert” EXTRA HIGH!  Of course.  Tomorrows forecast thunderstorms with damaging winds. I meant to buy an umbrella last night but forgot.  I’ll try to remember today.
Laying in bed drinking my coffee.  My first meeting is at 9:00 am.  Trip was fairly uneventful.  One plane very bumpy, 2nd plane not so bad.  Got my rental car, Chevy Cobalt – bright red.  Drives okay, bad mileage, not much power.
Hotel room is extra nice.  The nice thing about traveling a fair amount is that I have frequent guest cards everywhere so I get little perks sometimes.  After I checked in went to the local grocery (Sent Nina a text of the HyVee so she knew I was here.  Meeting for dinner tonight).  Had a salad and Velveeta 2% Easy Mac for dinner.  A microwave and fridge are important in a hotel room.  For leisure travel, we won’t stay without them.  Yogurt and granola in the fridge for breakfast.  Didn’t bring my camera.  Yay for Cell phone cameras!


View from room.

04/22/2010 – 22:23 my time – had a good evening.  Worked today at the call center, went out for lunch.  Worked from the hotel for a few hours catching up.  Met my wonderful Nina for dinner at Okoboji.  Then Nina took me on the death defying drive to her house.  On the way I saw Cows, Horses, Mules, Sheep and Llamas.  I did not see the peacock.  Yes, Nina does live that far out in the country.  At Ninas house I got to see the wonderful Mr. Nina aka Phil, and all the animals!  Wonderful!  I miss having kitties.  Only saw deer on the way back to my car. Glad Nina drove me, never would have found my way back out.  Hotel room has an odd mildewy smell.  Hope it’s not me, if it is, sorry Nina.  Don’t have to be at the call center until 1100 tomorrow. Woo!  Think I’ll go catch up on my scrabble, then grab a glass of wine and sleep.  I am tired.


Cold and rainy morning

04/23/2010 – 1500 my time – done with meetings.  Met the two owners of the company, had lunch.   Met the tech guy.  Lots of rain, and very windy.  I actually drove the one block to the entrance this morning.  I was going to walk, but the wind was so strong I didn’t think my umbrella would make it.  Going to work for awhile, then…I find someplace/thing for dinner.  There are really only a few restaurants around here. (Hey Nina! CallCenter took me to Okoboji for lunch!)  maybe I’ll go back to the hyvee and get more easy mac.  Think I”m about done with my meat avoidance.  I miss chicken.

04/25/2010 1100 my time.  Home.  Apparently I’ve broken the Iowa curse, nothing strange happened.  However, I take back my comments about nice room.  Once I got a good look in the daylight, aside from the odd mildewy sour smell I found ants.  And dust..lots and lots of dust.  Of which of course I took pictures.  Sadly the room was also dim with no sun so you can’t really see them.   Oh, also need to take back the cobalt comment.  Not about the power, still no power, but I got decent mileage, it just apparently has a tiny gas tank.  Didn’t eat chicken.


Bugs and Dust.


DTW – These guys amused me because they were wearing matching clothes.


Ominous skies, and some kind of military plane in the background.  Sorry, can’t really see it.

Bored at the Airport.  UNOS Airport pizza for Breakfast/Lunch. 

Comments on: "Trip Journal…All saved up." (0)

  1. Lol, yeah they are both having the same drink, one lefty and one righty. I think I might be watching too much Criminal

  2. @wematter – OH!  I didn’t even notice the drinks!

  3. Thanks for taking us all on your trip with you. The pizza….mmmmm lol

  4. wonderful !!!

  5. April showers bring May flowers so I am enduring the rain here!

  6. The rainy pictures are so pretty!  And will be so rare here.  That pizza looks really good for some reason.  You fiend!

  7. @BoureeMusique – I’m not sure if I told you this before, but my company’s only other US office is in Plano TX. So, we spend a lot of time talking about the difference in Swedish, Ohio & Texas weather!  I’ll be thinking about you every Monday morning when we have the company call and we all discuss our weather. 🙂  For some reason Airport food always tastes better than restaurant food.  Strange.@GoodGuyTheBoss – Here too!

  8. I enjoyed the notes and pictures from the trip.  So Nina lives in the boondocks?  Well, it is Iowa I guess.  Looks like you broke the curse.  Yay for that!

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