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Can you see me?

Probably not, unless you click on the protected tab. 😉

Other lessons learned in class on Saturday

I was in class on Saturday morning and it was just the teacher, me and one other person.  Someone new eventually showed up, late.  Having someone come in late to yoga is very unusual, and this was even more so because she was developmentally disabled.  She appears to have Downs Syndrome.  45 seconds worth of disruption, no biggie.  During the class it was a little different mood.  Some of that was, I’m sure, because of the people that were missing.

Towards the end of class New Persons transportation arrived. The driver came into the class while we were enmeshed in a pose, and starting talking.  Again, 45 seconds of disruption.  No biggie, just kind of one more thing.
Towards the end, as we all relaxed in corpse pose (it is what it sounds like) New Person was very agitated because she was concerned her driver wouldn’t wait.  Another 45 seconds of disruption as she voiced these concerns.

While I lay there in smooth calmness hearing fidgeting and such, I was thinking about how horrible this much feel for the new person who couldn’t possibly relax because she would be worried about the driver not waiting.  Instead of happily zoning out and consciously working on achieving calmness I was becoming more and more anxious about the anxiety that the New Person much feel.  I swear it was palpable in the room.

Class ended, eyes opened, and lo and behold, she was gone!  She must have left as soon as we all closed our eyes, and I didn’t noticed.

That’s when it started occurring to me, that my empathy really only served me.  It didn’t help her, it didn’t change the situation, it only gave me something to think about.  She didn’t need my sympathy, nor my help.  She took care of her anxiety by herself by leaving.  Thereby robbing me of my chance to be visibly empathetic.

I think I will be more aware of this in the future and try not to let myself start down that path.

Not tortilla soup

I made Sweet Potato and Bean soup instead.

I like this recipe because the ingredients were all things we would normally have in the house but that I would never have thought about combining!

I think it tastes pretty good, salty and sweet, but light.  It is at least colorful!

Next time;
double up on the kidney beans
full onion.
Used vegetable broth
Yes Black pepper, no salt.

Last test will be freezing it.

It’s always about food isn’t it?

Been trying to get into the habit of going out to lunch a few times a week.  Just need to get out of the office more.

I have a Burger King this close to my office. 

This Close

See, I can see it from my office window.  So it’s perfect.  It’s got wifi if I need it, and no customers…ever, so it’s a good place to read.

So far I have come up with two meals I can reasonably have.  I can have a veggie burger with no mayo (the mayo at BK is like 110 calories a serving), a side salad and a diet coke, and I can have todays meal which was a whopper Jr. with cheese, no beef, no mayo, an order of apple fries and a small coke.


Both are around 400 calories, $4.00 and a good size for lunch.  But, really, I think those are my only two options.

This end of town is definitely lacking in healthy, casual eating options that I would like to visit for lunch.

Maybe I’ll go shopping tonight for Tortilla Soup ingredients!


bought some stuff

 I ordered a pretty stripey yoga rug, and then I went all repectable and ordered an eight foot purple yoga strap, and a purple yoga bag.


I got them from Barefoot Yoga.

I waited almost a year before I went ahead and invested more than $20.00 in yoga supplies.  I think after this much time I can make a case for having the tools.  

All I currently have is two yoga mats. One that I got years ago for $9.00 and is my all purpose throw anywhere and use for anything mat, and the other is my splurge of $19.00 that I use for class. Both are really thin mats.  I’ve been layering them because my knees have been hurting.  I will now leave the cheap one at home and layer with my pretty yoga rug.  The strap was really a big step for me.  I started out using old ties instead of straps and I really like it!  I have pretty paisley ties that I got at the thrift store.  But, it’s time.  And then my nicely vented bag to hold everything pretty and secure.  I won’t even tell you how long it took me to pick out the rug and bag.  Thankfully a strap was pretty cut and dried.


Beautiful day out today!



Avoiding work…

My daughter got her hair cut.  She is very cute.  We had a spur of the moment lunch then shopping trip today.  (I bought three shirts for $22.00!) Always enjoyable.

The Wii Fit yesterday told me I’m 34.  I’m going to love it forever and ever and hug it and squeeze it.

I’m reading Pillars of the Earth, very very slowly!  The print on my copy is so small that I can only read for short periods of time.

Yesterday my Passionate Vegetarian cookbook came in the mail.  Very exciting. (Thanks for the suggestion Erin!)

I’m still sounding like a seal and coughing up pieces of my lung.  Yoga should be entertaining tomorrow.

I’m working on a PowerPoint this week at work for a trip next week.  Uhg.

I’m thinking about trading in my car and buying a Sportage so I can buy a new bench for my porch. 

I’m also thinking about throwing my phone at Brad if he doesn’t fill in that excel spreadsheet I sent him this morning.

I had a three hour call this morning and at one point wrote “Poker Slots” on my notes.  That’s my kind of call.

Did you know one serving of mayo on a Burger King anything is 80 calories?  Just saying.



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