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No need for a trip to Toledo

This person:

apparently went to Toledo recently and did an amazing job of documenting our downtown area.

If you follow the link instead of the picture below, the 2nd photo shows my old workplace.  NOT Cesars Showbar, but the one next to it.  The first photo is Pythian Castle which is an amazing piece of architecture and completely derelict.   Very very sad.  It’s just across the corner from the 2nd pic.

My husband works for Owens-Illinois whose original headquarters is one of the “skyscrapers” shown.

If you scroll down to the second set of pictures he shows my daughters neighborhood which is really unbelievably amazing to look at.

He also talks about the lack of people in our Downtown, which if you knew me when I worked downtown I touched on frequently.  Very very sad.

Books I bought…

Normally I”m a used book kind of person.  Someone mentions a book and I dash off and buy it on, as a matter of fact I have Infidel enroute from there right now. 

And nothing if more fun that picking up 10 books for Five Dollars from the used book store and then digging in. But yesterday we went new.  My husband stopped at Borders book store at the mall to look for something and I hit the clearance racks.
I stumbled on this cookbook for $2.99! 

It is beautiful!   The pictures are gorgeous, and the recipes should prove inspirational for finding some new staples in our diet.

I found this for $4.99 and it just piqued my interest.  Hopefully it’s good.  I’ll let you know.

Then there is this one.  It was not on clearance and I paid far to much for it.

It’s pure porn! Those naughty Victorian writers. I wandered over to this section and was looking at books on dealing with different psychological issues and directly next to it was the erotic section.  I had to look right?  Then I picked this up and randomly grabbed a page, and oh my.  That’s when I realized that I was standing next to the bible section about two feet from a mom and two girls reading bible study books. Decided it was time to move on and then on a whim went ahead and bought the book

Really though, I guess three books pretty much sum up my Saturday.

I snapped this yesterday and posted it to Facebook.  My spiderwort is just gorgeous this year.

Can’t wait to see what today brings!

Todays Google Voice Translation – EDIT!

This is Dr. Maria’s office confirming I appointments for Korean Tracy hon Tuesday at 6 o’clock. Thank you.

I’m sure I’ve missed posting a couple recently.  Silly me.

TIRED this afternoon!  I need to stand up and DANCE!


 Adding my dinner to this fascinating post.

Hummus, Veggies and Falafel.  All neatly served in exquisite fine dining china.

I may have a problem.

Since I quit smoking years ago I have developed an oral fixation.  I constantly have gum or candy in my mouth.  99% of it is sugar free. 

The other day I picked up a bag of Crystal light chewy candy.  It is so good!  Like starburst but a little smaller.  Since I also have the worlds weakest teeth I do not chew it.  The only place I’ve seen it is Walmart.  So last night my husband and I drove all the way out to Walmart to buy me some.  They only had one little bag left, so I bought it!  Then I saw they had Crystal Light hard candy, Lemonade & Pink Lemonade.  So I bought it.  Then we went to Giant Eagle to buy pickles and I saw bulk Necco Wafers mini rolls!  I don’t know if I’ve told you of my love of the necco, but num!  So I bought some.  Then I saw Tootsie Roll Pop drops.  How could I resist that?  So I bought them.

Today I brought them all into work and set them down next to my other bag of candy, the Kroger Apple drops.


2010-05-26 11.46.25

hmmm, I wonder why I’m gaining weight instead of losing it?




I waws just looking through my footprints and someone stumbled upon this picture from 2008.  I had forgotten about it so I decided to repost it.  My beautiful daughter took this of one of her ratties.


Tea and Yellow Carrots

The other day we were driving down a four lane road in medium traffic and suddenly a group of nuns walked out in the road.  Sounds like there should be a punchline now doesn’t it?  But no.  One of the nuns grabbed teh others and pulled them back.  It was kind of a surreal moment.  We don’t see a lot of nuns just walking around in traffic in our part of the city.

My blood pressure is suddenly very low.  Don’t really know what to make of that yesterday.  Checked it last night and it was 90/67, then this morning right after getting off my bike it was 108/75.  Very very low for me.  With all my meds it never goes below 120/80.  I’ll be keeping an eye on it this weekend.  Never ends does it?

Enjoyed my dinner with my sister last night very much.  If you want to screw with your waiter, when he comes to the table and says “can I get these dishes out of your way?”  just keep saying no.

I forgot how annoyed I get by internet Trolls.  That’s why I stopped surfing blogs. 


The beat goes on.

My husband got his tooth pulled today.  Did I mention what happened last week?  He went to get the tooth pulled and the novacaine wouldn’t work.  It’s because of the infection counteracting the novacaine.  Went just fine today though.

My sister made me a pair of earrings;


Aren’t they pretty? (took the picture in a very dim room!)

I am retrying switching up my routine and getting up a little early, and riding my stationary bike.  I’m just out of time at night and I really need that extra oompf of exercise. But, man oh man do I dislike exercising in the morning.  I’m going to try it for one week and see if I still hate it.  One down. 

I started typing this because I had something I wanted to say.  But I’ll be darned if I remember.

I’m pretty sure it was something I was going to bitch about.  Or was it something funny that happened?  I don’t remember.

Going out for dinner tomorrow.  Just my sister and I.  It’s been awhile…I guess I could talk about my toenails.  But I’ll save that story for another day.  Don’t want to over excite anyone.


Habits – as opposed to Hobbits.

I switched chairs at work and my current chair does not have arms.  

I keep almost falling out of my chair because I lean to the side.

on Death and Dying

I have been thinking about death a lot lately.  I’m not sure why.  I’m not scared to die.  Not because I believe that I will be lifted into the devine light yadda yadda, but because I don’t.    I believe that when we die, we cease to exsist.  Period.  So really, there is not reason to be scared.  But it does make me sad.  The thought of being no more, is sad.  No more family,  no more food.  No more birds and bees to watch in my front yard.  No more books! Can you imagine no more music?  But I digress.  I have become almost obsessed with the thought that one day something will happen and suddenly I’ll be dead.  I’ve added so much detail onto this, that I’m sure it will be a car accident.  At an intersection.  I’m trying to not let this become a full blown phobia.

My Sesame Soba noodles from Trader Joes are slightly bland today.  Odd, but tasty.  Last night for dinner I had a mini smorgaasbord.  I cooked up some crispy cucumber wontons, some sticky rice cakes, some Mushroom Spinach turnovers and Red Pepper / Carrot soup.  Three out of four from Trader Joes, and one homemade.  Quite a tasty dinner!

I need to learn how to do tire pressure readings.  One of those quirky things that I just don’t seem to do quite right.

I also brought microwave popcorn for snack to terrorize the rest of the building.

Is everyone totally hooked on the Family Feud game on Facebook?  Crazyness.

Been watching some renovations going on a block away from my house.  I think they’re putting in an Ice Cream place.  Could be scarey.

Just found out that they’re also putting in a bikini bar down the street from me.  Only annoying to me because it could have been something else that I would like to patronage!   I don’t think a bikini bar is going to be a prime place for a healthful minded vegetarian.

Lunch is done!  Off to work.


Whoring it up.

I was setting up an account on AARP for my husband (whose birthday is today) this weekend and I stumbled upon a how long will you live quiz.  So I took it and it says I will live until I am 91. 

That’s when I remembered my promise to myself.  Back when I was getting diagnosed with bizarre things left and right and changing everything and getting all “healthy” I decided that when I am 75 I will say enough.  That’s when I will start smoking again, do a lot of drinking, maybe smoke a little dope, and sleep around.  I’m happy to see that I’ll have time to enjoy it. 

Hold onto your men folk ladies.


Tortilla Soup
A Subway Sandwich
A container of Ice Cream
now some Sesame Snack Sticks

Feeling much better, I make even remove the snarky post from the other tab.

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