New Xanga home.

I like the new beta page.

The messages have also been revamped.  You now have a trash bin.  Because of this I went into my Trash and looked at the very first message deleted.  Ironically it was from the person I ever unsubbed! ๐Ÿ™‚  She was being passively aggressive and insulting me and I never really got over it!  She did a critique on my writing style on her blog, and added just enough information to make it obvious.  She was citing it as an example of how every would be writer comes to Xanga.  I was all like, but I’m not a writer!  But then instead of responding, I hit block.  Stuck with me all these years!

Work is causing me to pull out my hair.  Just busy busy busy busy.  Taking a break now while a report builds, and just walking away.

How do you feel about stolen software?  Do you have software on your computer that you know you didn’t pay for and should have?  Is there a line when it comes to cost?  Is it “okay” with you if it’s really only a $4.00 piece of software, but not okay if it’s a $1200.00 price tag?  Vice Versa?  Just curious.

I think it’s possible I would kill for a latte right now.  Double with Sugar Free Vanilla syrup.  Just saying.

I think that’s all the excitement we can handle, and my report is done.


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  1. Not sure about the new page. I don’t usually go to the homepage. As for stolen software I’m not in favor of stealing anything. But….. I use to copy VHS tapes all the time and didn’t think anything of it. Does that make me a hypocrite? Anyway, now I feel quilty that I ever did it. I’m to old for guilt trips. lol

  2. I can’t find my trash  I have free downloaded software and bought software. How does one get free or stolen software? ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. People are such jerks.  I’ve had two people comment on my writing, nothing quite like your critic.  I started here to keep an eye on Erik and stayed because of the wonderful people (as you know, they are not all wonderful, though).  So do you suppose that person is still blogging?I’m not sure if I have anything questionable on my computer.  I think if you can afford it you really should pay for it.  Not that I think it is right to use illegal software but I think a lot of companies screw people over and I understand why people sometimes use software that they really don’t have the right to use.I have had this discussion with a certain teenager.  I am not going to jail for anyone and if I had to pay a fine because someone has been downloading something they shouldn’t well guess who is going to get a job and work until that fine is paid off.This sort of carried over with me grabbing pictures from the web to go with whatever I’m blogging about.  I’m more selective about what I use now.I am wondering how you feel about the software issue.The trash is an old thing that maybe they brought back.  I used to have one.  Then they changed stuff but I had mine bookmarked.  I can still get back to it by using that bookmark but don’t see a link to it on my page.  I went back and looked at mine.  I clear mine out from time to time.  I found some stuff that I should have cleared out but didn’t.  Why would I not delete a conversation with someone being mean to me?  Weird.

  4. You may have inadvertently hit “block”, but it was probably a smart thing to do.  There is no need for her to be rude.  Besides, who made her the authority on writing styles?  Geesh.I don’t think I could use pirated software.  I am too nervous to attempt anything like that.  I will use freeware or buy what I need.  Work is making me uber crazy lately, so you aren’t alone in the boat!!

  5. Those people such as the one you mentioned, I really feel are resentful and jealous. They can’t be too confident or happy with their lives if they have to lash out at others like that! Nasty piece of work.I’ve really only downloaded free software. Hope your work gives you a chance to take a breather soon!

  6. I’m not sure why, but, some people wear blogging and writing on their sleeve. 

  7. Its amazing what pleasure some folks get out of feeling smugly superior to others. you’re well rid of such a sub. have a great weekend!!

  8. Not sure how I feel about stolen software…I buy mine for lots of reasons, mostly I want it to work right!! But it irratates the crap outa me that if you’re putting together your own computer and you buy say windows 7,( which I had to buy for my kid at college because it’s the obly program he could do his homework on) why can it only be installed on 1 computer? So if we put it on his laptop then he can’t do homework on the desktop unless we buy another one! NOT fair!! Webroot antivirus sells one program for about $69. that you can  use on up to 3 computers in your home. I will only buy their virus stuff just for that reason, but I don’t know another company that does that. If I buy HBO, I can get that channel on ALL my tv’s, I don’t have to pay for it seperately for each of them. Or I get caller ID on ALL my phones, same price. So yeah that bugs the hell outa me! I mean it’s not like microsoft wouldn’t be making a profit anyway, computers don’t last forever and updates have to be made….

  9. Got all worked up there and forgot that i wanted to say that your story reminds me of when my son was in about 5th grade and they were doing a lot of writing. He was always told that his writing wasn’t formal enough but he wouldn’t change it. He kept telling the teacher that reading formal writing was boring and that he liked to read things where ppl wrote the way they talked. Today he is an awesome writer! and he even does some formal stuff LOLGod is Great The Beer is Good and People are Crazy!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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