It has just occurred to me that I look at people the same as I look at books. 

I’ve always known that in my early years I was strongly influenced by Dame Chrisitie. I fell in love with Agatha Christie books very early on.  Even now just thinking about it I realize how long it’s been and think maybe I should go pick one up and read for awhile.  Hard to resist.  I think I picture myself as an up and coming Miss. Marple.  I enjoy watching the details of life and seeing each nuance of an occurrence.  It’s fascinating to see how one small gesture or look can give so much away.  I guess in a different life I may have started out as a Tuppence and worked my way up to a Jane.  That isn’t a bad gig. 

This morning though, while thinking about one of the randomly fun people I’ve met here on the internet it struck me that I look at them (you) the same way as I look at books.  I read people who are exotic and let me step into their lives a little bit to see what it’s like in a far away lands, or situations.  Some of them live quite nearby but their lives are so different from mine that they are an adventure.  I have people who focus on food.  So just like picking up a random cookbook and getting ideas, I pull from them different tastes and ideas for things.  I eat vicariously.

I sub here on Xanga to a small group of much younger women who fall into that teen lit group. They’re that selection of books that is full of drama and joy and angst and energy.  You can’t read them for too long because it puts a strange twist on your view on life, but for a quick touch every once in awhile they bring a certain va voom into the picture.

I love the raucous bunch.  These are the people that are bigger than life.  Some are full of joy and fun and sex and laughter, which is one of my favorite genre’s, and some are full of drama.  I can easily see them in a dark castle full of intrigue.  Some would be the sneaky worm guy, while others would be the young woman caught up in the palace dramas.

I think the majority of the people that I communicate with on a regular basis fall into the slice of life category.  There are enough similarities in our lives..

Andre Bocelli “Sogno” just rotated through on my MP3 player.  Unbelievably beautiful.  This is the song that stopped me in my tracks while in a Borders.  I just stood there in the middle of an aisle staring dumbly at the ceiling listening.  With decent ear buds on it’s like a musical painting.  I dare you to close your eyes and really listen and not tear up.

..that I can see myself in their life, or as their neighbor but at the same time their trials and tribulations are different.  They have different events that bring them joy that they share and I get to enjoy with them.

Thankfully I don’t think I have any King or Koontz type selections around.  Wouldn’t that be freaky? 

Sometimes I’m sorry that I started out and continue to be so public.  I think my life could probably be more interesting to others if you got to hear my dirty little secrets.  All the pieces that I keep private.  I think that’s the book that never gets published.  It’s the diary that you lose the key to and gets thrown away by accident after a few years.

I don’t know how in the heck I got off on this track this morning, but I think I’ll probably spend the rest of the day categorizing people and situations in my head.

Off to finish my coffee, fix my bike, eat my breakfast, do a little reading while on my bike, shower, maybe a little shopping, food, fun, a show. While stopping in at the computer between each and every task to read anything I might have missed. 

It just occurred to me that browsers have “bookmarks”, see?


Comments on: "I read you even if you have torn and tattered pages." (0)

  1. I think it’s the same for me, cept maybe instead of books it’s more like an encyclopedia.. lol I keep a small circle of friends and enjoy sharing and talking with them online, from the different states and corners of the world along with different walks. 🙂 Have a nice day! 

  2. I used to read quite a lot because I wanted to know more but now I don’t spend as much time as before and I choose “lighter” books to read, don’t take life so seriously.

  3. Wow – I really liked this blog!  What an interesting way to look at the world.  Hope you had a lovely day and that your show was good!

  4. This is a beautiful little peek into your personality !!!!!  

  5. @morningwind – A couple of years ago it occurred to me that everything I do or experience is temporary.  It helped lighten my attitude a whole lot. 🙂  Have a wonderful day.@wematter – It’s fascinating how different, but how the same we all are isn’t it?@skanickadee – Thank you, it was! @carolinamuscle – Well thank you.  Apparently when I write while drinking my morning coffee I more introspective and long winded (worded?)

  6. @tracy – Yes it is 🙂

  7. I have tried to explain what draws me here, but never could get it right. You have just done it for me. This is EXACTLY what brings me here and keeps me coming back.  Great post!!!

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