This months Vegetarian Times is particularly good!

I would like to make both of these today.  But…I’m wondering if I could replace the Apple juice with vegetable broth. 



Ooooo…New Weblog Editor!  Pretty.



Creamy Cauliflower Soup – was just odd.  Had the texture and look of Porridge, and smelled odd.  The taste wasn’t horrible after i spiced it up, but won’t be making that again.

Cauliflower Gratin – Nice plain side dish.  Tasty, but not exceptional.  Too much work for the amount of food and taste though.  This will happily get eaten by my husband, but I won’t be making this again either.




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  1. I suppose you can but the juice must add something to the recipe or else it would have all been broth to begin with.  I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to try it.

  2. @skanickadee – I just don’t like the thought of apple juice. 🙂  I’ll try with first and see how it tastes.

  3. sounds totally doable

  4. i’d go veg. broth, but you might want to try 1/2 & 1/2?!?  i’ll be making acorn squash and zucchini soup tonight – gotta go find some nice sandy leeks! Yoda made cauliflower soup the other day – haven’t heard how it turned out yet.  my soup obsession seems to have been inherited by my daughters…

  5. I dunno what they’d have to do to cauliflower to make it palatable to me… LOL!! 

  6. Honestly neither one of those sound good but then I’m a meat lover so….

  7. I made (all veg.) French onion soup, pumpkin soup and a cauliflower gratin yesterday.  Since I have no one but myself to please I have no idea if anyone else would like my food, but I did cook in a restaurant at one time and the business increased!I make my cauliflower gratin by cooking it with a tiny bit of water in a microwave, I trim the stalks off quite a lot. Then I mix a whole load of parmesan cheese (the cheap variety bought by the big packet) with low fat yoghurt, seasoning and hot pepper sauce to taste. I heat the cheese sauce until it thickens and pour it over the cauliflower very generously. Top the lot with toasted breadcrumbs, reheat under the grill (broiler to you) and eat it. All.  

  8. @SavonDuJour – How funny that we both made a cauliflower gratin yesterday. Yours sounds MUCH better than mine.  Will you share your French Onion soup recipe?  I hadn’t thought of a vegetarian french onion. 

  9. @tracy –  I cut up quite roughly a lot of onions (5 huge ones), then I rub them with about a cap-ful of olive oil so they all get a bit coated, then microwave them for about half an hour, five mins on high and the rest on low, until they get soft and sweet.  Then I fry them up (no additional oil) until they start to brown. They then go with about three cups of water, a cup of red wine, couple of tablespoons of soy sauce, couple of bay leaves, tablespoon of paprika and sometimes two Knorr veg stock cubes or Goya sayzon and sometimes not, I don’t always have them around.  I bring this to the boil, stirring when I think about it (not often) and then simmer for a while and let it cool down. After a good stir I can taste whether it needs more soy sauce or wine and it always needs more water.  I let it cool and then reheat it to boiling, simmer, let it cool.  Then its usually pretty nice. It isn’t labour intensive as I use a rice cooker for the boiling and simmering it and it switches itself.(The reason I use a rice cooker is because my psychopathic ex-neighbour kept disconnecting my gas and after the third time on one of her regular break-ins into my apartment, did something or other to the back of the stove and it leaked all the gas out. I haven’t got any money to get all that fixed right now). Its usually really good at that stage, and I serve it with thick croutons of good, toasted bread and a nice helping of parmesan and hot pepper sauce (because I am now a West Indian).Next day it is much better and will need more water and maybe wine.The third day all that is left is the onions which I have on rice cakes with cheese and what is left I liquidise and put through a sieve and it tastes wonderful or I use it for stock for pumpkin soup.Sorry to go on so long but I cook by taste and not by measurements.

  10. @SavonDuJour – I am so glad I just finished a lovely lunch or I would have to leave work and go to the store to buy ingredients.  This sounds SO good!  I love french onion soup but since going vegetarian haven’t had any.  I will be trying this!  Thank you!

  11. just curious…have you tried mashed cauliflower?

  12. @Ninasusan – I have, and I didn’t really like it much.  I like raw, and I like cooked with some spices.

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