I was walking by the mirror this morning and was startled because my eyes are the wrong color.  They are very light green.  Then about 15 minutes ago while I’m listening to my Monday call I started getting the the huge white spots in my vision.   Now of course I can’t see very well.  I’m really hoping that this is just an occular migraine.  

I do NOT have time today for a full blown migraine.  This is the first business day of the month so I have hours and hours of work to do, and I have a dentist appointment at 3:30 pm, and I really need to work out this evening because I overslept because I had my alarm set for Saturdays yoga class (oops).

I am so frustrated!  Does anyone get the occular migraines?  Right now it’s like a prism in my left eye, or looking through water.  It’s in my right eye as well but not as bad. 

ARGH!!!!  Cross your fingers for me. 😦



 Well, that was take one up there.  We’re now on Monday take two.  Turned into a migraine so I hightailed it home and went to bed.  Got back up about 30 minutes ago and I feel relatively human.  The migraine was only on one side of my head.  I don’t think I’ve ever had that happen before.  When it hit, it was like I had drank a 22 oz slurpee in about 10 seconds.  Still hurts on the right side but now it’s just a weird headache.  And 1st of the month work cannot wait for a mere headache!  Why I felt the need to make my post this morning protected I have no idea, and have now unprotected it!  Rational thought was not my friend.  I hope I didn’t say anything to bizarre at work.  I ended up on the phone all morning.  I’ll miss that pretty green color my eyes were. 😦


Sargento 2% co-jack cheese slices do not have very much flavor.






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  1. *hug* Good luck.

  2. I hope it didn’t turn into a full fledged migraine! I have never heard of an occular migraine. It could be possible that I have them, but since I take my excedrin migraine at the first sign of flashing lights, I guess I can’t be sure if it’s the meds or it wasn’t going to be that bad anyway. But I wouldn’t dare NOT take the meds to find out!!  I get tiny lines flashing sort of like lightening and I can’t focus on anything. I have to close my eyes and wait for it to stop, usually from 15 to 45 minutes…..but i do usually have to stay away from bright lights for the rest of the day. There are times tho when the meds work soo well that I don’t have any pain at all…maybe possibly it could be occular…Idk…

  3. Ok, now I see why you were home.  Poor Tracy!  Tami was talking about migraines in a post yesterday.  Knock on wood (haha, at first I typed – Knock on weed – that might be better) I have never experienced that.  They sound so awful and debilitating.  How weird about how it changes your eye color.  The body sure does some weird things.I hope you are back to 100% very soon.I often look at those reduced fat cheeses and wonder how they taste.  If the guys saw that on the packaging they wouldn’t touch it.Feel better!  Good luck with all of your work today!

  4. Very rarely I get ocular ones too, although most of the time they turn into full-fledged take-two-sleeping-pills migraines. I get tunnel vision,, pretty colours fringing all sorts of things and marvellous op-art patterns if I look at anything black and white (like a computer screen). All my migraines are on one side of the head and I absolutely agree with the slurpee analogy except to say that it feels like that plus having been hit with a huge mallet as well. I hope your week is all up from here!

  5. @skanickadee – We buy all 2% cheese.  The No fat ones are horrible!  Normally they’re pretty good.  I was surprised by the lack of flavor in this one.@SavonDuJour – The black and white thing is crazy isn’t it?  Normally my, very luckily rare, migraines are across the front and then when it hits hard they wrap to the back.  This is the first time I’ve ever done one side.  Very odd.  When I got them frequently I had pills but I don’t anymore.  I think I’m going to have my doctor prescribe some that I can keep on hand. I’ve heard some of them now can actually stop it if you get to it quick enough.  It would be nice to not have to sleep it off.

  6. i get occulars fairly often – but with no pain.  freaky, scary, don’t drive stuff (make myself smile in a mirror sometimes because they are so freaky i think i’m smelling toast)…beating a dead horse – but haven’t had a ‘regular’ migraine in years – did atkins (all meat all the time) for 4 months, stopped, but no migraine since then – so odd. (had migraines before, not on or after)  won’t ask about food quality because you’re good about looking at that stuff… odd, old book – looking up so this could take a minute…that was quick   Doris Rupp “Is This Your Child”  – undetected allergies – really fascinating book, and you and sis should read it, just to see – couldn’t hurt – at least not more than a migraine.  i’ll slink away now…

  7. @travelerblue – Every weird thing that has happened to me is related to allergies.  Sadly, I had eaten only an apple this morning, so I dunno.

  8. @tracy – so you should REALLY check out the book – if you can find it.  I took it with me to a ped. doc appt. and sited it yrs ago…saw doc again the next week and watched her write the title, etc.  but Companion’s dad ‘discovered’ allergies when he hit 42ish.  (he lived on canned tuna and canned green beans for a year)  i can’t recommend this book enough!!!  even if you don’t find what you’re looking for there it will help you think more thoroughly – if that makes sense.  migraines really suck. 

  9. ugh…I’m sorry it turned into a migraine. Mine are almost always on one side. and then a day after is ‘migraine hangover day” I can be without pain, until I cough or sneeze or bend over and then it hurts again. There should be a cure for the damn things!!  I don’t know where mine came from Saturday either…Beautiful day. I had only eaten an orange….all I could think of was maybe the air conditioning in the car, hot air outside, air and lights in the mall?? but why would it bother me one day and not the next?! Just plain frustrating!! hope you’re feeling much better tomorrow!!

  10. @travelerblue – Ordered it from πŸ™‚@strawberryfieldsgirl – Yeah, I’m looking forward to tomorrows hangover.  I’ve always called it a migraine hangover too. πŸ™‚  Already feeling much better thanks!

  11. I was just looking up that book after reading it on here. The more I read about it, got me thinking about my son and myself. Think I will order it too. So thanks for the link! I was looking at amazon, it’s there but more expensive.I was meaning to thank you for the tigerdirect link too. I havent’ decided what to get, but I think I will order one from there. I shared the link with my daughter and she bought herself a new laptop there that she is verrrry happy with! Thank you!!

  12. @strawberryfieldsgirl – It was $0.75 on with $3.49 shipping.  I don’t care what it looks like usually, just that it’s readable.  Glad your daughter found something useful in TigerDirect! 

  13. mine have come with floaters lately.  as soon as i see a floater passing by my field of vision I’m know I’m about to be whalloped.  hope it turned out okay.  i’ve been fighting with them for a few days now.  thought it was the wine – turned out to be the “time o the month” – early.  good times. 

  14. @Kissedbyadog – uhg..sorry.  Does your migraine medicine work?  I’m about to start a survey on who takes what and if it helps and what are the side effects.  I’ve decided I’ll definitely get some to have handy for next time..

  15. @tracy – I take Imitrex.   It’s quick – but it leaves me feeling achely – like joint/arthritis achey.  Initially it’s a bit of a heart racing feeling because from what I understand it opens your blood vessels like a WHOOSH….and that’s what leads to the migraine leaving.   If you take it once it has already gotten into full swing, you’re toast – but I think that’s like with any med.  Once you know your triggers and also your signs that one is coming – if you take it right away it works great.  I did that just this morning and I’m feeling quite human again. 

  16. I had occular migraines several years ago – scared the crap out of me…My meds were changed and I didn’t have them anymore.  I never had the horrible pain, though.

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