I got my shirt in the mail today.


I LOVE it!  It’s beautiful! And no one else will have a shirt like it.  I will buy more. Maybe she will do a lotus flower pattern someday and I’ll be the envy of everyone at yoga class. πŸ™‚  I hope she finds other people to buy her things.  I don’t have a lot of faith in Etsy.  So many people selling things, so few buying.  I believe in MARKETING!

We went to lunch at a vegetarian restaurant in Ann Arbor that we have been wanting to try;

I wish I had taken a picture of my food.  It was so good.  Wonderful French fries then a piece of crusty rye bread covered in some kind of ranch dressing with sprouts, mushrooms, onions, green peppers, tomato’s and cheddar then broiled.  So very good!


Then I tried hummingbird cake at;


Also wonderfully sinfully good!  Luckily we ended up walking for about three hours, and I had a 90 minute yoga class this morning so I’m probably not doing to much harm to quest to be another 15 pounds lighter.

Oh!  Speaking of Food, a couple of days ago posted a recipe for me in my comments for Vegetarian French Onion soup.  I made it last night and it came out really really well!  Takes like regular made with beef.  Well, maybe a little better!  No grease.

My neighbors are apparently having a party with a live band.  A live band that is approximately 50 feet from my house.  Luckily for us, and them they are pretty good so far.  I hope they enjoy the dogs barking in time.

No matter, lots of Sangria for me tonight!


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  1. I love that top! It is a lovely design. Delicious food, and I hope the party doesn’t keep you awake all night.

  2. @Oz_girl – Thank you!  I love it too, especially since it was done by hand by a talented artist I’ve run across.  I think I will enjoy falling asleep to the sounds of a party!  I will just make sure to drink a little extra to numb my hearing. πŸ™‚

  3. The top it great!  I was wondering how you launder it?I thought maybe that was carrot cake.  It has that look.  I wonder how many hummingbirds gave their life for that???  We love French Onion Soup.  I should check that recipe out.Many towns have noise ordinances that stipulate that music like that has to stop by a certain time.  Glad the music is good.

  4. Could point out which post had the soup recipe?

  5. @skanickadee – She does the artwork with bleach so I should be able to just wash it normally! :)The soup recipe is here:—now-with-reviews-at-the-bottom/?page=1&jump=1515124377#1515124377I'm sure we have a noise ordinance as well, so we’ll see.  We’ll also see how long the music stays decent with the amount of alcohol I’m sure is over there. 

  6. @tracy – Thanks Tracy!

  7. The top is really nice. I love the mottled effect from the bleach. I’m glad the onion soup turned out so well. What’s hummingbird cake?

  8. @SavonDuJour – hummingbird cake seems to be some sort of Southern US tradition that I had never heard of before.  it’s a spice cake, like carrot cake but with pineapple, banana, coconut, raisins and nuts.  So good!

  9. wow, seemed such a nice day and the shirt looks really good!

  10. You did get it..looks good. 

  11. Where’s her etsy shop? I’m in need of onion soup well maybe not in the next few days 90’s plus. I wish you guys would kidnap me some Saturday, I could tranquilize myself for the car ride. I’m always all by myself on Saturdays until evening.

  12. Hey !! So amazing to see my shirt on you in your photo!!! That is so kewl. I’m so happy to have made something that you will enjoy and yes just regular laundering is fine!!  No special instructions. I love the idea of doing the lotus blossom!!! I will see what I can do!! My shop is at and my blog is THanks for posting about it!!! I hope to post more items soon!!  : )

  13. @irishis63 – I’ll let you know what day you need to Tranq.  When we were at the restaurant I said we needed to bring you.  My shirt artist posted a comment just below yours with the link.I have three bags of frozen french onion soup.  If I see you before Corey eats them all I will bring you one.

  14. hey that shirt looks terrific on ya!! 

  15. I’d forgotten this post, but that shirt really does fabulous on ya. 

  16. @carolinamuscle – awwww, shucks. πŸ™‚

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