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Odd Coincidence

I was talking via IM with my daughter about where to get prints made and just as I typed Walmart my phone rang and my caller ID popped up with Wal-Mart.  Freaked me out for a moment as I thought “how did they know I was talking about them?”  then “Did I somehow call them by typing it?” then “ooo, grab a screenshot so I can blog!”



One of my dogs has an oddly disgusting thing inside of her ear!  Katy says Tumor (which this dog is prone to) I say boil.  It’s about the size of a golf ball and since it’s on a part of her without fur it is truly gross looking.

This is the dog that after the last surgery they told me she was in fact the most hyper dog they had ever seen.  They called me at home and said we don’t know what to do!  We tranquillized her but we still can’t get her to hold still!


While digging through my Xanga photo uploads for the picture above I noticed something fun about Xanga, so of course I took another screenshot!



Do you see it?

Did you know if you use Xangas spell check, the word Xanga is not in it?


Have a good Friday!




new clothes and impure mornings

Do you remember the etsy shop where there are painted purses?  I’ve been patiently waiting for the same woman to add in her hand painted shirts.  And she finally did!

I want this one:


As soon as she tells me what size it is, I’ll be getting it.  I love the idea of having something so unique, and I love the way it looks!  I’m looking foward to additional things being added.  Maybe I’ll get a volume discount!

Thanks for all of the migraine sympathy.  It was miserable. If you take medication for migraines, will you tell me what you take and what side effects you get?

When I got up this morning the first thing I noticed was a dogs water bowl filled with ice cubes.  As this is unusual I stopped and stared at my  husband.  He’s learned that this is morning speak for, “oh dear honey, what is amiss?” and he said to me “it’s not pure”.  I thought perhaps my hearing had been affected by the migraine, so I said “Wha?” and he repeated, “it’s not pure”.  I just stood there staring at him trying to figure out what the heck he was talking about.  He took pity on me finally and said, “the water, it’s not pure.  I turned it on and it’s orange.”  Okay, I got it now.  Must be a water main break.  Grabbed the bottled water, made coffee, back to bed to watch the news.  I flipped on local instead of CNN so I could find out about the water.  One of the first things I see is my house via google maps on TV.  Rather startling.  Then they panned out and it went a block away and said ‘here is the house on fire”.  So, no water main break.  I guess their garage caught fire, and no one was hurt but there was heavy smoke damage in the house.  Poor people.  All in all a very odd start to the day.


Waiting for a Migraines – Revisited

I was walking by the mirror this morning and was startled because my eyes are the wrong color.  They are very light green.  Then about 15 minutes ago while I’m listening to my Monday call I started getting the the huge white spots in my vision.   Now of course I can’t see very well.  I’m really hoping that this is just an occular migraine.  

I do NOT have time today for a full blown migraine.  This is the first business day of the month so I have hours and hours of work to do, and I have a dentist appointment at 3:30 pm, and I really need to work out this evening because I overslept because I had my alarm set for Saturdays yoga class (oops).

I am so frustrated!  Does anyone get the occular migraines?  Right now it’s like a prism in my left eye, or looking through water.  It’s in my right eye as well but not as bad. 

ARGH!!!!  Cross your fingers for me. 😦



 Well, that was take one up there.  We’re now on Monday take two.  Turned into a migraine so I hightailed it home and went to bed.  Got back up about 30 minutes ago and I feel relatively human.  The migraine was only on one side of my head.  I don’t think I’ve ever had that happen before.  When it hit, it was like I had drank a 22 oz slurpee in about 10 seconds.  Still hurts on the right side but now it’s just a weird headache.  And 1st of the month work cannot wait for a mere headache!  Why I felt the need to make my post this morning protected I have no idea, and have now unprotected it!  Rational thought was not my friend.  I hope I didn’t say anything to bizarre at work.  I ended up on the phone all morning.  I’ll miss that pretty green color my eyes were. 😦


Sargento 2% co-jack cheese slices do not have very much flavor.






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