• Had to break into my emergency travel coffee supply this morning.  How can I not remember to pick up coffee beans three days in a row?
  • I have a weird tooth fix!  A long time ago I chipped between my two front teeth.  The original filling from the fix was getting discolored so to me it always looked like I had something stuck between my teeth. (Gross) This time the dentist took out the old fillings but instead of two fillings he put in one that crossed over the two teeth.  Nothing can get between my front teeth now so it should last much longer!  Feels funny, like I have something stuck between my teeth and I keep checking the mirror.  I bet I get used to it quickly.
  • Doctor gave me samples of a migraine medicine.  I’m very excited!  It’s called Maxalt.  She said for people with my type of migraines they are particularly effective at stopping them before the pain starts.  And it comes in a cute little case!
    • Passport – Check!
    • Clothes – Check!
    • Make up in Travel bag so at least if my checked bag gets lost I will look good in my new clothes that I will have to buy – Check!
    • Candy to bribe the Swedes into liking me – Check!
  • Every time I lose another full pound, I contain myself for about five minutes, then I go into my bathroom, shut the door and do a little happy dance!
    • On the same note, I bought two pairs of jeans yesterday and they fit perfectly.  I still would like to go down one more size because then the length will be correct.  I am not very tall and my wide parts dictate me wearing pants that are too long.  But I can honestly say that I am now very comfortable in my own skin.  I feel fit and healthy and I don’t feel like I’m hiding any parts of my body.  Well, maybe my thighs. 🙂
  • I think I will go to dinner at P.F. Changs tomorrow night, or afternoon since we eat dinner really early on Saturdays.
  • iTunes but a book reader app on my iPod.  I started reading the free book they put on there and today while in the waiting room at the doctors office, the scene moved to Stockholm!  How serendipitous.


  • Saturday is for packing, then Sunday is for stressing, then off I go!  I’m sure the hotel has wifi so I’ll be around just as much.

Comments on: "Notes from a Doctors Waiting Room" (0)

  1. I have dentist things going on too. I might have to get an implant…kinda expensive. Have a nice trip! 🙂

  2. Have a really nice trip…I’ll get back to you on what I want as a souvenir…I hope you can fit him in the bag…he only has to be able to do massage and look good when he walks by…I’ll be interested to see the toofs.  When will you be back?

  3. See as much as you can on your trip! Sounds like you’re really to go!

  4. Don’t know that I could get used to something between my teeth.  Well, in fact, I had a filling once that “fused” to the tooth in front of it.  I couldn’t get dental floss in between and it drove me so crazy that they had to take the filling out.  That’s when I did MY happy dance.  (of course, I am the dental floss queen!)Wow.  I would be so excited about the trip!  How awesome!  Take care and have fun!

  5. Happy Travels!  Should be great fun.  Let the rest of us live through you vicariously. 

  6. I’m excited fer ya… have a terrific trip, and bring home some of those gummy fish !!! 

  7. Congratulations on getting so fit and shapely. You’ve worked hard for it.I hope you have a wonderful trip.

  8. @SavonDuJour – Thank you.  I hope things have settled down for you and everything is safe and sound.

  9. Well, I wonder if you arrived by now?  The land of Craig’s ancestors.  I think they come from an area that sounds like lisasheel.  I need to learn the real name and where in the country it is located.  I’ll be interested in hearing your impressions of the place and the people.  I hope it is a wonderfully fun trip even though it is a working trip.  I am so happy that your fitness quest is going so well!  You have a lot to proud of.  You really stayed with it and it sounds like it is really paying off!  Yay for you!

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