I am not a passionate person.  There are very few things that I have a strong enough feeling about to ever mount a protest.  I have some thoughts about why that is, but we’ll save that for another day, and
probably a protected post. I am actually quite jealous of people who have that kind of commitment to a cause.  I feel the same way about people who have a religion and can just turn their lives over to it.  But, I digress.

Lately I find myself getting angrier and angrier when I read the accounts of all the people in the world who, well lets be honest, are wrong.  Bias is wrong.  Judging an entire subset of the population to deserve less respect and decency from you based solely on a preconceived notion without knowing the person, is wrong.  Period.  There are no exceptions.  There are no excuses.  The issue of the week that has brought this to the forefront of my tiny little mind is the debate over whether to discuss whether we should remove the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy in the military.  The reason for not discussing this is almost always because they want to investigate what it will do to the morale of our Armed Forces.  This is not right, or just, or moral.

If you believe judging someone based on their gender preference is wrong, then it doesn’t matter what it will do to the morale. The minute you believe that it is unjust, then you must no longer condone the behavior of those who act on this bias.

Let’s not give women the vote until we decide how big of an effect it will have on the sitting government.  Well, it will have the effect of adding some diversity and equality to the government.  Let’s not give the entire black race the rights  to use our bathrooms until we decide what effect it will have on our…on our what?  I can’t even think of a good analogy here because it’s just so perverse.

I don’t understand how people who are intelligent and seem so generally reasonable can choose which morality is appropriate.  You either believe that all people are created equal and act as such, or you don’t, and just go ahead and say it out loud.



Comments on: "Perhaps I am really an old overweight jewish black woman who is discreetly gay in the military." (0)

  1. Very well said.  Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is a bad policy and it should be removed.  Let all who want to serve, serve.

  2. But… but… but… what about tradition for tradition’s sake?(You know I’m being horribly sardonic, right?)

  3. rant on, sister!!!

  4. You speak the truth!!

  5. I don’t know, Tracy…. … as a matter of principle, in an enlightened world, you would be right. as matter of practicality, considering the intimate circumstances you often find yourself in the military, sharing very close quarters with someone who has a sexual attraction to your gender is and always has been an issue. right now, males and females have separate bathroom, shower, and changing facilities based on this same difficulty…  ‘ don’t ask , don’t tell ‘ is simply a way of discouraging the expression of sexual attraction in intimate places that hetero and homosexual men must share. Sorry to be an onion in the leek soup here…

  6. @carolinamuscle – It’s all right Chris even people I respect are allowed to be wrong on some things.    Even giving your very reasonable sounding comment, I can’t agree with you.  I think once you start making exceptions to a principal you lose that principal.  While it may be meant to be simply a way of discouraging sexual attraction, it is also still cause for discharge.  Unless the rule is that no military personnel may be known to have a relationship with anyone of any gender, that makes it a bias..I think it diminishes us as a whole when we allow it, in any form.

  7. @tracy – My heart agrees with you 100%.. my bonehead is the only one that has doubts.

  8. I wonder how that headline would have struck you as a ‘fat old white Christian woman gay and….” because as a fat black old Jewish woman it still didn’t feel really good to me to read no matter what your point.I don’t have much of a comment on your point because, not being an American I don’t really follow American news or politics. But for armies in general I think that it must be hard enough to turn people into (at times) automatons who will obey no matter what, including killing people, without added tensions. If certain sections of people (and I wouldn’t have thought that you needed to include either Black or Jewish in that) are stress-producing, then by all means exclude them, psychological testing excludes stress-producing individuals, what is the problem with excluding groups? The aim is to have a military that defends a country as a machine, not a place for self-fulfillment and to find lurrrrve.  

  9. @SavonDuJour – I am sorry the title struck you badly.  It really is just a listing of all of the groups that within the last couple of weeks I ave read disparaging remarks about.  Currently the only group that the US military is allowed to discriminate against are homosexuals, but I found your sentence interesting because in the past they have also excluded women and blacks. Both of those practices were stopped by the US government, with apparently little detrimental effect.I hope you and your home are recovered from the hurricanes! 

  10. @tracy – Hurricane long gone, there’ve been two tropical storms since then – even my garden steps are running like a waterfall.Probably I should check US news sites more and not be so sensitive!  I do feel that the military should have a right to refuse anyone or any group that causes friction in the machine.  I think its a case of the end justifies the means. However, I can’t think of anything else where I would condone any kind of discrimination.

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