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Words hurt.

gyp definition

☆ gyp (jip)


  1. an act of cheating; swindle; fraud
  2. a swindler
    also gypper gyp′·per or gypster gyp′·ster

Origin: prob. < Gypsy

Just ran across it on someones blog, and she was being harangued for using it.  I’m sure she didn’t mean to be derogatory to a whole race, but the internet is a global community, and we need to be aware.

Don’t use it, okay?

There are a couple of other words you shouldn’t use, that I’m not even comfortable typing.  Not swear words.  I LIKE swear words even though I don’t use them in print.  Personal preference only.  But, if it’s a derogatory word for someones race, religion or a physical feature or condition, don’t use it.  Even if you don’t mean it badly, it sounds bad coming out of your mouth and it makes you look a little ugly.

Mondays Lunch Break


Corey and I watched Lars and the Real Girl this weekend.  It was an unexpected treat!  I thought it was a really good movie.  It’s an interesting look into a range of topics including mental health, family and being different.  Highly recommended.
Had an impromptu family dinner last night.  My sister and crew, and my daughter and S.O. met us.  Sometimes it all comes together.  Speaking of daughters, she has yet to answer either of my two texts today.  harumpf.

Last week I ordered my first Christmas present of the season.  It should arrive today.  Very exciting.  Especially since while looking for it, I found something for me too!  This is the problem with Christmas shopping.  1 for them, 1 for me.  2 for them, 1 for me, and so on.  No wonder I spend so much money at Christmas!

I watched Horror movies on and off all weekend.  Mostly on SciFi, and one online.  I had nightmares last night!  Oops.

I had to buy a set of steps to get up on the bed, for the Beagle.  She goes up them, but she won’t come down them yet.  She has however gotten a lot of treats for this trick.   Uhg.  We are those people.

And I leave you with all the photos I just cleaned off my phone with no rhyme, reason or explanation. 

BAM! ( I warned you it was coming)

Who hit their third weight loss goal today? 


No weird diets, no supplements or weight loss chemicals.
Healthy reasonable food in moderation, and exercise.

Six months ago I lost the weight I gained from being sick.  Last month I hit the mark of losing all the weight from quitting smoking.  Today I am down to a weight not seen since before menopause.  I just noticed that it’s three things, those weren’t my goals, my goals were pure numbers.  I am at my lowest weight since hitting 35.

All right, no more self congratulating until the next one.  I think you probably have like a year to prepare for that.

It’s NOT snowing here. :)

This was our view of the Eagles concert on Wednesday night.  It was fantastic!  Really a fantastically amazing concert!  I am so glad it was my Sister, my husband and I.  We make a good little group I think.

Tonight is my last day of no snack/no alcohol week!  Yay!  I’ll let you decide for yourself what I’ve missed more.
But it was good.  Got rid of my snack every two hours all night long.  Back to eating a normal dinner and then done for the night.

I am watching Survivor on while typing this. sucks.  Just saying.

Sorry, just more weight and food and exercise blogging

I predict that I will hit the third of my weight loss goals this week.  It’s been so long that I don’t remember what I promised myself I would do when I hit this one.  It’s also been so unfathomable to me that I would actually do it that I only have one more weight goal after this.  Now I’m thinking I wasn’t aiming high enough.

Because I almost always track food and exercise through I also enter in my weight whenever I weigh myself, and they give me a pretty graph. 

This is what it looks like for the last 18 months.
I started looking for habit changes that may be helping or hindering.  Every box seems to be about 2 pounds more or less.  I did not post if my weight had not changed.

I have to say it’s the addition of the biking.  When I started biking 20 to 30 minutes 1 to 4 times a week I started losing.  When I switched to biking at least five days a week for 30 minutes in the morning it really became a steady progression.  I average 64 minutes a day of physical activity between biking, resistance machines and yoga.  It doesn’t seem like it’s that much time though.  Yoga is two 90 minute blocks so that really ups the average.

I am obsessed with food today because this is no snacking and no alcohol week.  I have to do the no snacking every once in awhile to reset my eating habits which drift into really bad, and the no alcohol is just to make sure I can. 🙂 

Now if only I could control all the other parts of my life the way I control my food and exercise.

Found this online last night.  Thought it was a nice introduction with yoga.  Something about the pace she does is makes this a decent workout as well.  I can’t do the kneeling lunge, it hurts my knee.  I had to modify that into a high lunge.

Wow this became an oddly long and boring blog!  Should have used the damn bullets.

Good Morning !

Sometimes I know something is wrong, but it makes me laugh anyway. 🙂

I have a workout buddy named Daisy.  How Daisy and I came to be buddies is one of those long boring stories, but it’s one of those “awww, see it all worked out for the best” kind of stores so I’ll try and shorten it. Maybe bullets!

  • Email went out from Curves – Member who didn’t drive looking for a ride
  • One of my moments of weakness I emailed back, Sure!
    • Immediately started regretting it.  What if she’s horrible, or annoying or  or or or
  • A couple of days later I get an email, “here’s her number, call her”
  • Couple more days goes by, I finally call – leave message
  • Couple more days goes by  I see a missed call on my cell phone from here, no message
  • No more calls, no mention
    •  I feel relieved thinking, well I mostly sorta tried, and now I can just let it go
  • A few months later I get another email – Daisy is back in town Call her!
  • Sigh…I call.  I just know she’s going to be horrible woman who someone at Curves is trying to convince to work out and she doesn’t really want to.  I feel stupid for volunteering.
  • I call – I talk to her.  We arrange a pick up.
  • I pick her up. 
  • She’s FUNNY! 
    • She’s 79 years old and snappy and a little testy and I just like her!  Turns out the whole first round of call her, then missed calls, then she’s back is because her daughter got sick and then passed away. 
  • What a jerk I am!

So that’s the story of my Daisy.  Every time I workout now I stop and pick her up and we’ve been getting to know each other 7 minutes at a time.  It’s been very good for me because I have to keep to my schedule as much as possible so I don’t leave her standing at her doorway.  Now that I’ve told you about Daisy you can expect the occasional Daisyism.


I hit my head with my car

Right there behind my ear.  It’s a very exciting place to hit your head, it gets your attention quickly!

How did I do this you ask?  You know you did.  I had my backback/laptop bag on my left shoulder and I was swinging it into the backseat of my car on the drivers side and somehow I got thrown off balance and instead of swinging the bag I swung my whole body and thunk my head hit the door frame.  Now I have a headache. 😦

I took the morning off from biking because I give myself one day off a week and today was a good day for resting.  Tomorrow I am going to turn my resistance all the way down for the week to let my knees heal up.

I also am starting the pushup challenge over from day 1 tomorrow, because today I maxed out.  I have lost all form, and am simply not strong enough yet. 

And that is my whiney for this morning!  Off to work now.


Some of you may be aware of my secret nighttime activity, some of you may not.

I love reality television.  I normally watch everything I can fit into my schedule and my DVR.  This season I’ve just gotten busy, and a little bored with most of them.  I watch Survivor and Amazing Race.  I think those are the only two reality shows.  Oh, wait. Dancing with the Stars.  Which I don’t really like, but I watch it.

My newest guilty pleasure is Raising Hope.  It’s just nice.  I’ve always liked Martha Plimpton.  I don’t know why, I think she must remind me of someone else because I really just want to be her friend.  Isn’t that odd when that happens?

That is the excitement that is my life this week.

Hello world!

Just another gateway account so I can follow other peoples blogs, and post comments quickly.

My blog resides at



Cincinnati Trip Recap

Very nice trip all in all.  On Friday night we went to the movies and saw Secretariat.  My husband really wanted to see it.  It was a very good movie.

Cincinnati needs to invest in two things.  Street signs and Street lights!  Would have made a few trips easier.  Our hotel was okay.  It was in a good place, and it was next to a skyline chili so I now understand why they’re famous.  So good!  I have found the vegetarian chili recipe online and will try it.    There was also unfortunately a very busy train track right down the street.  It was so loud.  All night. It wasn’t the train engine but that damn train whistle.  Over and over and over again!

The weather for wandering around weird cities was gorgeous. 

This elephant apparently liked to preform!

I don’t have an explanation about this guy.


I loved the way the zoo was layed out.  So many gardens and water features and lush areas.

We ran across this peacock who was quite entranced by his own reflection.  I think there may be an Aesops fable there somewhere.

As is our unintentional habit we picked an event filled weekend to explore this new zoo. This weekend they were having their Pumpkin Path for the kids.  We were surrounded by hordes of costumed kids tweeking on sugar.  The bears also got a more healthful treat of pumpkins.

Cincinnati is really very hilly.  I like this house up on the hill.

Cut a little closer.

I wish we had not been tearing down a street filled with curves so I could get better pics of these houses.  They were marvelous.  I saw so many three and four story houses that were so very narrow!  It was unexpected in this part of the country.

The stadium of course.

We drove over to Kentucky since it’s right there.  We were parked in the parking lot further down but we moved our car.  The bank seems to be eroding.

They have a long mural running down their waterfront.

I liked the bridge so here are a couple of more pics.  We’re standing on the Kentucky side of the bridge and that’s Cincinnati Ohio across the water.


This bridge made me laugh.  It’s very old and ugly and has deep metal beams on the top. You can’t see the highway signs until you are right on them.  Hilarity did not ensue.

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