Cincinnati Trip Recap

Very nice trip all in all.  On Friday night we went to the movies and saw Secretariat.  My husband really wanted to see it.  It was a very good movie.

Cincinnati needs to invest in two things.  Street signs and Street lights!  Would have made a few trips easier.  Our hotel was okay.  It was in a good place, and it was next to a skyline chili so I now understand why they’re famous.  So good!  I have found the vegetarian chili recipe online and will try it.    There was also unfortunately a very busy train track right down the street.  It was so loud.  All night. It wasn’t the train engine but that damn train whistle.  Over and over and over again!

The weather for wandering around weird cities was gorgeous. 

This elephant apparently liked to preform!

I don’t have an explanation about this guy.


I loved the way the zoo was layed out.  So many gardens and water features and lush areas.

We ran across this peacock who was quite entranced by his own reflection.  I think there may be an Aesops fable there somewhere.

As is our unintentional habit we picked an event filled weekend to explore this new zoo. This weekend they were having their Pumpkin Path for the kids.  We were surrounded by hordes of costumed kids tweeking on sugar.  The bears also got a more healthful treat of pumpkins.

Cincinnati is really very hilly.  I like this house up on the hill.

Cut a little closer.

I wish we had not been tearing down a street filled with curves so I could get better pics of these houses.  They were marvelous.  I saw so many three and four story houses that were so very narrow!  It was unexpected in this part of the country.

The stadium of course.

We drove over to Kentucky since it’s right there.  We were parked in the parking lot further down but we moved our car.  The bank seems to be eroding.

They have a long mural running down their waterfront.

I liked the bridge so here are a couple of more pics.  We’re standing on the Kentucky side of the bridge and that’s Cincinnati Ohio across the water.


This bridge made me laugh.  It’s very old and ugly and has deep metal beams on the top. You can’t see the highway signs until you are right on them.  Hilarity did not ensue.

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  1. best skyline (view not chili) that i’ve seen so far is coming up I75 from Kentucky into Cincy.  Crest the hill, bridge and downtown panorama… were the skinny houses on Vine?…when i’m on the bridge, i try not to look at the signs cuz i’ll always be in the wrong lane…glad you had fun.  is St. Paul on your ‘to visit’ list?!?  (500 miles, but they have Amtrak)

  2. Very interesting – thanks for sharing! Glad you enjoyed your visit and got to see so many sights. I love going to zoos whenever I get the opportunity. Those homes make me want to step inside to explore!

  3. I want to see that movie, too, but I’ll wait until it is out on DVD.I liked the pictures.  I like hilly areas, too.Well, I don’t think there are elephants in Chicago right now.  I love elephants.  I think they are very, very smart.It sounds like it was a great trip!

  4. You and your hubby are far too cute! I really like it. Yeah, the signs under that bridge are ridiculous. Unfortunately, I used to traverse it frequently enough to matter but infrequently enough to remember which lane’s which. The rowhouses in that artsy distrinct downtown are pretty amazing! I think I remember when that “performing” elephant was just born. We went to the zoo to visit several years ago there. Strangely, I think I’m developing affection for the bears more than the other creatures. Maybe it’s my instinct to start hibernating when the sun goes away.

  5. great pics.. I’m glad you had a good time and nice weather!! that last pic made me think of almost every bridge in Philadelphia. 

  6. Such great pics.  Thanks for sharing.

  7. Lovely pictures, Tracy!  i like the old houses and the zoo is so nice.  That peacock looks like he could be heading into his office building to go to work (which in a way, I guess he is, lol).  His work is entertaining us!  Glad you and hubby had a good trip.Kathi

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