Mondays Lunch Break


Corey and I watched Lars and the Real Girl this weekend.  It was an unexpected treat!  I thought it was a really good movie.  It’s an interesting look into a range of topics including mental health, family and being different.  Highly recommended.
Had an impromptu family dinner last night.  My sister and crew, and my daughter and S.O. met us.  Sometimes it all comes together.  Speaking of daughters, she has yet to answer either of my two texts today.  harumpf.

Last week I ordered my first Christmas present of the season.  It should arrive today.  Very exciting.  Especially since while looking for it, I found something for me too!  This is the problem with Christmas shopping.  1 for them, 1 for me.  2 for them, 1 for me, and so on.  No wonder I spend so much money at Christmas!

I watched Horror movies on and off all weekend.  Mostly on SciFi, and one online.  I had nightmares last night!  Oops.

I had to buy a set of steps to get up on the bed, for the Beagle.  She goes up them, but she won’t come down them yet.  She has however gotten a lot of treats for this trick.   Uhg.  We are those people.

And I leave you with all the photos I just cleaned off my phone with no rhyme, reason or explanation. 

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  1. I want your burrito and guac. For some reasion, the milk also looks really good. Remind me to drink some when I get home. I have an unopened half gallon in my fridge.

  2. I wanted to see that movie but forgot about it.  I’m glad you mentioned it.  I put it in my Netflix queue.  Ok this word queue just baffles me.  I always want to say kway instead of Q (cue).  I want to get going on the xmas shopping.  Easier said than done with this crew.The other day when you when you mentioned there was a woot off, I had to go over and check it out.  I ended buying a tshirt.  A gray tshirt with 3 kids dressed as ghosts and one real ghost.  It made me laugh.I really like the picture of Katy and your son (?).I am so weak minded that I absolutely can’t watch horror.  I have enough awful things in my head to scare me.I had a lot of difficulty getting Words with Friends to load yesterday.  grrr.  I love playing that with you!Well, my break time is over.  I am trying to catch up and get this mess of house fixed up.  I have really let it go.Have a great rest of your day! 

  3. @BoureeMusique – I will share my husbands burrito with you any time you want!  Mine is the one without the toritilla.  That way I don’t get full and I can eat more guacamole!@skanickadee – I had never heard of this movie before.  We caught it about 10 minutes in and it hooked us.  Very heartwarmingly wonderful, and says a lot about accepting people for who they are, not who you want them to be.  That is in fact my sons ear and arm!  I posted that picture on Facebook when I took it and my Stepson immediately chimed in with “you have a son?”.  I like playing with you too!  No pressure.  I only play that with you and my stepson.  I enrolled in NetFlix for their 30 day trial.  I’m watching Hoarders on my iPod while I bike.  Good incentive for me to clean.  I wonder if I can make my husband watch it.   I’m actually sitting on a giant conference call but I am here only as a bystander.

  4. @tracy – I love Netflix.  A lot of nights when I can’t sleep I watch Netflix on the iPod.I’ve never seen Hoarders.  Not too long ago, an elderly couple in Chicago were found in their home.  They were both alive but barely.  The wife got caught up in the stuff and the husband tried to help her, he got caught up in it, too.  Very sad.An old friend had parents who were hoarders.  My goodness, going through their house was frightening – they had these little trails.OK, all this talk about hoarding makes me want to go through something away!

  5. I love the random photos!!!!   

  6. I like your Mondays lunch break!

  7. I LOVE that movie and went out and bought it. I love horror movies and hope to watch some this week. Also, I give my doggie lots of treats. He’s only 10 months old and a sweetie. The good thing is, if he’s not hungry he won’t eat, even the treats. Good thing, or he’d be huge! Love your writing and your beautiful purple background.

  8. @adamswomanlost – Thank you for the compliments!  I have three dogs.  I have never ever seen the beagle stop eating.  The other two are more normal!  What kind of dog do you have?

  9. @tracy – I’ve always had big dogs in the past…but at the end of January I adopted a six week old Shitz Tzu (spelling)/Yorkie puppy. He’s an angel!

  10. Never heard of that movie, but now gotta check it out! I love love the random pics! You daughter is so cute, she reminds me in pics a little bit of my daughter…she is just who she is and that’s great.  i could be projecting just because she reminds me of my daughter tho LOL

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