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The difference between me and you, is that I may this look good!


Protected today! 🙂


almost done (oops – added Edit!)

Just paid the last payment on the last credit card we carry a balance on.  We have a Discover but I pay that every month down to zero.  After this week my only debts are the two car payments.

It’s been a really really long time coming.

That is all, go on about your day.


Wait!  I have to tell you a little story.  This is the story of my morning routine and the difference one small change can make.

In the morning I do these things in this order;

  1. Get up
  2. Make Coffee
  3. Put on glasses
  4. Ride Bike while listening to music on iPod
  5. Stand and Talk to husband while making cup of coffee #2
  6. Take a shower
  7. Rub jojoba oil on legs and arms
  8. Rub oil of olay on face, especially eyelids and area around eyes.

WAIT!  Stop here…yesterday I added a step before Oil of Olay.  I put my glasses on!  Then promptly rubbed Oil of Olay all over them! 

You may bow to my superior intellect now.

My funny evening.

Yesterday I had a massage.  It was the 2nd in a series of three.  I have these amazing knots on my back and shoulders.  To me it feels like giant cysts under my skin, but it’s muscle.  So, my new BFF Janelle started working on them a couple of weeks ago. 

Last night was better.  Still a bunch of knots, but they seem to start releasing easier. This was not your standard  ooo’ing and ahh’ing massage where you just sit there in glorious relaxation.  No, I do not do things in that kind of normal fashion. We laughed, a LOT.

As always happens in this new era of communication we kept talking about Facebook. Then she started rubbing my leg and I had to tell her that I have a hurt knee.  (It started hurting a couple of months ago and I can’t seem to get it to stop, I think I keep rehurting it.  It was kind of cool because she could actually feel the muscle that was injured) She asked if I would try their new Willo thingy.  It’s a light & heat device that sits on your injured part.  It goes in 25 minutes sessions and that didn’t really work out with our massage timing. 

So this is how we ended up at the point  when we were done I was; sitting in a slippery chair without any pants on, with towels underneath me while I was covered in oil, with a machine strapped to me knee with flashing red lights and heat pulsing, while my LMT sat next to the massage table on her laptop “friending” me on Facebook.  At which point we discovered four mutual friends.  Then she started chatting with a lawyer friend because I believe I am going to need one, (though I have now found out that the person I am using for other things, also does this, I’ll be talking to him this afternoon hopefully) while also chatting with one of our mutual friends who turns out to be someone I use to work with.  Hilarity ensued.

What a strange but really enjoyable night!

Then this morning, back to reality.  Ice Storm coming down, sick in ways that I don’t want to discuss because of the huge amount of lactic acid flooding my system, feeling out of sorts because I agreed not to ride my bike today to let my knee heal ( I think a part of me thinks I will immediately gain 35 pounds back if I slip up), and working, working and working.

Tonight I am going to dinner with my beautiful daughter for her birthday and various assorted family members. 🙂 




Sometimes you have to click on the other tab of your subscription browser.

Just saying.



I have been looking for a sweater to buy for a month.  I wanted it before vacation at the beginning of February.  It’s driving me crazy!  The one I have here is almost it.

I want a cable knit sweater, with a big hood, and pockets.  No wool, and NOT $102.00!  I may end up with this one if I don’t find one soon.  Though, I think I would order it in the cream color to match more things.

If anyone sees one online, send me a link!




I’m so hungry I decided to post pictures of my dinner while it cooks!


Okay, the Sake is not really for dinner.  Isn’t it cute?  I had never had Sake and when I saw this little one it was too much to resist.  It even comes with it’s own little cup.




Good Morning


My beagle did not want to get out of bed this morning.   It’s cold and a good day for sleeping.

Bitching and Whining…no need to read.

I am so frustrated with my doctor!  You know what I do when I’m frustrated right?  That’s right bullets.

  1. 4 weeks ago – CVS/Caremark the mail order pharmacist my insurance insists we use notifies my doctors office that I need a new script for both blood pressure meds
  2. 2 weeks ago – I realize that I’m getting low and log onto caremarks website to make sure it’s being refilled
    1. Something odd here.  It says I’ve already refilled one prescription, but at Rite-Aid
  3.  I call Caremark – after 45 minutes on the phone we figure out that my Doctors office called in the refill for one, (not  both) of my meds but to Riteaid instead of Caremark.
    1.  Cancel RiteAid Prescription.
    2.  Call Doctors office to explain problem.
    3.  No worries office will redo correctly
  4. 10 Days ago – No change on website, I call caremark they say, it’s okay, in precess.
  5. 5 Days ago – No change on Website I call Caremark they say, oops., no it’s not!  They never got the new presciptions.
    1. Calll Doctors office again – they say they did send it but they will send it again.  Also made me feel like I was taking up too much time and they were doing me a big favor.  Rude.
  6. 4 Days ago – No change on Website – Call Caremark – no prescription.
    1. Call Doctors – Oops. We’ll do it now.
  7. 2 Days ago – No Change on Website – Spend more and more and more time on phone with Caremark who then transfers me to a rude pharmacist who starts asking me about drug allergies.  She said as a ONE TIME courtesy, JUST FOR ME, (Whatever) they will call my doctors now and see if we can get this straightened out.  30 minutes on the phone, yay, they say Office is submitting it.
  8. 1 Day ago – No change on Website – Email Caremark (I just can’t call anymore)
    1. Yeah, you guessed it.  No prescription.

So now we’re shopping for a new Family Physician.  We’ve always had problems with the office people and they never get the billing right, but now it’s just too much.  My husband was always lukewarm on the Dr’s but I liked them because they just did what I asked. 🙂




Messy is as Messy does.

My desk is starting to look like my life lately!  I cleaned it right after taking this picture.

2011-01-04 14.38.04


I had a massage yesterday from a new person.  When we went through the list of medical issues I said “I have been diagnosed with thoracic outlet syndrome” I paused for a second and was ready to explain to her what it was and before I could she was explaining to me what she could do to help!  No one ever knows what it is, or what to do for it.  She’s a keeper. 🙂

That is all….just needed to commemorate this event.



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