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almost done (oops – added Edit!)

Just paid the last payment on the last credit card we carry a balance on.  We have a Discover but I pay that every month down to zero.  After this week my only debts are the two car payments.

It’s been a really really long time coming.

That is all, go on about your day.


Wait!  I have to tell you a little story.  This is the story of my morning routine and the difference one small change can make.

In the morning I do these things in this order;

  1. Get up
  2. Make Coffee
  3. Put on glasses
  4. Ride Bike while listening to music on iPod
  5. Stand and Talk to husband while making cup of coffee #2
  6. Take a shower
  7. Rub jojoba oil on legs and arms
  8. Rub oil of olay on face, especially eyelids and area around eyes.

WAIT!  Stop here…yesterday I added a step before Oil of Olay.  I put my glasses on!  Then promptly rubbed Oil of Olay all over them! 

You may bow to my superior intellect now.


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