The last 24 hours on Gobble Green have been pretty disappointing.

This is todays breakfast. 

Apple Spice Oatmeal.It was fairly flavorless oatmel with one big hunk of flavorless apple and two small pieces of apple. At least it ws filling.


Todays lunch.  Chicken Enchilada

This is it. One small piece of layered corn tortilla with some dry dry dry enchilada suace and a dozen shreds of cheese.

This was the inside. The fake chicken with a  little enchilada sauce flavoring on it. It was so flavorless and unappealing. It’s listed as having 319 calories. I really hope not! I could eat a whole lean Cusine for that amount of calories.

On to Dinner last night!

This is Seitan and Bean stew! Looks pretty darn good doesn’t it? Sadly this is the picture off of their website.


This is what I actually got. Kidney Bean, Black Bean, Onion soup. There are some random bits floating in there but I do not knwo what they are. The taste was fine, and unique, if it was soup. I was mostly sad about the lack of chickpeas and green beans, two of my favorite things.

Oh No!  Look what they accidentally put in the box!

Not..but isn’t he cute? This is Eds cat. Ed sent me a bunch of pictures that went into my picture folder and this is what popped up as my desktop background today.


I also got eight bags of “snacks”. Raisins and cranberries. Four of the bags replaced chopped peanuts for some of the fruit.


I spent some time browsing the internet looking up other peoples reviews. An interesting tidbit seems to be that the people who were sent food to review got a much better set of food than people who just ordered it themselves.



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  1. Kitty!Those snacks look like poo.The soup looks good, at least, but I’m a bit of a bean fiend. I hope it’s all going well despite the ickiness. Also, I recommend Dr. McDougal’s oatmeal. 150 calories per serving and it’s filling. You can find it on amazon.

  2. @BoureeMusique – I love Dr. MacDougall!  

  3. Just a thought…1st let me say that you’re inspiring to me when I’m trying to eat healthier. I really do think about your posts when I’m out looking for new good organic things. the fact that you’ve really put your heart into getting healthy and inshape is awesome and inspiring.also, you do eat some weird stuff ;Danyway my thought …I used to eat oatmeal for breakfast everyday, for cholestoral reasons, but I stopped when I found out that oats and whole grains can affect the way your body absorbs your thyroid meds. Do you find that it affects you at all?  I have thought about eating it for lunch as that’s quite a few hours after I take my meds, but what a boring lunch lol.

  4. @strawberryfieldsgirl – I’m glad!  Thank you for telling me that.I have never heard of a connection with the thyroid meds.  Something to keep in mind. I do not eat oatmeal very often so not a big deal for me.

  5. Man, Is it an age thing? I should post some of my meals so similar in many ways. šŸ™‚

  6. I truly hope this stuff didn’t cost you an arm and leg! Looks like you could  turn carnivore after seeing these photos.

  7. After reading these posts and seeing these pictures, I went to look for reviews for this company.  There are so many super positive reviews.  It makes me wonder if the company is having friends and family write these reviews.  I read a lot of reviews for a lot of things and I have noticed people aren’t usually very nice in reviews and people who are satisfied are less likely to take the time to review a product whereas people who dislike even a little are more likely to write bad reviews.  All of those super positive reviews seem questionable.

  8. @skanickadee – That’s exactly what got my attention yesterday. I also noticed that on the positive reviews the pictures were from the website, not the actual food. 

  9. THAT is a cute kitten.  The food?  Not so appetizing looking.

  10. piratedame said:

    I wish I had found this review before I got suckered in.  I 100% agree with you.  And now I feel an obligation to warn people about this food. I got this through a living social deal for $100 and change.  Not worth $1.  Plus the packaging and shipping across the country took 4 days (how could something taste good that took that long to get to me?)  My fault for not doing the research ahead of time. So I figured at least I could post and maybe save someone else the hassle of eating this stuff.  Thank you for your post and I wish I had read it. I really cannot believe there are people posting that this this food is edible.  I cannot fathom this.  All I can think is they are employees or friends of the company.   I am ready to throw everything out into the garbage.  The breakfast sandwich was literally inedible.  I tried the enchiladas and couldn’t believe how much they tasted like paper.  I actually looked to see if I had done something wrong — like maybe it was wrapped in paper.  To be fair I’m not a dessert person but I thought the brownie was like eating a cube of sugar.  And to also be fair I’m not into fake foods.  I don’t need something to taste like meat.  I like a tomato to taste like a tomato.  I don’t need to replicate carnivorous foods. Plenty of wonderful vegan foods out there. I let the breakfast bar thaw out and nuked if for a minute this morning for bfast.  Two bites and it hit the trash.  What the heck was that made of?  Sand?  I’ve tried a couple of other items over the last week and I’m just dumbfounded.  I keep thinking it can’t all be this bad — there are such good reviews out there.  But one item is worse than the next.  None of this resembles real food at all.  I’ve been a vegetarian my entire life, vegan for the last 3 years.  I love the vegan food life — fresh fruits and veggies, grains, legumes and beans.  I just wanted something to make my life a little easier in the shopping/chopping department.  It’s like they had to work at making everything this bland, tasteless and over-processed.  I’m really confused as to how other people had such positive experiences but I guess that’s what makes the world go around.   So far it is all inedible.  Should be called gobbledygook.  How to ruin poor innocent vegetables…..  Just had to post because I googled Gobble Green reviews and found all of the positive reviews and felt an obligation to give a different opinion.  Great review and I agree with you 100%.

  11. The seitan and bean stew looks fantastic. Beans and Seitan is like protein overload! Where did you get the recipe from?

  12. I have had a terrible experience with this company and do not recommend it at all. I did this on a Groupon and had to wait about 2 months for my turn to get my food delivered. This wasn’t a big deal but when the food came, several items were thawed out. Two items were blown up like a balloon as if they had gone bad. I emailed the company 3 times to see what I should do and never got a response. As a last ditch, I called them. I have now called them 7 times and have had only 2 responses, both voice mails. When I returned the calls, I either didn’t get a response at all or it took between 4 days and a week to hear back. In addition, they told me their email is broken and they didn’t get my emails. This is terrible customer service in my opinion and I have actually never talked to them, leaving me with these meals I am afraid to eat.Of the ones I did eat, I found the food to be between mediocre and bad. Most is bordering on tasteless and I have had to add to it to make it palatable. If you decide to order, be sure that you like beans because most of the meals are just beans with a sauce. Personally, I will never order from them again.

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