Why I hate Disney

I hate those damn Disney commercials where the family surprises the kids with a trip to Disney something.

Every time I see them I immediately feel like the worst parent ever because I never had a moment like that with my kids. I am totally envious of those reactions. I still want to do it. I want to get a billion dollars and plan a fantastic trip to some wonderful place that includes my entire family and anybody they want to bring. Not Disney. Maybe a Caribbean Island.

If I won millions of dollars I would plan a beautiful dinner for my family at some wonderful place. I wouldn’t tell them why.  I would reserve a private room and have everything exquisite.  Wait!  Strike that!

I would invite them all for dinner at our current favorite Italian restaurant Sebastiano’s. I would not tell them that the others were coming. I would have a beautiful big table ready and surprise them all with each others company. Yeah, that’s it.

I want everything for my family. I want them to never have to worry about horrible things. I don’t mind a little struggle, it’s good for the soul. It shows you that you can overcome, but I wish I could make sure that they were never in a really dire situation. I don’t ever want people I love to know real fear and desperation.


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  1. let me count the ways…..

  2. I know the feeling.  I feel the same way.  And that is what they are hoping to do to parents – guilt them into going.  We never went either.Your family dinner sounds delightful!

  3. Oh the things we have planned for winning the Big Lottery! Our first act would be to call our daughters and say drop everything you are now a lottery winner. Then our favorite charities would get their shares. yes, the goodguy has made a list of share holders. Love the dinner idea better!

  4. I’ve always felt that way when those stupid commercials would come on.  When my kids were little, they would stop whatever they were doing and watch them.  It really made me feel awful. 

  5. I think the Disney commercials are so fake.  I really honestly believe it’s the simple things that they will remember when they are older, and talking about childhood.  At least I hope so!  We’ve never had the money to take our children south on holidays, just a lot of camping…  If I won a lot of money I’d pay off my older children’s school depts and put aside money for the other two so they wouldn’t have to go into debt.  Then I’d go to Europe. Thanks for all your supportive comments here and there!  Lois

  6. I hear you.  a good heart, you have.

  7. I really think the whole Disney franchise is awful.  The Drive By Truckers do a song about “thawing out Uncle Disney” and heads rolling, and I do believe that Walt’s vision has been tainted by the pursuit of millions.  If I suddenly had a windfall of money, I’d put aside huge trust funds for each of the kids, then buy a huge self sustainable ranch/farm and move the whole family onto it.Just for me, I’d buy a tractor. 🙂

  8. When I was growing up, we rarely took a vacation, but I don’t feel the least bit deprived.  We had love for each other and enjoyed being silly together.  That made all the fun memories I needed, and I’ll bet your children would feel the same way..

  9. I hate them for other reasons; I grew up about 10 miles from Disneyland, and, as a kid, I hated it. Everything was plastic and fiberglass, when it was supposed to be past or future. You see a fiberglass pole which looks like a 19th-century light pole…and it has a sign on it, “This light pole donated by Eastman Kodak”:Yuk.Now I live just up the road from Dollywood, and I’m afraid to go see if there’s something I would like there. Disney ruined me in terms of make-believe. If it weren’t for Rocky and Bullwinkle, I would be totally destroyed.

  10. Also note that you just about have to be the SuperBowl MVP to get a free trip…unless your name is Ray Lewis, in which case you don’t even get that.

  11. I did vacation with our kids…but even going to Disney World didn’t bring out that commercial excitement…

  12. If Disney were truly so “family minded” it wouldn’t cost so damn much to go there! We camped a lot when the kids were little and went to zoos where there was a “family price”  Disney=commercialism at it’s best (worst?)I know where you’re coming from about the kids tho nothing makes me happier than to see them happy, and nothing is more miserable than to see them miserable.

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