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Almost time!

Tomorrow is moving day! (office, not home)

I wonder if I can pay someone $20.00 to bring their sweeper and sweep out our offices after we’re gone.  If we do that, then they’re mostly clean.  It’s been a really long week.

I didn’t cancel my 5:00 work out with Daisy today because I figured I would need the stress relief. 🙂 Then we’ll be puppy sitting for a couple of hours.  That’ll make me laugh.


I took this picture this morning looking out of the server room in our new offices. I enjoyed the few moments looking at the empty clean offices.


This is all I can talk about because it’s all I’ve been thinking about this week.  Moving, planning, arranging, plotting, phone systems, boxes, budgets, wiring, insurance.  I will be happy when next Saturday roles around and I get a little break from thinking.





This and that..

My daughter brought her adorable dog over to play with my big dog. Mili. My husband brought a tennis ball into the action which of course is a favorite of both dogs.  When they were getting ready to leave my husband threw the tennis ball into my daughters car. She then threw her dogs tennis ball that was already in the car to my dog. My dog guarded that ball all night! She didn’t chew it up like normal, just walked around with it.

It amused me.

I have three dogs but Katy’s dog is only allowed free access to the big one.  They just work well together.  Once she was on the other side of fence we let the beagle out.  That puppy really wanted to come in and play with the beagle!




You’ll note the White Kia Soul in the corner of the picture.  No word on our car ever being returned, so we still have the rental.






Lunch Tuesday.


Spicier than I wanted, but still good. 🙂


I have been very very busy the last week or so.  I apologize for my rudeness in not responding to some people. Things will calm down soon and I’ll be back to being an over-blogging pest.


Just saying

I believe that Dancing With the Stars is making me obsess overs men’s asses.

Another First!

Just had my first ever audiologist appointment.  Yup, just what it sounds like! I had a full blown hearing test.  It was pretty cool. Got to sit in a booth with toys (she put me in the kids room) and some very attractive headphones and listen to lots of beeps and sounds and static and stuff.  It was pretty obvious right at the start that I wasn’t hearing everything. Well, that is why I was there!  After the head phones she put a machine in my ear that bounced some stuff off my ears drums and she said, nope the right ear drum wasn’t moving but then she surprised me by saying the left one wasn’t moving to well either. I knew the hearing in my right ear was pretty degraded but I thought my left was fine!

So, the good news the hearing loss of the last seven years is not nerve damage and is probably just fluid trapped in my middle ear.  For SEVEN years??  I am so glad I switched Doctors and that this doctor listened to me and said, go to an Audiologist.  Next week I will make an appointment with an ear nose & throat doc and we’ll see what they have to say. Maybe I’ll get tubes in my ears like the little kids do? Now I know how that works too.

So, all of you mumblers need to be prepared, because someday soon I will be able to hear you again!









Picked up Shiny new keys today!





Have you ever seen these? 

Worst website ever, but these are really tasty!  Like a slightly pricier and tastier rice cake for you rice cake people.  Of course the first one I tried with this:


But I think you could totally make a little sandwich on it. You know, healthier, not with cookie spread.

I think I may be obsessed with crescent roles.  Pillsbury makes reduced fat crescent rolls.  90 Calories per roll. I think they make great pocket sandwiches.  But the dough is so hard to work with.  I must come up with a solution to that.

Today’s are breakfast and lunch.


Two are filled with 1/2 a scrambled egg, a bit of fried potato and 1/5 of a babybel light round. One is made with one crescent roll, the other two.  So the little one on the plate is probably about 120 calories.  the big one, 200.  The others are filled with broccoli, shaved daicon, a little frozen sweet corn and the rest of the babybel.  So, they range from about 100 calories to 200 calories.  I want to try freezing them.  Maybe I’ll vacuum seal.

I think the only way to go is the to use two crescents. Really wish I could find a way to make one crescent stretchier.


I just tried them.  I will do this again.  The broccoli came out perfectly cooked!  I used chopped up fresh raw broccoli.



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